31 thoughts on “Lessons from Nursing to the World | Kathleen Bartholomew | TEDxSanJuanIsland”

  1. I'm starting my nursing studies this coming august 😊 thank you for this very inspirational story of yours.

  2. We need to improve power dynamics in healthcare in order to save patients lives, but also to credit nurses the value that their work has. No health institution functions without nurses and that fact says a lot.

  3. I'm starting my first year of nursing studying this year, and this video has given me an insight into what life will be like once I'm graduated

  4. This is an excellent lesson about humility and lateral violence. I'm starting my nurse residency in the Neuro ICU, and I'll remember this lesson as I continue learning to be a good nurse.

  5. Bullying in nursing IS a problem. My dream was to work in urgent care. And i made that dream come true, but after 3 yrs of bullying (from the hierarchy) and the hours (13 hr days 6 sometimes 7 days a week is wayyyy to much) i had to quit. I was nearly suicidal. I quit and went to work in a factory for a yr, worked on my mental health and went back.

  6. Thank you so much for this speech!! I have applied for nursing at uni and will start next year. I has some other careers in mind and i couldn't maje a decision but u confirmed my decision of becoming a nurse

  7. Nurse for 30 years..got out..horrible profession..especially as a Male! Reverse discrimination! Ha what a joke!

  8. This makes me miss my old unit so much… and reminds me why I did not stay at that hospital… I worked as a nurse aid at a local hospital for one year and it was by far one of my favorite jobs until they shut down the unit, and it was my favorite because of the people on my unit. The nurses treated us aids with a lot of respect and reminded us that we were important to the unit. If the unit was overwhelmed the charge nurses were right there to step in and help without blaming the other members for not being on top of things (it was a fast-paced admissions unit). The doctors always expressed appreciation for what we did. Our housekeeper was one of our favorite people, and while she didn't specifically work for our floor she was nearly always assigned to us and we once voted her employee of the month for the unit because she was awesome, and we would help her out whenever possible. Our unit regularly did "family dinners" where we would all get together for cookouts.

    Why were we shut down? Our unit didn't make as much money as another, so they eliminated our unit and expanded a more profitable one. We all lost our jobs and were told to re-apply to other floors if we wished to continue working for the hospital. Made moving to a company with such a clear hierarchy and disconnect really difficult.

  9. Guys I left nursing bcos of Poor Adminstration.. let the doctors and administration do nurses work.. no point of fighting for this job!

  10. But then those who have the power and the money would have to justify why they get the power and wealth if the hierarchy was dismantled. If their sole goal is power and wealth, they don't care about quality and humanity.

  11. Wonderful video! I agree whole heartedly! It is not as easy to gain the results you speak of on a daily basis. I was groomed with the attitude that everyone & their work was essential & my first chief of surgery would mop floors & transport patients. It took me 26yrs to write BSN behind my name because of peoples' attitudes. I will do anything to help make the unit work more efficiently.

  12. I had a client pass away because my team would not take my concerns about their regular practices seriously. It was so tragic and he suffered for several days because of their inability to see they might be wrong.

  13. Thank you so much for this presentation. I've been concerned about safety as a nurse and you took safety as a nurse much deeper.

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