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  1. But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control, against such things there is no law.. Galatians 5:22-23

  2. Real moral: Families of murdervictims in Texas can now sue the State for neglect with this testimony. If its statisticly sound that these disenfranchised kids are not supported (in contrast with other states) in their earlier years, the murder itself wouldve been preventable by the state. With this research the state can't plead deniabillity and those murders are actually on the hands of the juvenile justice system. So I would say: murder has no statute of limitations, let the litigations begin… The state is now an accomplice in murder and then executes the party that did the actual killing. If I know beyond doubt (with 80% assurance) that a murder is gonna occur and do nothing about it, I'm an accomplice.

  3. I know a girl ( my best friend ) , who's dad is very abusive . She is so messed up . She hangs out with all sort of wrong . She has no interest in studies . She takes everything so granted . This year she failed in one subject . I'm not saying she is going to turn out to be a murder , but she will definitely into all sorts of wrong stuff . Her mother won't divorce him because we live in a country in which divorce is not even an option . She is used to be a very nice person . She used to care about me a lot may be still does . I wish I could do something for her .

  4. I can achieve all of his solutions just by staying married to the mother of my children. Imagine if we had policies that actually encouraged that.

  5. My mother tried to strangle me for stealing my cousins bike and riding along the M4 Motorway with another Cousin on the back of my new bike. My Aunt, hit my Mother and said..Stop it he is going blue. Even now my younger memories of images of my dear Mother, remind me of our dear Queen. The photos and memories,I have of my dear Mother. Remind me of photos of our dear Queen Elizabeth. Xx
    I hope I don't end up murdering my neighbour,because of the new constant bright night lights. I could do with some help,or some counselling.

  6. There are fewer death sentences handed out because people have become aware of how corrupt police and prosecutors are.

  7. All this sounds very reasonable and good. The only problem I see is that it calls for very aggressive oversight of families, and even more aggressive interventions. And whenever this happens, we get TED talks from someone who was the victim of one of these over-aggressive interventions. Moreover, it over-estimates our ability to diagnose these problems, predict the outcomes, and ameliorate the effects. In the example given, his mother had a mental illness. Should the oversight then be to somehow test all parents for mental illness? Should the intervention require parents testing positive to come for treatment? Take away their children if they don't comply? And if they did, would the treatment work? I don't think the current state of psychiatry is anywhere close to being able to do what we did for polio. Psychiatric drugs are dangerous, with many bad side effects. They sometimes stop working, and sometimes make the problem worse.

    His observations are very useful. But I don't think one can fairly conclude that, but for his mother's psychotic episode, he would have not become a criminal. He may have had other issues, of his own, perhaps anger issues, maybe inherited ones for example. So, I don't think this means we can go charging into families with enforced testing, or offers of free psycho-active drugs, when diagnosed in some industrial scale testing scheme meant to cover the entire population. That seems dangerous.

    Watching the TV news, I am struck by the stories of child welfare agency failures. One week, we see a story of a parent horribly mis-treating the children, how it went unnoticed for years, how the children grew up stunted and abused. The next week, we see a story of how misguided child-welfare agency workers applied an absurd law to take away the children from a perfectly good parent, destroy a family, sever parent-child relationships, ruin childhoods. It seems to me to be a constant see-saw between over-aggressive and under-aggressive interventions, and I am grateful that I am not the one who has to figure out what the policies should be, and where the line should be. And I definitely feel sorry for the poor welfare agency workers, who are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Not to mention a lot of the parents who have had to interact with them.

  8. Too bad Child Protective Services is such a joke. They are utterly useless, and always have been. It is true abuse survivors never forget the abuse. Guess what? We never forget the system that failed us either.

  9. Look at history and you will see that the moment that the woman was taken out of the house as the mother and home maker and made to be a worker and bread winner, the whole society broke down. TV, Video Games, a Nanny, Day Care and a host of others were tasked with raising a child and imparting morals on them. As you have correctly outlines from pregnancy to early teens, children need guidance and not only guidance but love and compassion which only a mother can give.

  10. The bottom line is that it's completely false what he's saying. There are many people who grow up in bad families and hadn't become murderers. His generalization is wrong and naive.

  11. I know this guy should be respected for being a death row lawyer, and I do, and I promise I listened to his whole talk without bias, but why is he wearing a hoodie? You're giving a speech that will be seen by the world, and announcing that you are a lawyer and an expert in your field, and you decided that jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoodie would be the best way to get people to take you seriously? How did your wife not stop you before you left the house?

  12. You guys at 93.1 Whateaver don't like Trump cause he is funnier than you and a whole hellva lot smarter.

  13. This is one of the best TED talks I've ever heard. Further, in my opinion, there has never been a more important topic.

  14. who fuckin cares these are scumbags. we need our money going towards law abiding citizens. not savages

  15. To keep this short, I am a private practice psychotherapist with a specialization in preverbal and developmental trauma and identification of complex post traumatic stress disorder, and this is absolutely brilliant.

  16. As long as a nation murders its unborn children there will never be peace. 55 million and counting.

  17. This guy is just ant-death penalty, he think society should be humane to these murderers, but they were not humane to society and society owes them nothing. Society is owed peace of mind in not being frighted all the time of murderers. Putting them dowm makes sure they will not murder another member of society. I am PRO death penalty.

  18. Why didn't your client deserve the death penalty again? I bet the family of the one he killed doesn't feel that way. I'm from a tough neighborhood. I grew up around drug-dealers, gang members and pimps. There's no excuse for anyone to take anyone's life outside of self-defense. I don't care what dysfunction they're born into. By your logic, I should kill people. smh

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