Lessons from Lourdes: Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette

Lourdes is an extraordinary place it's a spiritual oasis there's no place like it on earth and it's amazing to think that such a magnificent place had a such a humble beginning in 1858 Our Lady began to appear to the lowliest of people in the lowliest of places our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous eighteen times in a grotto in Lourdes France and one of those apparitions our lady instructed Bernadette to drink from the stream and to wash herself there Bernadette had no idea what our lady was talking about but our lady pointed to the exact spot Bernadette began to claw at the ground and cover herself with mud and wipe the mud and the dirt across her face obviously people began to ridicule her and say how can this girl have a vision of the Virgin Mary she's obviously out of her mind well weren't they surprised when water came forth from that very spot the Bernadette was digging weren't they surprised it was in just a few days people were claiming cures based on this water you can drink this very water today if you go to Lourdes you can bathe yourself with this very water in later apparitions our lady proclaimed that she is the Immaculate Conception she requested that a church be built she requested four sessions to come forth and at this very day there are magnificent structures that testify to this request to this very day there are processions in Lourdes every single day there's a Eucharistic procession where our Lord grants many graces to those who are in attendance every single evening there's a Rosary procession in rosary Square every day pilgrims can take part in the sacrament of confession they can take part in the beautiful Stations of the Cross in Lourdes every day is like a great Marian feast day there are many lessons and insights that can be gained from a close examination of the happenings at Lourdes we can't go into everything but I would like to focus on five lessons that I consider spiritually significant the first lesson is on the absolute Providence of God I could go into a whole video on the life of st. Bernadette because she had a very holy life she didn't become a saint just because Our Lady appeared to her but if you were to take a look at her life the first thing that would stand out to you the first thing that stood out to me is that she had a relatively miserable life she lived in extreme poverty she was a part of one of the poorest families in all of Lourdes they lived in an abandoned prison it wasn't even good enough for the prisoners yet it was good enough for Bernadette Soubirous and her family not only that but she had so many health issues from her childhood she suffered from cholera growing up she had asthma she couldn't read she couldn't write she barely knew her catechism and yet in all of this misery in all of this suffering we can see the absolute Providence of God take for example the very first day that our Lady appears to st. Bernadette on the morning of February 11th 1858 it wasn't Bernadette Soubirous who was going to go out to the grotto to fetch wood it was her mother but by the very Providence of God God working through a pesky little twelve year old named Jean a friend of Saint Bernadette and her sister she arrived and said what are you doing I'm glad to go fetch wood no let us go fetch wood let the children go get the wood and of course Bernadette's mother concerned with Bernadette's health because she was sick at the time concerned because it was so cold outside agreed why would she breathe because it was part of the plan of God so she agreed to allow the girls to go fetch wood and even to find some bones that can be used for the soup while the girls are out fetching the wood they encountered an old woman who was washing her clothes if it wasn't for this encounter they would have never gone to the grotto of massabielle this old woman instructed him I know where there's some wood and there's also bones there so the children went to this location when they arrived there was a canal that was filled with water of course Bernadette couldn't get into icy cold water she already was sick it was cold outside so the two other girls went off without Bernadette and it was there because of these random circumstances that Bernadette was at the grotto and this shows the absolute Providence of God her illness so many trivial circumstances that could have gone one way or the other and yet God used all of that to get Bernadette to that grotto to get her all alone so that our Lady could appear and make this grand entrance that would effect Catholicism for all of history now Lourdes is one of the most popular the most visited togarmah sites and all of the Catholic Church and the beautiful thing is Our Lady knew this from the beginning she knew and that her appearance to Bernadette in this location that this site was going to be a pilgrimage site that so many people from all over the world would be traveling there it would be a place for conversion it would be a place for a healing Our Lady knew this so she used Bernadette's illness she used Bernadette's poverty she used what appeared to be trivial circumstances to get Bernadette to that location and that shows us that even when we're suffering even when things don't look like God has his hand in our life that all of these circumstances that we are a part of they're all a part of God's divine providence don't ever forget all things work for the good of those who love the Lord the second lesson is on the importance of the Most Holy Rosary with the water with the miracles of the apparitions visions and messages it's very easy to lose sight of the importance that the Holy Rosary played not only in the life of st. Bernadette but also in the apparitions themselves I mentioned earlier to Bernadette wasn't well catechized he didn't know a lot of theology but she was pious she was virtuous she obtained a high degree of holiness and she was very faithful to the Holy Rosary she carried it everywhere she went in fact at the very first apparition she was rightfully startled what was her first act she pulled out her rosary and she knelt down so that she could begin praying it's very interesting that if she began to pray the Holy Rosary Our Lady would keep track of the prayers on her own set of rosary beads and the first apparition lasted exactly the length of time that it took st. Bernadette to pray her rosary now this would be the same routine that Bernadette would follow at each subsequent apparition she would arrive at the grotto she would take out her rosary bead she'd kneeled down and she would begin to pray and it was defend this time span of her praying the rosary that our Lady would appear to her now many of the witnesses there were so shocked they could see a change a visible change in the faith of st. Bernadette her face would all of a sudden become so beautiful so radiant many of them began to cry when Bernadette was in these ecstasy's it was a quiet conversation of the too hard but Bernadette would often come out of the ecstasy and what would she do she would continue to pray the Holy Rosary now it's important that I mentioned at each of these apparitions Our Lady didn't always say a lot but in my opinion her very appearance speaks volumes what do I mean at each of the apparitions our Lady always had with her the Holy Rosary she always had the rosary in her right arm so that each subsequent statue they'd be made of Our Lady of Lourdes would in our own silent way preach the importance of the Holy Rosary now we can learn a great deal from st. Bernadette we can learn that we should always carry the rosary with us we can learn if we want an audience with Our Lady we can trust as we pray the rosary Our Lady hearing our prayer we can also learn from the crowd from the multitude the thousands of people it began to gather at the grotto while Bernadette was having her apparition they didn't see anything they didn't hear anything they were praying their rosaries faithfully but they had no visions they had no consolation but you know what Mary was still present similarly you and I we were praying our rosary day in and day out we might feel dry you might not hear any voices we might not see any faces but we can be assured that we do indeed have an audience with our lady for the third lesson I would like to discuss two topics that aren't usually discussed when referencing Lourdes the first is a diabolical during the 4th apparition Bernadette was kneeling down wrapped in ecstasy when all of a sudden from behind her from the direction of the river came a loud crash in fighting sound like an angry mob was rushing towards her and one voice louder than all of the rest was yelling get out of here get out of here instantly Bernadette realized that this was not human voices these were diabolical voices and our lady does something very profound she simply takes her gauge from Bernadette very sternly yet naturally looks in the direction of these angry evil diabolical voices and in an instant they're driven off this teaches us something too teaches us that the power of the Virgin Mary is so great that a single glance can drive off a legion of angry devil it is Roman Catholics if you live in the state of grace if you have a great relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary you pray the rosary regularly etc you have nothing to fear about the diabolical if you're ever tempted to sin fly to Our Lady's and she'll be your refuge secondly I'd like to discuss with you secrets it is said that our lady revealed three secrets to Bernadette Bernadette never revealed these secrets but people kind of ascertained that these were about her own personal life Our Lady even taught Bernadette a secret prayer a prayer that only Bernadette you and a prayer that Bernadette herself must pray every single day of her life this prayer was important to our lady she went out of her way they teach burned at the prayer word for words this teaches us something about vocal prayer what is this teacher we shouldn't underestimate the power of vocal prayer we might have prayers too even sang since childhood there's players like you st. Michael prayer The Guardian Angel prayer don't underestimate the power of these prayers also this piece of prayer that was fed by Bernadette every day of her life was important to Our Lady and Bernadette was the only person praying this teaches us that our personal prayers are important there might be intentions that we have for other people or for the country but if we don't pray it nobody else will we also need to pray for sinners we pray for their salvation perhaps there's a person in your life that you see that nobody else notices you might be the only person who prays for them the fourth lesson is on penance reparation and praying for the conversion of sinners on more than one occasion our lady encouraged Bernadette to do penance to pray for sinners and to offer sacrifices for their conversion now the conversation that took place between Bernadette and Our Lady couldn't be heard by the bystanders but on one occasion tears were coming down her face and she was gasping and in penance penance she would often be seen on her knees crawling around and kissing the ground and when people would ask her Bernadette why did you do this and she said I'm doing it for sinners and for their salvation even after the apparitions she still had on her mind this focus of doing penance praying for the conversion of sinners she even picked this specific religious order that she joined based on their traditional practices of penance prayer and mortification now why would Our Lady play such an emphasis on penance why would Our Lady play such an emphasis on praying for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls I propose to you three reasons number one why would our ladies play such an emphasis on penance and doing penance for the salvation of souls because souls are at risk of losing their salvation because hell is real hell is terrible I know it's not comfortable to talk about but our lady had to bring it up because too often in the church we don't do it too often in the church we do sight of the supreme law the supreme law is the salvation of souls Our Lady's primary concern is the salvation of souls because that was the primary reason that God became man her son Jesus Christ died on the cross why for the salvation of souls and so our lady desires our salvation of souls secondly why would our lady emphasize penance why would our lady emphasize making reparation why because it works because it works our lady wouldn't ask us to do penance our lady wouldn't ask us to make sacrifice our lady wouldn't ask us to pray for the conversion of sinners if it didn't work she asks us to do it because it is an effective means for obtaining the grace of conversion it is an effective means for obtaining salvation for souls so she asked us to do it it should give us great confidence this should fill us with courage don't be discouraged if you have loved ones in your family who are in the church or are living in a state of a bitch will sin why do I say don't be discouraged because Prayer penance sacrifices work even if it doesn't look like your family and friends are converting don't be discouraged don't listen to the little devil in your head saying it's worthless no offer your sacrifices pray the rosary every day offer your penance for their conversion and I promise you that our ladies means of obtaining their conversion will be effective you don't know the graces they receive you don't know the power that your sacrifices are going to have at their judgement and finally why does our lady ask for prayer why does our lady ask for sacrifice why does our lady ask for penance because Our Lady's primary goal is that we become united with Jesus Christ the entire purpose of Lourdes is to bring people close to her son Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ became a man he offered himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of souls and so too by encouraging us to offer sacrifice for the salvation of souls she's actually encouraging us to become more like her son Jesus Christ which leads us to the final lesson the final lesson is on suffering I mentioned earlier that our Lady revealed to Bernadette three secrets some people speculate that at least one of these secrets had to do with Bernadette's own suffering and early death at the age of 35 Bernadette suffered her entire life while she was in the convent she suffered a terrible mystical anguish a desolation a darkness in her soul where she felt completely abandoned by God she felt completely alone such sadness overtook her heart at the same time she was also experiencing excruciating pain she was riddled with physical illness and remember this is the 1870 they didn't have the same medicine that are available to you and I today and yet do all of this Bernadette did the best you could to suffer well to suffer joyfully to offer it all as a sacrifice in union with Jesus to sacrifice on the cross many of the sisters would say Bernadette let's go to Luard maybe Our Lady will intercede for you and heal you and Bernadette said no that's not God's will for me she would even joke that her role in the convent was to be sick and to suffer we have to remember something very important during the third apparition Our Lady famously told Bernadette I cannot promise you happiness in this life only in the next the reality is we're all going to suffer we're all going to die in one form or another we're all going to have our own agony this is a valley of tears you could go to Lourdes and maybe you'd be healed but you're still going to die the reality is that many people go to Lourdes and they don't experience the physical healing they experience an emotional healing and have a sense of our lady's presence at peace in their soul but the reality is most people don't get healed most people are not going to be cured of their fatal illnesses many of you at home might be suffering many of you at home might be in anguish you might be face to face with death and I really am sorry and there's nothing that I can say to make it better for you but I can make you an offer I can make you the same offer that our lady made to st. Bernadette but if you offer your sufferings if you offer your agony to Jesus for the conversion of sinners for the salvation of souls and do this with Mary in Mary and through Mary if you pray your rosary faithfully daily if you'll offer your life and your death the Jesus price through Mary I can promise you that even though you might not be happy in this life I can promise you happiness in the next life how can I make this promise because the Lord Jesus Christ promised eternal life to those who would cling to him and to his sacraments how much more so those who unite themselves mystically his suffering his passion and his death on the cross do the best you can to take up your cross I know it's difficult I know it's hard but you must try you must embrace the cross with Jesus I personally believe that Bernadette was allowed to suffer great darkness so that we could identify with her the one who wasn't healed the one who was in agony the one who died an early death an unfortunate death a painful death but she's happy in the next life how do we know well her very body gives testimony to this because to this day as a sign from heaven her very body remains intact as a sign that you might be wracked with pain in this life your life may be full of agony and anguish but offer it the Jesus Christ through Mary and you'll have happiness in the next slide let's end in prayer in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen o Blessed Virgin Mary you who did appear to st. Bernadette you are the Immaculate Conception we asked you dear mother to intercede for us that if it be the will of God that we may be healed of every infirmity that we may be relieved of our anxiety the most importantly dear mother we beg of you to intercede and obtain for us the grace of final perseverance that we may have a happy and holy death Thank You Blessed Mother st. Bernadette pray pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen if you'd like to learn more about the apparitions at Lourdes and you'd like to learn more about the life of st. Bernadette there are many beautiful videos wonderful books available on the internet as well as in Catholic bookstores I personally found this book to be very helpful in making this video I'm very thankful for the opportunity to make this video it really impacted my soul in a profound way if you found this video beneficial I ask that you please share it with your family and friends god bless you and God love you

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  1. I had the Tourette Syndrome when I was a kid in France. It happened that my parents went there while we were on holiday. I prayed the Holy Mother without expecting anything, just praying and asking her to cure me from this very embarrassing Tourette Syndrome. The day after, I walk up and it was over, after so many years (I’m 50 now…) It never came back. Pray with your heart, the Holy Mother of God will always listen.

  2. Wonderful and perhaps the best reflection of Lourdes I've come across and have been looking for. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Last night i was sick i thought im gonna die, i prayed heartily even in front of my family i was not embarassed..my mother made a sign of a cross in my hand my head, back and back of my neck.the sign of the corss that was put in my neck suddenly became cold i thought she mixed it with tiger balm but she said she did not another family member said to me my mom just put the healing water didnt add anything…i tell you guys i was healed …i am healed thank God i am healed He hears our prayers thank you Jesus thank you Mama Mary thank you St. Joseph it happened 8 hrs earlier im thankful Jesus i trust in you.


    Holy Mother Mary I implore your intercession, so that
    by my prayers and devotion to you and your Blessed Son Jesus, I may on my death
    be worthy to be spared the eternal flames of perdition. Amen [Β© MKN4890(2017)]

  5. Thank you brother Gabriel- another awesome video. I need to increase my prayers, sacrifices and penance. My mother always says " we are not doing enough, pray more, accept sufferings, offer it up to Jesus through Mother..Pray Pray Pray – this life is too short .Do more more more for GOD" Your right brother, as mother says "too many souls are going to hell". It is up to us. This is not our homeπŸ™

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