45 thoughts on “Lessons from Holland on fighting rising sea levels”

  1. U.S. structure of government must first STUDY a preparedness plan , but who wants to take their chances waiting a couple years relying on experts , who already have a proven record of failure , to show you a new improved method of failing ?

  2. The sea levels are not rising at the levels the global warming idiots are claiming so why listen to the idiots

  3. There is NO dangerous man-made climate change or dangerous man-made global warming. You can keep changing the name, but it will always be hysterical new age nonsense. There has always been destructive Mother Nature created weather events. You can read about them in the Bible and all other ancient writings around the world. Sea levels have been slowly rising since the last ice age, and the rate of sea level rise has NOT changed since the Industrial Revolution. The establishment media, Al Gore, and the IPCC cannot have it both ways. If they say that carbon dioxide creates global warming through a “greenhouse gas” effect, they cannot also claim that carbon dioxide creates global cooling. Real science is not like a Stephen King novel filled with malevolent supernatural forces that defy the laws of physics. Al Gore predicted an end of snow and warm temperatures year-round, yet Niagara Falls has frozen two winters in a row, and the USA has experienced record cold and snow. The doomsday heating the IPCC has been predicting since 1988 has not arrived.

    People do not understand that Earth’s climate is not a government run program that we can lobby for or against. Mother Nature controlled weather is always chaotic and changeable; that’s its intrinsic nature. If we look at the historical evidence, we find that Earth’s climate has never been more beneficial for humans than it is today. Contaminating climate science with partisan politics, crony capitalist based energy scams, marijuana fueled new age religion, and relentless media fear mongering has been a tragic disaster for humanity worldwide.
    Please see Video Tutorial Cures Climate Hysteria at http://renewable.50webs.com/Video-Tutorial.html

  4. How they fight it? More boats. Seriously, you can't fight nature, you have to work with it. common sense.

  5. So the sea is '' expected'' to rise 3 feet at the end of this century. Today's scientists can't even tell the difference between boys and girls.

  6. Good news idiots global warming is a proven hoax. Problem solved except the puppets who can't except fact Well that's pretty much the whole fake news propaganda machine. 😂😂

  7. The Dutch where smart no-nonsens people, hard working. Where. Now they also have be grabed by the climate-change-panic directed by the EU plunged in a governement without a spine and selfish interests. Typical for the most EU countrys that one. If you are out of play in your own country, you can rest, the rest of your life in the EU governement till your retirement. The " presidents" of the EU are good examples, the Belgian one, was never on the foreplan in his own country and the Polish one from now was for his second round, voted by all country's excepted… Poland. It's an unbelieveble expensive circus, the EU , all the EU countrys have stil the same number or more even, domestic politicians, and then all the extra's in the EU parlement, who fly and drive around between there country, Brussels and Strasbourg, with all there staff. I hink about a song… " There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money go's…. The EU was and will never be a daddy… it's a dead born child, from out-of-a-job-politicains sperm

  8. it would just be better if these un-declared communists, masquerading as journalists, would come out of the closet and be honest with us —- but they are cowards ; they are weak, and unwilling to tell us who they really are. THEY MUST CONCEAL WHO THEY ARE— for their darkened souls know that if they ventured out into the light of day of integrity and honesty, everyone would reject their real goal—–which is a satanic inspired desire to rule with an iron fist.

  9. Rising seal levels ? what a joke ! in 1985 Ted Danson of Cheers predicted that the oceans would rise and swallow up American coastal cities in 10 years……..the oceans have not risen one inch…..our beaches are still littered with humans enjoying themselves……..but the Marxists and communists live by the maxim of Joseph Goebbels (Hitlers propaganda minister) : " make the lie BIG, repeat it often, and the gullible will believe it." "The sky is falling ! The sky is falling ! the sky is falling ! " dont believe a word of any one using scare tactics like these liars do…….

  10. In order to gain a more complete understanding of the information in this video, one must study continental drift, and tectonic plate movement. The global warming brain wash agenda is nothing more than the promotion of more taxes.

  11. If we used the Dutch approach around the world to protect for sea level rise we would destroy most of the estuaries and the sea life in the ocean. ask the world wildlife fund and www.resiliencestudio.com

  12. no one believes sea levels are rising. I can prove that because you can still get a 30 year mortgage for beach front property and insurance companies will insure it.

  13. For a thousand years? So now, all of a sudden it's global warming. Right. 1953?

  14. Flood planes are used for incidental rising river water, not rising sea level, because that would be quite useless; Americans.

  15. The most impressive detail about the Rotterdam storm barrier, is the fact that it is a float barrier. That means, it swings out and is then filled with water. This however requires a two axis joint in the mooring points, which is accomplished by a giant 1m diameter ball joint that was a challenge to machine in 1997. Damned, I'm not even Dutch, and I remember this from the opening 20+ years ago!!

  16. Sometimes sea levels rise and sometimes they drop….Probably not a good idea to build stuff in the Grey Area. Keep the long term Big Picture in mind.

  17. We need defences in the U.K Along the East Coast following the Humber Estuary.We have very little and even less is spend nowhere enough to defend the big city's against flooding.

  18. A lot of this water is diverted past the cities with barriers and will flood small communities and farm land elsewhere. No farms, no food. Think about it.

  19. But how will the Dutch continue to nourish and nurture the rising nonstop influx of ever dependent Muslim influx ?

  20. So they are saying we have many solutions to combat climate change. Climate change creates lots of jobs. Farmers get new farms. Coastal residents get new roads and museums. I can't wait for this "disaster" to actually happen.

  21. More rising sea propaganda to keep the public funding flowing into the abyss of global warming nonsense. Did the whole sea rise 3mm or did the tide gage sink in the mud 3mm? Which is the logical answer? Which is the AGW cult's answer?
    My home is across the Ashley River (tidal) in Charleston, SC, USA from historic Magnolia Gardens Plantation and Tourist Trap. Hanging from the river's vertical wall of hard mud is a steamboat dock that dates back to the turn of the century, the 19th Century, 1815 or so. The legs it stands on are made of cypress logs the river has slowly eaten away as it rises and falls SEVEN FEET EVERY 6 HOURS since then. The high water mark on the logs is a V-shaped cone that has remained for around 200 years. High tide is right where it was when the dock was installed. My neighbor and I have marked his floating dock's guide pilings where the dock comes to high and low tide. We marked it in 1981. It still runs between these marks in 2019, nearly 40 years later. Unlike college professors living off the AGW fat, we don't see how we could measure a few millimeters, either way, as the tide rises and falls twice a day, quite regularly.

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