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  1. Thank you for the support everyone! Never expected this much love from this video. Let me know if you have anyone that you would like to see in the next episode of Lessons Behind. Cheers :)) – Diogo

  2. I was searching for Ido Portal videos and just want to thank you for this approach to his practice. It actually approved me what I thought when I was a basketball player and coach. I used to tell kids to dance while they do some exercises and dribbles coz it seemed to me that one girl, who knew how to dance, made all the dribbles better than everyone else.

    Great video, keep it up!

  3. quiero aprender esto es muy bueno. investigare mas y lo practicare es de lo mejor que he visto

  4. Talk about Miyamoto Musashi or Bruce Lee next and thanks you did a very good job explaining the philosophy behind free movement

  5. Großartiges Portrait. Niemand hat Ido Portal's Arbeit so perfekt beschrieben!

  6. If any people are interested in pushing this farther, science has recently started looking more into the nature of play, as it manifests in animals. Turns out movement and play are a lot more subtle and important in animal development than one might think. Read Gordon Burghardt's the genesis of animal play! Keep on truckin'

  7. What do you call those exercises where they dont usually use much weights, mostly just body weight, they are super flexible and they do odd stuff, like hold themselves straight out on a street pole, etc? They look in super lean shape, real cut and athletic, , not bulked up and stiff the way most power lifters and bodybuilders are. I want to do that stuff, get lean, and flexible, but I dont know what those type of exercises are called or how to train for that stuff. Anyone know?

  8. Subtítulos en checo y en portugués y el español que es el segundo idioma más hablado del mundo que…..

  9. The way ido portal moves is the peak human body control/ability. It shows the full capabilities of the human body in terms of survival and adaptation

  10. You actually speak about the subject named "Transfer Of Training". Some guy here stated that "the essence of this video is: the better you can get at anything, the better you can get at E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!". It's wrong. The combination of different skills can very often produce NEGATIVE Transfer Of Training, it means it can harm some of your skills.

  11. Ido portal is just doing a lot of basic capoeira and charging a lot for it. As someone who has grown up in a capoeira group i can say hes nothing innovative, go to any good batizado and you will find mestres just like him willing to teach their like minded philosophy. I remember training with the Israeli capoeistas and they have the exact same teaching style

  12. Thanks man ! 😉 … that's the good way I think.

    well… I hope !
    … for I follow the same ! ;-b

  13. Very good video! Really feel it. @roaddelta, how do you make this amazing 3d drawn connecting on all the different disciplines to explain Ido vision of movement? thanks… it would be amazingly useful for me to know it! thanks in advance 🙂

  14. Well you know if you think about it, playing musical instrument is also movement.
    And I can somewhat agree with the brain-forming research studies because in my sporadic experience, training fluency on playing a specific musical instrument, such as – guitar – in my case, opens up new ideas and avenues in improvisation, almost like in a consequential way.
    AND if you delve even further, maybe even things like chess is based on movement – which in that case non-movement, how to sit properly and think in a deliberate way, yet it is possible that the idea is somewhat further-fetched.

  15. @Road Delta
    Wanted to say great job on that video about ido portal.
    I have someone maybe 2-3 experts in movement id think youd find intetesting and with a great message.
    I call them movement or mental innovators.
    [email protected]

  16. This was a great video it reminded me of what I've been learning recently on something called interleaving learning about how you should space your learning out and also try new challenging advanced things in that craft that you are trying to perfect

  17. I wish i could do these exercises
    I have a pelvic floor tension and all these movements are not okay for me

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