30 thoughts on “Lessons from the Dying | Marie-Jo Cleghorn | TEDxQueensU”

  1. Marie jo….You must start doing some meditation and YOGA and pranamya. You and your presentation both are too much negative… Death is the Ultimate solution. Relax and welcome the death. Death is the freedom. Be happy and live your life peacefully in the present. Don't think much. Do your duty honestly. God bless you with the wisdom. Start reading spiritual books. Be positive.

  2. I found it rather interesting that just minutes ago I found out that a friend had passed away and sure enough, this video is on my top recommended videos to watch. I guess I'll watch it. YouTube seems to be utilizing DATA taken from my yahoo account. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  3. “Life is not a competition, but Becca left a legacy when other people died in the same manner without their words heard. So be heard in history to make an impact, otherwise your existence only matters in the people that will disappear. We will all be gone, so know the right people and say the right things otherwise you’re worthless. Good thing Becca knew the right things and was born at the right time unlike the other real people who died with the same diseases.

  4. You are beautiful outside and inside . I know you know the inside is so much more important in life Your wisdom is so beyond your years ! I wish the whole world understood what you realize !!!! But you know ,. Your expression of your soul is so important to all of us ..Never stop doing what you are doing . ITS SO IMPORTANT !!!!!!

  5. I’m considering volunteering to serve as a comfort care sitter in my hospital where I’m currently employed as as patient safety assistant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been part in two family members passing and witnessed hospice in action and I want to give back for what someone gave me and my family.

  6. Life is not a competition..what a beautiful statement if only more felt that way..our ego gets in the way of letting us grow.

  7. The loss of Anyone leaves us wondering Why, and What now? it makes us begin searching for answers, especially Is there more to us, Our existence? We talk about these situations in the hopes that we'll get our answers. Life is so tough. I hope that everyone here finds their answers. Don't fear death. Know that one day you'll all be reunited with all your loved-ones again. Have Faith!

  8. My wife died suddenly 2 days ago. I am feeling huge grief.
    The more I think about it the more I understand that she is not gone.
    She left behind the impact she had on others. She made me a better person.
    She guided our children and grandchildren.
    She had a positive impact on everyone she met.
    "So long as someone remember us we still live"

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