47 thoughts on “Lessons From A Fleet Of High Mileage Teslas & Their Battery Degradation”

  1. Lets face it, very few engines live to see 300,000 miles. When a VW did 100,000 miles recently, there was an Ad campaign nationwide to boast. So if you need to change batteries every 100,000 mules, i.think we can live with that

  2. The batteries lose most of their capacity early on and then it plateaus. 6% is a bit more than normal, 2.5-5%. Also having several teslas and not caring about even the most basic stuff is somewhat troubling.


  4. Hey guys, I am seeing miscalculated range miles on my model 3. For example 80% charge should display 248 but shows 231. Does this means some battery drive unit might be causing problem or battery getting degraded ? I only have 6k miles in 6 months. I tried Tesla suggestion to charge to 100% since haven’t charge fully so far but not showing correct range. Any idea? I have appt in Tesla service center but interested to see if you know if battery need calibration? Is there such a thing called hard reset? Please let me know.

  5. This is a very interesting video. Here's a chap who really knows about Tesla battery life probably more than anyone else on the planet – these Tesla mileages are huge. Most owners won't do this sort of mileage in twenty years. For any present or prospective Tesla owner these figures are incredibly reassuring, in fact I'm amazed. . I think it would have been helpful to summarise their findings by giving some specific instructions to the viewer on how to maximise the life of the Tesla battery. In fact, the video could have been quite a bit longer, and he could have slowed down a bit and gone through the figures in a bit more detail, not just about the batteries but also brakes, heating and general reliability of the car and all its components. Any motor issues?. Any problems with the body work? Some interesting articles about Tesloop on the internet,

  6. If you read that link below about Tesloop's maintenance experience on their entire fleet over the hundreds of thousands of miles these dudes drive their cars it's actually quite reassuring. With proper care, most of their batteries can made it to almost 400,000 miles and one or two drive units failed but were easily replaced. Their overall maintenance costs were compared to a Lincoln Towncar and an MB and came in waaaaaaay lower. Good to know. Thanks guys at Tesloop

  7. This technology is still in it's infancy and is not yet as care free as the starry eyed first adopters would have us believe. Shallow cycling between 30% to 70% with the occasional 90% charge to re-balance the individual cells and avoiding fast charging whenever possible can extend the life of lithium batteries dramatically. If you are gentle on your battery it will likely be gentle on your wallet and may last the useful life of your car.

  8. It would be a fair guess that if you bought a new Model III today, by the time the battery needs replacing we will have seen a lot of change in the type of battery available. It's a major area of research, and Tesla happens to be at the center of that work. Here's a very interesting video on the subject of EV batteries – I confess I understood only some of it, but it's a good piece nonetheless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE_PZQ13YTY

  9. Can i select Model 3 at 220 or 240 range in Hawaii?
    Drive 60 miles a day to and from work, also live in a house so
    240v is available.

  10. This needs a followup. How does a battery replacement go down? Out of service for a while? What else did you learn about supercharging? Any other tips for increasing longevity?

  11. Fuck your a dunce…. seriously….. totally thrash the batteries – basically running them dead flat and then super fast charging them – day after day, after day, after day… this is common knowledge – don't thrash the batteries…. slow charge the batteries and don't cook them on fast charging and don't run them dead flat… Even laptop manufacturers say this….

  12. Hey, we have to replace the timing belt every 100,000 miles/160,000 kms. Honda dealership charged $1,000+ to do this periodic maintenance.

  13. I think on the large scale in real world driving Tesla is going to have lots of issues with there battery design …these types of packs have a limited amount of cycles and can degrade with aggressive charging

  14. 300.000 to 400.000 miles??? I don't even get to half of that before I sell my car and I keep my car for very long. This vid is completely irrelevant for 95% of all car owners who would go Tesla and do the same amount of miles they would do. 400.000 miles and almost always supercharging?? And you're talking here as if you're expecting performance like it's a new or relatively new car. It's like me going to my garage complaining about my 400.000 miles car not doing as well anymore.

  15. Too soon to buy an EV. Buying a Tesla is akin to owning a boat. It's a money pit that leaves you disappointed more often than not.

  16. Sir. If you look at smartphone batterys and car batterys. You should expect more or less the same results.

    Looking at this video. It seems that car batterys are worst for our invorment then current standard cards. ;(.

  17. Teslas breaking down!? You don't say! I guess that stands to reason since their Model S "race car" couldn't even make one lap around a track before overheating and breaking after YEARS of development!

    Tesla garbage! Self-driving into the back of a semi might actually fix the panel gap issues by realigning the sheet metal!

    You tech nerds deserve the poor post-sale service, horrible parts availability, shoddy build quality, safety concerns (catching fire, "self-driving" accidents), and general Telsa b.s. since thanks to you we'll all be in silent IPods on wheels that ferry us around and decide who to kill (ourselves, bystanders, and/or other motorists) in an accident.

  18. This is why I don't jump into every new technology, but wait for others to flesh out the problems. The nature of Lithium Ion batteries is their tendency to die out very quickly.

  19. I was under the impression that Tesla makes you sign a contract that you cannot talk anything negative about their product on social media.

  20. All the Tealas are mining cryptocurrency for Elon Musk. They will not stop untill Tesla stock will reach 420 & better. That's the main reasons for the battery drain.

  21. 18650 is old tech battery. The 21700 produced in the Tesla Giga Factory surpasses even Samsung. The Balance specs on these cells are truly awesome. only draw back with Elon reducing the Cobalt content down is ultimate cycle life is also diminished. Only time will tell if the Balance accuracy of the cells is enough to offset a faster decline in cycle life. Remember the aim here is to get to about $100 per KW…I think they are about $140 right now from around $250 per KW using the 18650 cells.
    Botttom line is it's too early to tell if the reduced Cobalt content will effect overall cycle life.
    Either way the Battery is worth more than the high tech V8 Diesel Engine I have in my Toyota Land Crusier!
    As soon as you buy one of these Electric Cars the most expensive component ( the Battery ) will already be obsolete.
    No software upgrade is going to fix that. Elon is hanging all his bets on making money out of the Battery's for his cars and others.
    If he does get the cost down to $100 per KW that's $7,500 cost to the Giga Factory to produce the 75KW long range.
    Good luck buying it for less than $20,000. There are 4 Battery packs in total and they are not equal size either.
    you don't need to do millions of miles on overpriced EV cars to know whats going on with the battery.
    Just buy one genuine 18650 Samsung Cell and charge and discharge at the same rate as the car.
    If you can get more than 1,000 cycles you are doing real well and only using 50% or less of total capacity to get this.
    That means no supercharging and limiting to 85% top and no lower than 35% discharge.
    Assuming you drive the thing every day. after 5 years to 8 Years your battery's are now down to 70%….THIS IS THE END OF LIFE OF THE BATTERY YOU DUMMY"S AND THE TESLA SOFTWARE will dictate that you need ALL 4 PACKS CHANGED!!!!!
    $20,000 USD is around $28,000 AUD right now.

  22. Iphone battery rethoric … we will slow down your car to make sure it stays reliable. BTW Holland and Norway use Tesla as Taxi and I am VERY surprised that this learning is not vented. Also VERY suspicious! And I sense a relief in this video that it was a touchscreen causing depletion: this reminds of MS Windows 95 where we all where so happy that we recovered from a BOD after a sudden reboot. Sorry but to me that engineering quality sucks as much as the last generations of MS

  23. Here's a tip that will completely remove the battery drain issue. BUY A REAL CAR not scalextric toy.

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