16 thoughts on “Lessons from 4 Years of GraphQL”

  1. At 12.21 The speaker said they don't do breaking changes :), I remember when some of my projects was using Facebook Ads Api the amount of breaking changes(almost every fortnight) that Facebook caused even though we were following to the word based on documentations. Removing fields here and there, making optional fields mandatory and so on.

  2. It's a shame that GraphQL is not one of our favourite standard today, but I guess REST – which is rarely RESTful – continue to gather lots of people who wants to be part of designing new web APIs.. I personally thank you Lee Byron – you and all Facebook teams – to promote new way to build interoperability of systems. Great conference! I would like to have been there to understand what you have built!

  3. It's great to start watching the video and quickly noticing that I'm not just learning GraphQL, but also awesome speaking skills. Congrats Byron for that speech!

  4. allowing clients to make adhoc queries this way is not scalable – you lose http caching. Done right, REST is able to cache most endpoints giving way to massive scalability. adhoc queries from client apps is an anti-pattern and veering from the primary vision of http (documents located at urls) always proves fatal for technologies that do so and graphql is just yet another flash-in-the-pants example of this type of ignorance. developers are going to push this on their clients and while testing it will all seem really cool – until the floodgates open and the backend can't keep up because most companies are not like facebook with billions of dollars and immense teams dedicated to scaling out their backend storage.

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