32 thoughts on “Lesson 4: "FIRE AND RAIN" – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons”

  1. O..M..G.. Why am I only now finding this!! God bless you Mr.Taylor for taking time to make and share. No one can make it sound the way you do!

  2. Man he has some extremely unorthodox methods for playing chords but maybe that's what gives him such a distinctive sound. One of my all time favorite players for sure and this is coming from an electric player.

  3. Thank you James for the lifetime of pure joy your music has given. Knowing a bit of your philosophy regarding playing and writing, I appreciate that to learn we need 'alone time' and also to just be ourselves in presentation and performance. Thank you for sharing, not only the music, but also how to try and play your beautiful songs.
    I want to thank you especially for sharing this song that I have loved, ever since I first heard it as a young man. I know how dear a price you paid for it.

  4. Amazing! Wish I could have had this when I was a young man learning guitar. A guy long ago told me guitar players don't come from schools, they are born. It's really moving to watch someone who loves the instrument and the music it produces. You can tell when James plays, he has that love for the art of guitar and music. Simply amazing. I hope I can finally learn some of his music.

  5. does anyone know which capo he uses here? i ask because i love how low to the fretboard it lays,seems far less cumbersome than any of the ones i own, though for all i know it could just be a standard dunlop and the camera angle makes it look thinner than it actually is. man what a treat to see JT's picking and fretting hands/fingers up close and personal

  6. This is awesome, and I'm a bass player learning guitar. What better song to learn than Fire & Rain. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The way he sneaks his index finger under for the suspended notes almost looks like an NFL lineman's hand LOL

  8. This is a remarkable person. Someone of this artistic and financial stature, typically, does not do this kind of stuff. However, it's pretty obvious that Taylor has realized the beauty of the internet and decided to have fun with it, sharing his talents and expertise with the world for free.

  9. Hope everybody appreciates what they're seeing and hearing. This man is on the Mount Rushmore of singer/songwriters. When I first picked up a guitar, Fire and Rain was in the top five of songs I HAD to learn. Many years on, I still can't play it very well, but content to watch the master do it.

  10. A tip for JT and anyone else. Go to the nail section of most any drug store and buy a called "Hard As Nails".It cuts out trips to the beauty salon and all of the other bull. In short, it works.

  11. One of my all time favorites. Both, James and Fire and Rain. Ever since I was little, this is the very reason I wanted to learn to play guitar. Such a treat, this is!

  12. Fantastic – and now that we have the notes and chords and fingerings, all that's left is to master the feel and tempo and singing, no small feat. Thanks, James, very generous of you. I met your daughter in her shop on the Vineyard a year or two ago, lovely and talented woman. Cheers and stay happy.

  13. Simple for who James? LOL! Not for me yet anyway! But thinks for the lesson James, I'm gonna get there some day!! Anyhow, I sure do love me some Baby James!! 🙂 Smilin and singin all the way!! Everyday, just smilin and singin all the way! You've been around me almost all my life through good times and hard times through triumph and through strife. That gentle true spirit who tells me to be at peace, be at peace, no matter what comes just be a peace. Sayin don't make no difference much, not today anyway. So put on some Baby James and let those troubles drift away!! You've given us a treasure trove of sanity, grace and peace my friend!! Much Love JT Much Love in deed!!! Thanks JT!!!

  14. I can only surmise that like the rest of us; J.T. yearns for more beauty in the world ( having created so much of it himself )
    So he is offering his gift , the creative keys to his universe ; to the world … so that others may follow.
    He possesses a very generous soul indeed.

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