Lesson observation: Year 4 Literacy KS2 (excerpt)

good morning everybody good morning can mrs. repealer please take km Tendo Kaylee Thea aunt Amelia please and you're going to be getting on with your work in the library today okay off you go and everybody else on this table you are going to be getting straight on with your work from yesterday now you know exactly what you're doing don't you good stuff okay now everyone else I want you to have a look at the board for me please and I have got some examples oops of instructions for making a chocolate spread sandwich okay however I have not put them in chronological order okay so a little bit mixed up what exactly is Chronicle chronological order then chronological order means time order very good well done Rebecca okay so as I said my chocolate spread sandwich instructions are not in chronological order okay so I want you three groups okay thinking to yourself how are you going to put these in order okay you've got to think about which one comes first okay and then once you've done that I want you to be using some sequencing language to add to your instructions can someone give me an example of a sequencing language please smashed first very good next very good well done okay so I'm going to give you 30 seconds to put these in order are you ready okay in three two one who's confident off let's put these into chronic or illogical order for me first get all your equipment and ingredients oh very good next place the bread on the chopping board very good after use your knife to spread the chocolate finally put the sandwich on the place very good well done it declare we cover everything there yeah I think she said well done Chloe okay so for instructions what do we need to remember to do you need to put imperative verbs and you need to use sequencing language very good well done what's another thing how do we write what tense do we use when writing instructions present tense very good well done and there's one more thing and we had another little starter what's the most important thing when doing instructions if I didn't have it in this order and I'd be all over the place chronological order very good well done good stuff okay so what where are we doing from Monday and yesterday what were we doing what are we turning what are we making um which we've been trying to UM explain how to UM change cocoa beans into and chocolate very good so a cocoa bean into a chocolate bar now there's three stages at the very very start three stages at the very very start are really important harvesting fermentation and drying very good excellent absolutely fantastic now I know that you are all super conferring with what each of those mean am i right lovely okay so this group you are going to get on with your work okay I'm going to come and work with you guys alright and this group you are going to get on with your work as well however you've got a resource in the middle of your table okay and it's a word bag and that's going to help you with any Spelling's and making sure that you're including all the important parts is that clear very good okay so you can take open your books then and remembering that we need to do the purpose of the instructions okay what's the purpose of these instruction okay so after we've done the title what's the first thing we need to write when we're doing instructions the first thing you have to write is the introduction the purpose for your writing the purpose of instruction is very good it's very important to remember to do that right has everyone written their title okay so what do you need to include that in your purpose to show kuku bean farmers which I've never which I've never made chocolate to make a chocolate bar okay so the purpose of these instructions is to show people how to make tips applause

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