Lesson observation: Year 6 Literacy KS2 (excerpt)

to consolidate what you did yesterday you're gonna open up your books and do your next step comments when you've finished to think about today's lesson I want you to remind yourselves at the different strategies that poets use to engage the reader you answered it well but I want you to expand this point so that it's really clear exactly what you mean for your answer so you chain to put it change from a lazy scene to an exciting scene what exactly do you mean by that so thinking about the poem okay how did the author go from being quite a lazy slow scene or message it's giving you to being a more exciting one what did he do okay where would the information post to be found and why so remember when we looked at different text types we looked at an information poster what's the purpose of an information poster okay so where can you give me a couple of examples of where you might find an information poster and weiter can you give me one a poster would I find a poster in a nonfiction book do you remember when we had all the different text types and we had an information poster about the price it cost to send parcels where would I find that if you're wanting to send a letter or a parcel where you're going to go who can help now my pan where's the place we go when we send letters and parcels post-office okay because it was about sending letters so I'm going to find it in a post-office so can you give me an example of a type of poster and where you would find it in why I'm going to the doctors and I'm sitting in the doctor's surgery what posters might be on the wall what about my body okay so what parts are all information about my body what else with us okay thinking about the fact is coming into summertime posters warning poster I do in three two one okay before we split up here's what we're going to do today your learning objectives you are going to be locating and analyzing if I locate something what does that mean to pick out something from the text okay if I'm going to be analyzing something what does that mean they're looking for certain pieces of writing the text that you could use that's locating if I'm analyzing something what's another word for analyzing beginning with an e Josef's communis coming no you're all locating if you're analyzing you like evaluating it and I'm picking out the keywords and the key features and the key message messages good girl so what you're going to be doing today is locating and analyzing how messages moods feelings and attitudes are conveyed in poetry we have done it through narrative we're taking it to that next step today and we're doing it with challenging ourselves by doing it through poetry once you've picked them all out you're then going to be discussing how effective they are on the reader any questions about the learning objective No okay here's how it's gonna work Group one in a minute you're going to go out with mrs. Cox when she feels you're ready you're going to come back in we did poetry yesterday so you're just having a quick refresher before you apply it absolutely independently group two I'm going to come and work with you in a minute we touched on poetry but we need a little bit more reinforcement before you then go and work with mrs. Cox after me Group three I'm coming to you in a minute to explain what you're doing you're doing something slightly different to finish off from other text types then

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