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welcome to milvey Sabbath School lesson series we are a platform that thrives to share biblical truths that will transform your life as Jesus said what you do to the least of these my brothers you do it unto me join our guest panelists as they discuss this quarters lesson series entitled ministering to those in need god bless you as you watch this I'd like to welcome our viewers and listeners to part 3 of this 13 part series on the list of these my brethren we are going to be looking at a very important aspect which sort of tends to equalize people that is the aspect of the Sabbath but before we go into into the lesson we are going to ask brother King to pray for us let us pray Christian father we thank you once again for yet another time that we can go through your scriptures father we pray that you guide us through and they reveal the truth that lies in the scriptures we pray that this discussion may lead many to your throne for this our prayer in Jesus name Amen Tommy this week we are looking at the aspect of the Sabbath but maybe before we go into that we'll start by introducing ourselves my name is Bruce and Towell WA and I am here with two of my brothers I'll just ask them to thank you very much now we are looking at the aspect of the Sabbath as the Bible details it and what importance we can draw from this particular day I think when we look at it from a biblical perspective it's more than just a day it's an institution that is a lot of lessons which God has placed in it that if we look deeply on we would learn how we should treat each other how God looks upon us and how board provides for us but our Letarte brother Sean just give us a brief introduction on the Sabbath I just like to start off with a the memory text for this week which comes from mark chapter 2 and verse 27 in it and it says and he said to them the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath so as we kick off this in this week's lesson when we speak of the Sabbath creates a connotation in someone's mind is a bit ok so how do I do this properly I do I keep it properly and I think it's did there's more to the Sabbath than just keeping it probably we need to understand it in the context of God's providence in terms of God's creation for us in terms of God's redemption for us and and the ones we start understanding those aspects we actually will start to understand how the Sabbath day can actually change us for the better and when it says the Sabbath was made for men we have to understand it in the context of how is this a blessing in terms of us not just a day in terms of where I'm I don't do any work and I'm now sitting in my home and now I'm sleeping the entire day but as we go through this lesson that means that worth with when Jesus has said that there was a certain impetus there was a certain efficacy to his words we was meaning more than just a day of idleness a day of of complete lawfulness which which some of us seems to think the Sabbath portrays and I'm glad for this lesson because that's the Sabbath is the crowning achievement of this whole creation week which we started off in Lesson one and now we come to this – the Sabbath day and it's the final act that God does and this is it is now very good thank you very much brother king when when when you talk to people and you say to them no I don't work on the Sabbath I don't go for this on the Sabbath it seems as though the Sabbath is a hindrance it could be the way that those who keep it have portrayed it that I had no I can't do that it is how do we tie how we should keep the Sabbath to the words of Jesus that the Sabbath is made for us is there to benefit us can you just reconcile the two for us often than not I think like you said oh it may easily portray something very good as if it's bad for instance if we go back we need to find two first check the origin of the Sabbath and what the intent of the Sabbath is like shun has put it was made for man not man for the Sabbath in other words man came before the Sabbath and it was meant to be a joy something to be excited about something to look forward to but however when we look in Isaiah the prophet then tells us that we also need to factor in not doing our own pleasure on the Sabbath day but without sitting idle we've started this lesson series that we are talking about the list people that are underprivileged that doesn't that's one of the days that we can go full out to look after such people that's what God is expecting us so he says it is still good to do good so the Sabbath more than just being a day way we don't don't don't is that day when so in when we portray the Sabbath to our friends to those who are new to the concept we should more we should rather elaborate the good that we can do the good that we do on the sub and the benefit that we get from from the rest cycle and I am NOT shown you you've looked at the aspect of rest and how seven days is optimum maybe if you can just run us through that yes and just before you know we we get into to that aspect this whole Sabbath day it's so hard for people to turn off I mean if I go to bed at night I'm still thinking about deadlines I'm still thinking about projects I'm so thinking about a I must do this so when it comes to the Sabbath we have the same problem we might be sitting in church we might be getting ready for Bible study we might even the pastor may even be preaching but I'm thinking I'm still by this tomorrow what about this report so that's hard for mankind to switch off completely and this is what God is saying is that think about it I am giving you permission for one day not to focus on anything nothing else matters but just focusing on the beautifulness of creation the love that is God the love of others I mean we struggled this with that concept and and yes bringing that into perspective is that they've done they've done actual experiments and I don't explore actual studies in Europe and some of the other countries with with experimented with a 10-day week at 12 day week or 14 they were given a five-day week but with all those experiments they always came an element of sub optimality or depression or something that went wrong and they found that seven days is the optimal time for productivity how amazing is that we find that even today we talk about the weeks and we talk about the weekends we find that this is not a man-made aspect this is a god-given thing and we only find evidence for that in the Bible that's correct and we find that even our bodies our SEC idea our circadian rhythms they go a little bit slower on the Sabbath day so everything slows down from a recuperative perspective in a regenerative perspective to this commandment and we should do well to say that if this is how our body is reacting this is what they found shouldn't we switch off as well and how much better would it be for us if we actually switched off and just focused on the creative goodness the redemptive goodness and the provision that God has given to us now and yes sorry in terms of our larger context of the quarter how do we take this love for the Sabbath and teach to those that have dead have no clue about it thank you thank you very much brother Sean on that we we also find another aspect which batteries is the importance of the Sabbath and this was something that happened over 40 years as the Israelites were going through through the wilderness you know that 40-year surgeon that they had in the wilderness God provided for them in a in a miraculous manner so when we get to Exodus 16 we hear of God providing food from heaven they ate the food of angels but the king can you run us through manna the food from heaven in brief the Israelites needed to eat as they journeyed and God made it his business to provide for them and slowly but surely he he gave them the instructions that okay this is how he gonna collect and amazingly enough the provisions were equal for everyone there's known that god mother and the only change in the instructions that on the sixth day they will have to collect a double portion now I'm looking at it from the point of how serious God has been with the Sabbath this is even before the commandment was given for them to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy now he is teaching them to keep it holy even before it is engraved as a command okay this is how I will keep it holy as the one who created it so he gives them provision so that they do not work on the Sabbath they do not collect food on the Sabbath and it's amazing that for those who are aware of when is the Sabbath day no matter how hard they go and work their productivity on that south day I believe is not is it would be in the other days that they're supposed to work and yes the the Israelites when they went out to fetch man on the Sabbath day they found what they found was there was nothing now God a God has tried his best and given us his best to teach us that taking what I'm demanding from you is not not possible it is very possible that we can do and here's the example so it's not just throwing us into the deep end without giving us a light on how we can go about it thank you very much it is it was quite amazing how how God made this provision and the fact that on every other day if you stored it it would rot yeah but on on Friday if you stored it it was fresh it was okay nothing wrong with it same manner collected in the same manner but on different days it behaved differently I think that was a very important lesson that God was pointing for us to realize that on the Sabbath day if we place our trust in him he's going to take care of everything else for us I know with the issue that you have spoken off of deadlines the issue of people looking at exams and the like you may be pressure to think but if if I don't read the whole Sabbath then how am I going to catch up with the others if I don't work the whole Sabbath how am I going to be at par with that is but also what brother King brought out that aspect that when we look at manna which highlighted the Sabbath so greatly it says those who when they will to collect they were given a measure they were supposed to collect was supposed to be an omer for for each person but those who collected more after they looked at it the head just enough those who collected less after they looked at it they had just enough so God was working to make sure that the provision that everyone gets is is equal everything is coming to be equal I just want to read second Corinthians 8 verse 14 he says but by any quality that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want that their abundance also may be a supply for your want that they may be acquired so this is Paul speaking years later on a principle that we see established in in Exodus that when God gives me more he's not looking for me to use more but is rather looking for me to share with someone who has who has less so we also see that aspect of equality that comes out from the issue of man I don't know whether brother shown you something that is that Exodus is echoed not not only in second Corinthians but in Philippines as well the forces the only reason we God has provided us with a job is so that we can provide for those that don't have and if we look at it further than that Jesus occurred take out the same thing on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5 when he said look at the birds and the bees and how more important are we then they and then if we put the kingdom of like this righteousness first all these other things will be added unto us and we shouldn't be looking at thinking about tomorrow and Jesus is echoing the because the manner that that God gave also brought in to another element and that was the element of trusting in him completely for the following day and and and Jesus echoed that same thing to say don't worry about tomorrow don't worry about the food I will provide but whatever we done we have gone into this thing of hoarding we have gone into this thing of a Messing wealth for ourselves we we need to have massive bank balances for a rainy day we must save for this verse in years Jesus says there is an element of planning because even he says you must sit down and plan the Tally's but where we award this massive amounts of money and we forty to fifty percent of the entire worlds population is living in extreme poverty that needs us to reflect to say I do we not revert back to what God has put because the blueprint for solving the world's poverty is he found in this in this in this Exodus chapters to say but this is how you solve it if you don't think about yourself you don't think but I need to have so much money I need to start where I need to do all of this and we say but Lord you are the owner I am the steward it's your responsibility to look after me all Amma's do is put your kingdom first then we understand that everything else that comes after that in terms of our wealth and well-being our health is in the Lord's hands but yet we always put ourselves in the in the in the shoes of God by saying but I must look after my family I must provide for the household I must make money and it becomes Oh III story and then we stepping on dangerous ground because this is someone else in the Bible that also did this I paid correct I just want to read the actual commandment of the Sabbath it brings out the aspect of of equality as well when we read it and I'm not going to read it from the traditional Exodus 20:8 but I am reading it from Deuteronomy where we get the Sabbath told in a different manner the Sutro me five I'm reading from verse 12 it says keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it as the Lord that God has commanded thee six days thou shalt labor and do all their work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord in it thou shalt do no work nor thy son nor thy daughter no they meant servant no they met maidservant nor thy ox no they asked you know their cattle nor thy stranger that is within thy gates that they men servant in their maidservant may rest as well as you and remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt and that the LORD thy God brought you out fins through a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm therefore the LORD commanded thee to keep the Sabbath day click here it amplifies the aspect of equality that is brought about the Sabbath I'll just ask brother Shawn to please explore that aspect a bit more when we look at the Sabbath from the book of Deuteronomy and then this is so important because you know Exodus Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy chapter 5 is two sides of the same coin we Exodus is talking about the creational aspect that the Sabbath is bringing to mind in terms of we must remember what God did for us the the Deuteronomy aspect is talking about the redemptive nature of this whole aspect of God to say but do you know what I have done for you so do likewise and to others and we must understand the Israelites came out of 400 years of oppression 400 years of worshipping idols 400 years of multiple gods because I mean we will know that when they lived in Egypt they were forced to also have that type of gods that that the Egyptians so they had this multiple gods and now you you taking them out of that type of order and you sing one God one day and and that is a hard lesson to learn and that's what God needed to take them to say but you need to remember where you came from human slaves you were once made to work throughout the Sabbath day to build bricks to you had to do all of these things they but that was never intended by me there was always this the this aspect of freedom that is associated the Sabbath day and when we look at it this salvation the aspect is what God was also trying to be bringing out because not only was there this Redemption and freedom from from the physical labor that they had gone through but they were made to think more about now that they were slave men to sin bondage to sin they was that promise all the way back in Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15 where they would be freedom so God is always keeping this aspect of Hope this aspect of teaching to separate him on the slavery aspect must end let's get our mindset right by looking at it from a weekly perspective of freeing ourselves from this mindset of not only physical slavery but also spiritual slavery we when you look at this around five but even says your manservant and and your slaves or free on that day because as we know a slave is not free but on the Sabbath day you in that slave who you are equal you stand on equal footing they are not forced to work and when we take that into our 21st century mindset today that means that those people that work for us we may have servants we may have made we must not let them work on the Sabbath day they have no do too because that duties our duty to God it's not just a duty that we have to say well I'm going to church now but you look after the children you make the food and we're like we think of it very differently then here it says even the stranger that comes within decades so even people visiting you as long as they're on your property on in your within your household the focus should be on God should be on resting should be on everything that God wanted us to do but how many times do to really rush to church and then after that we start doing their own things we start studying for exams you start planning for the next day and God is saying but that is the wrong way to spin the Sabbath you'll be so much more productive if you just give this entire 24 hours to me and I mean I know that I work hard enough so I actually value a full day of leave every single week I thank you very much present so we we have looked at the Sabbath as a symbol of our Redemption that's taking us out of sin just like as we have indicated being brought out of slavery so the Bible is speaking of the Israelites being brought out of literal slavery but we know that we are slaves to sin yes Ezekiel also points to another aspect in Ezekiel 20:12 where God says I have given you my Sabbath that it may be a sign between you and me that I am the Lord some Bibles will say who sanctifies you and others will say who makes you holy brother King how does the Sabbath make us holy okay the Sabbath gives us an opportunity to commune with God and when we go to the store of Moses when I approach to the burning bush he was taught that take off your shoes for the place you're standing is holy now the holiness of the ground was not that the ground was special in any way but because the presence of God was there now the Bible tells us that as God is giving us the Sabbath as a sign between him and us and when we come into fellowship with him we also get to experience the holiness that God brings about remember Moses when you went to the mountain as he comes back we had heard that his face signed with the glory of God because he had spent enough time a lot of time whoring himself so the more we spend time with God the more we become like him so the Sabbath this gives us that opportunity that we can strive to become like him and just on that when is equal 20 verse 12 and some of the some of the Bible version says so they do know that the Lord sanctifies them the definition of sanctify means to be set aside for holy Jews so we as a people are sanctified which means we are set aside for a holy use and we would do well to remember that that if we keep that in our minds that we are set aside for holiness I think it would curb a lot of the type of behaviors that we employ that is not as holy as what we would like it to be yes now as we as we move basically from the Old Testament and we begin to explore how the Sabbath was kept on in the New Testament that's what the Pharisees and how they reacted to it we see we see the Sabbath as being an oppressive element you read in some text where he says this city was a Sabbath day's journey from this city so you understand that you can't walk beyond this if you walk beyond this you have sinned you also understand when somebody was healed on the Sabbath there was an uproar people are saying I bet how could he do this on the subtle yet we have said a Sabbath is the day of where people are released from oppression we're saying the Sabbath should be a good day brother King help us understand what was happening what what is permissible what is not permissible on the Sabbath how can we draw the line Christ Himself in Matthew chapter 12 first off it says how much then is a man better than a sheep wherefore it is lawful to do well on the Sabbath days so Christ is emphasizing even when he came doing in his ministry here he had done a lot of healings on Sabbath to drive that point home because then it had become an issue with the Pharisees as to what you must do I read somewhere where if we wipe in your face was not permissible so they had to tie something closer so that the amount of weight the hand can do is not so much is it yes within the proscription of work you can do on Sabbath but crassius saying no it is good to do an service and as the Israelites receives the command of the Sabbath as they are coming out of bondage this how it's giving us an indication that on the Sabbath day it is the day that we should be able to release those who are in bondage so people are oppressed by so many things we were oppressed by deadlines timelines that we need to do for six days now we are out of that operation we should take that to also look for those who are under certain Postum seek some hungry some going through different things marital issues and we should take the opportunity to go also and help them come out of those kind of bandages and that is what Christ is measuring that go for the seek go to prison go and help anyone who is stranded go on the Sabbath day it is lawful to do so I like that because you know what if 52 weeks of the year you exclusively only have and you celebrate the Sabbath day with your own church members and you never go out as Jesus did to teach others about this law what earthly good are you because you are keeping this benefit to yourself whereas Jesus I mean seven of his miracles happened on the Sabbath day Matthew Mark Luke and John they all portray about how Jesus went out he made a point of either healing on the Sabbath doing good on the Sabbath helping people out on the Sabbath day and I and I think as you pointed out Isaiah 58 talks about how do we lose these bonds of wickedness how do we how do we go to it to those that are placing the sample that is the perfect day for you for taking this aspect to people to show how important it was to Jesus to keep it special and it's not just of doing well I mean if you look at it from a little vertical perspective the Levitical priests the hardest day of work was on the Sabbath day inside of the sanctuary and that wasn't counted from from from from God as doing well and they we should take the distinction is that secularized work which is our normal job if I mean I T or if I'm in HR we are – we are to sustain of that but godly work focusing on on that which Jesus did that is that that is where God wants us to be not just to give her an hour of the Sabbath dream by going to church or two hours the entire day must be given to God and only focusing on God's things and I think as you rightly pointed out even every reference in the Old Testament and in the New Testament was it was the Sabbath journeys you know something like that even though all the Jews the naming of the days pointed to the Sabbath it wasn't Monday or Tuesday Wednesday it was first day – Sabbath second day – Sabbath so every aspect of their life pointed towards the Sabbath and we should do well because I mean you can't have six days loving as a devil and then expecting an angel on the seventh day we should be preparing to say I have two days left till the Sabbath how am I getting my armor getting my mind I'm not getting my physicality how am i preparing myself for their Sabbath day so every other day should be a preparation for the seventh day even Jesus he under save the day we need died he rested on the Sabbath and he kept the Sabbath which was Saturday I think it is it is quite important for us to also note that the the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy we would do well by copying what Jesus did hmm we may have lost the benefit that the Sabbath carries because we have become narrow-minded to say okay let's just avoid let's avoid everything but if we look at how Jesus lived the Sabbath and we try and apply that going out to help people going out to preach the word to people not just waiting to be served but going out to serve others just like what Christ says I came not to be served but to serve so if we have that mindset in in ourselves then we'll find the full benefit of the Sabbath which is sharing the Word of God with others which is doing good to the oppressed because God has done good to us who were oppressed I also want us to look at another aspect that we find when we look in a Leviticus 25 verse 1 to 7 they were here of how the land was also supposed to rest I'm just going to read a bit it says speak unto a Leviticus 25 I'm reading verse 2 speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them when you come into the land which I give you then shall the land keep a sub but unto the Lord 6 years thou shalt so they filled in six years thou shalt prune the vania didn't gather the earth but in the seventh year so base a birth of rest unto the land a Sabbath for the Lord thou shalt not sow thy field nor prune the vineyard where the King what what are we talking about here we are getting this is that even all creation is expected to enjoy the benefit of this hour I think that's why even in the commandment the donkeys are mentioned to rest on Sabbath they must enjoy the rest in there and I'm looking at the aspect of the land resting you know sometimes we when we've got something that we have a blessing that we have received from God and we use it until it cannot be usable anymore now says for for the better of you who is using the land must rest and with the same concept of mana we get that the year before the Sabbath rest of the land they would have harvested enough for that year that the land is arresting though so God is telling us that it's not about the numbers that you are working on but in the obedience that you do you can trust me that I'll provide so the productivity before and after the Sabbath rest of the land proves to be much more than they all anticipated because they operated under the guidance of the Word of God and they took him at his word thank you very much brother Sean if you could give us your concluding remarks just tying up everything as we look at as we close on the issue of the Sabbath thank you and I just like to tie into what brother Ken yes it is there when we look at this overall aspect of the Sabbath the good is there for us if we give the entire day for God God doesn't want us to give him an hour of church on a Sabbath you know we we prepare in the morning and after that the day's house no no no no no that's that comes to an issue of trust yes we have the work yes we have major deadlines we have exams we have these aspects of life but God zips past in me spin this whole day with me and it shows you that that this god of ours wants to commune with us not just for an hour he wants us to communion for the entire day and he says the other six days that is yours but on this day give me your attention so that I can share with you that I can come every relationship with you we are so removed from God in this world of violence and and oppression that God says give me this one day don't give me an hour don't give me two hours spin this whole day with me and see how it can change you for the better and I think that is the discovery of the Sabbath that we need to make is that when we give God this twenty-four hours we will just focus on him we are household just focus on living when people that come and stay with us just focuses on him it won't change us for the better thank you very much brothers for the for this listen on the Sabbath day I think it has expounded more on the Sabbath that it is not just a day of doughnuts but it is a very productive day where we are releasing oppression where we are relying on God even the seven years where the six years where people would plow and then one year complete here where the people would rely that what God supplies us in the sixth year will be sufficient to carry us through this seventh year without any problems if we take that into mind we realize that God is there to supply for us and the Sabbath is a sign between us and God that God is working the work of sanctification a work which no human being can ever do that is the provision that God has placed that is what should be top most in our minds when we look at the Sabbath day may God bless us as brother key eyes brother Shawn praise to cross the listeners thank you Lord that you have granted us time to expound on this listen Lord most of all thank you for the Sabbath day thank you for the for the day of risk that you have given to us Lord Jesus help us to understand that you want to have a relationship but each one of us and the best way in which we can come forth in that relationship is by spending an entire day with you spending time with you coming through your Bible putting those that don't know about you putting putting – in the hands of Jesus and also load going to the least of these Lord Jesus so help us to be faithful in the suit god we pray this in your name thank you for taking time to listen to this message brought to you by Mel V video productions a divine voice out of Africa for more simmons please join us on youtube at Mel V video productions or you can visit us on our website at wwlp.com thank you again and god bless you

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