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welcome to milvey Sabbath School lesson series we are a platform that thrives to share biblical truths that will transform your life as Jesus said what you do to the least of these my brothers you do it unto me join our guest panelists as they discuss this quarters lesson series entitled ministering to those in need god bless you as you watch ELISA greetings and welcome to this week's Bible study lesson I'm your host Melissa Elam be very pleased that we are having a new series that we started last week so if you missed the first week I would recommend you go back and watch brother Bruce brother King and brother Shawn doing a wonderful overview of the study but also looking ahead at what we're going to be studying this quarter but this week we have a very special lesson and because we are focusing on the most needy for the world and what God said about how we should look after thee those who are less privileged those who are suffering injustice and those who are imprisoned what was God's blueprint for a better world where there was no suffering or whether was less suffering and where the poor were well taken care of what are the systems that God put in place to help this world to deal with the injustice and the suffering and the pain and the loss that some of us go through we want to really find out what God had in mind and I'm hoping for leaders out there those who lead our global institutions our government leaders our politicians and indeed our spiritual leaders we need to heed the word of god and his blueprint for development so that our strategic plans can be successful in didn't to help me discuss this week I've got a company and blessing greetings and welcome it's been a while welcome on set thank you you don't know how much trouble we went through with all of you are saying they are all men on set so we really do and I said blessing thank you so much now complaining let's hear your voice brighten Ellie if you could pray for us and ask the Lord to guide us as we study this Heavenly Father we are very grateful once more to be found at your feet Lord thank you for this opportunity to dig deeper into your word Lord we know that you left treasures for us in the Bible father as we shall be digging deeper after the Holy Spirit who teaches us all truths that he may feel it in every heart is we are going to look into this lesson in Jesus name I pray amen amen great thank you so much blessing our key text is coming from Leviticus chapter 18 chapter 19 verse 18 if I could ask you to read that and I'll invite both of you to give me your overview thoughts on the blueprint for a better world this 18 thou shalt not take avenge not be any grudge against the children of thy people but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself I am the Lord yes this is a very interesting text and as we are looking at the blueprint for a better world there are three things that I noted on this piece of scripture firstly the Lord is warning us against taking vengeance and taking vengeance the spirit where you want to revenge you know you have a spirit of retaliation secondly bearing grudges you know keeping a record of wrongs and trying to say during lines between people and then thirdly the Lord is also saying you shall love your neighbor as yourself you know God is giving us a standard or the measure or the benchmark and in which we must do everything you know he's taking a benchmark of the love that we do unto ourselves mm-hm the same should be extended to our brethren and then he puts a signature under these three important things it puts the signature lest people who is this yes we're saying this cause stamps by saying I am the Lord so as we are looking at the blueprint one would say what is a blueprint it is a code of a framework which gives us how we should do things in this case I like the picture illustration I hope viewers can actually see it on the screen of the artistic impression of what the author had yeah we have a law that is the foundation and then with the Bible also as a foundation of homes before in societies that's an illustration of what a blueprint is yes so for so for me we're going to look at the laws the regulations the festivals the tides how they were given and how they were going to help us as individuals families organizations church organizations the world at large in order to regulate the relations so that we come out with a better world thank you so much missing that's a beautiful overview and I think you've highlighted quite important points that the laws of God and the basis of the blueprint is applicable at all levels whether from an individual to a family to a community to a nation and to the whole world and that's a powerful point of mentioned they even our social life its legislated in God's blueprint just a complaint you have thoughts and your overview comment on the lesson the blueprint for a better world he's also alluded the word blueprint what it means it means a design plan or original model mm-hmm so which means God had an original plan for the human race and this plan he made sure that he communicated it to the east through the Israelites it was managed to be passed down from one generation to the other and the the underlying theme that we find through and through that blueprint is actually love that's why the memory text end in love your neighbor as yourself mmm-hmm when this plan has been lived according to God's original idea it will all boil down to laughs yes love for him in love for one another mm-hmm actually for him to make sure that this plan is leaved out he gave laws regulations practices to make sure that it's actually accomplished the these these practices and laws they actually are they to make sure that the the the the blueprint is actually accomplished God's original plan now but when you move on through the story of the Bible and God giving out his law we see misery coming into play I mean the lesson is very quick to tell us Exodus chapter 3 verse 7 in fact we've just asked that we read it that quickly and we comment because the Bible is very clear that before long when I think Bruce was the one who mentioned that in the Bible you read from Genesis chapter 1 it doesn't take as many chapters to get into the problems of this creation that we see seen coming in very Elly and Exodus chapter 3 verse 7 says and the Lord said I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt and have heard their cry by a reason of their taskmasters and I know their sorrows I could also just indulge this eight God then tells us what his plan is he says and I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them out of the land into the good land and their Lodge and to a land flowing with milk and honey unto the place of the Canaanites the Hittites the AMA writes and the parasites and B he fights and the jebusites O God is clearly outlining here that God hears when his children pray and he see what they are suffering and and he comes to help and the thoughts you had this is to complain and also invite blessing actually the this scripture comes at a time when the Israelites have been suffering for four hundred years you know God seems to be silent for 400 years when I was studying this I thought to myself 400 years is quite a long time yeah the times when you may feel that God is silent when you bring or something yeah and the lesson is actually saying you must know that he actually sees yes even 400 years yeah of seemingly silence he is not silent he can hear and when he finally yes she begins by outlining his plan for yeah mhm mhm it's gonna be very important for us to understand that God has a plan for each and every one of our solution before we understand that who will come to a point where we think or doesn't care but as long as you know that he's got a plane I'll know that whatever comes to me what am i yeah yeah it's still within his plan yes absolutely very interesting about suspected fish that she's bringing yeah and I like to share with our viewers that we look at the Bible just like we mentioned Bruce mentioning the same aspect coming in quickly yeah you know it's quite interesting that the aspect of bondage begins with sin yes all right and I'm appalled at theologians will talk of liberation theology as emanating from the blacks no it's not about it because the aspect of liberation begins with the for all right right all right and we also see that with this with theme came Bonnie yeah hence liberation becomes a necessary strategy and then as you go you also see now Liberty you know Balaji the children of Israel coming to bondage like she has mentioned 400 years the bondage yeah what is interesting striking about this account that she's given is that yeah liberation is never a thought that comes from been kind okay it is God who so like not God who had yes cry even thought of be liberating themselves but the liberation thought came from God himself yeah I like the NIV version it says the New International Version says I'm concerned which is the third thing yes I've heard you I've seen you I'm concerned yes so we are looking at a God who is not a dazed God we just created the world and let me level to right and left it to run on like one who created a gadget and you know it's zone but God is involved in the affairs of humanity yes and I like the symbols that I used they which are anthropologic which is the aspect of you know the feelings yeah yes yes the same the senses coming in it shows that God is really connected to us yeah in love like she mentioned innocently yes but you see one of the things I found about the concept of liberation as Africans I think we can identify with this yeah cuz it happened in our generation that some of our African countries have been liberated see I'm using the word court because because some of those states have become worse than they were during the colonial era and that's a debate we can have another day mm-hmm of course you do not get us saved but when God had liberation in mind for his people then I like the concept the lesson brings up that says he did not want to save them into destitution yes that's true he was bringing them into a better land and better prosperity all right and better social structures justice and mercy and peace and all the good things that you can think of and he even says on verse 21 of the same chapter we read and this is for me was it was a really knock out lunch and that's why I love God and it says I will give this people favor in the sense of the word the Egyptians and it shall come to pass that when you go you shall not go and so God promises provision so I would like to believe God says renew Sigma Fest or when you allow me to serve you I will not leave you destitute thank you prepared to go back to the years remember the wondered is they were busy working absolutely offices yeah he says those yes I'm still going to compensate yeah but in reality that she's talking about yeah if you read verse 16 says go and gather the elders of Israel together and say unto them the Lord God of your father's you know is talking about a relationship to you and he talks about the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob you know it talks about the Covenant relationship that was interesting to note that you know God is all-encompassing absolutely now so he saves them but we see very quickly as he saves them in Exodus chapter 20 he says because I am the god that's Exodus chapter 20 verse 1 this is really reference that I want us to talk about what he then expects from them just this one this one and God spake all this would say yes 3 verse 2 I am THE LORD thy God which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt AVO out of the house of bondage yeah so God gives rose to those he has saved mm-hmm I could just end it today and this debate about whether the law is crucified is nailed on the cross I was supposed to be under the law hey viewers out there the law was given when they were saved and that I just want to underpin it these laws and this blueprints you're talking about they are only for those we have a covenant relationship so give me your thoughts about the 10 commandments and the rationale why God summarizes his Constitution in 10 Universal but very deep impactful principles the first four they address the love of me of men for God and in the last six love of me for one another mmm you loving your neighbor as yourself that's why Christ actually summarizes it yeah and says that on this tree just hang all the law takes us to the relationship that we're talking about between counting us yes the underlying theme is actually love we will keep the commandments simply because of our love absolutely not because of any other reason yeah but because it's a response come as to him absolutely love this face absolutely no it's a response actually to the deliverance yes but God did like you mentioned salvation thank you for those very beautiful points and for me I would call our viewers in our listeners to this spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law all right so that we really have can we really we can have an appreciation of the essence of the law in the 21st century now the first thing that the law brings to us is coming from God directly to himself since we are talking about a blueprint it means there's law is still relevant because these are guidelines like she mentioned early on that we enshrined in the Hebrew culture itself so what was the Hebrew culture true yes now they we are reading thou shalt not have any other gods before me why because you're delivered yes God the the first law for me speaks about the the supreme thing in our in our lives what should reign supreme is God himself yes the second one thou shalt have a graven image you know we we as individuals now run by certain ideologies philosophies you know and guidelines that are formulated by humanity yeah but alone the wealth guidance wealth money and uncertain policies that are formulated by mankind so what is saying what should reign supreme is him and his guidelines and thirdly he says you know thou shalt not bow down on on these you should not worship them all right and then if you want to look at what should drive the life of humanity it is what God has enshrined in his words not anything else apart from that and then he says thou shalt not name the name of the Lord in vain this is a principle for me which speaks of living a life that is true that is pure if that is no hypocrisy yes it's a blueprint were talking about for a better world and then the fourth one talks about family relations honor your father and your mother yeah this is respecting the social structure that is day you know respecting sister yes that's a fifth one yeah the systems that are they all right and then we go to this Sabbath for me this summer to discuss you can you know you're putting the Sabbath on on the fifth the fourth the Sabbath is the fourth the fourth command is let's just say the first four four one is the Sabbath yes before I speak of the fourth one is the Sabbath says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy you know what I want to put our cross is the spirit of observing the Sabbath if they even say six days thou shalt labor and do all all your all your work but I wanted to bring in the aspect of the being because in the the slave the foreigner the whatever you should be liberated yes they should be liberated even the animals they should enjoy their liberty all right but this was a day way people were supposed to express themselves yeah I mean be free you look at the other the other laws that follow thou shalt not kill it's you know it's a spirit in which you manage your relationships without MV going to a memory without ending the life of anything so in any practice that that that tends to shorten life yes God says I don't like it yes I don't like it in any system way you are quite envious you don't like it – or not commit adultery thou shalt not steal let me not get a land share out of this but the spirits already but but justifiably so because we now have a world that makes these laws redundant yeah and we have legislators who are trying to solve the consequences of breaking God's law HIV for example God give a solution to it on verse 14 in five words thou shalt not commit adultery if we can sort out the immorality that comes with all these practices of having sex outside the marriage we are dealing with a lot of our social and health problems in fact we may be tempted to look at the Ten Commandments it's just brief statements yeah they have broader deeper meaning yeah so then then what the eye can see absolute for instance and if we look at – or not maeda mmm like we have said it encompasses all acts of injustice that can shorten life actually my favorite writer she actually says our thoughts our motivations and even failure to do things we know we should can break the law of without even asking anything but just omitting to do what you do we have broken it the sins of omission exactly now let me move on and cover another sect of the laws that God gave I'm going to cover the one on slaves widows fatherless and the foreigners I'll ask you guys to also look at the other laws that covered the second typing and also the year of Jubilee I want us to cover those very quickly because our time is moving very but let's look at the other laws that God gave mm-hmm about slaves about widows the fatherless and the foreigners there's one underlying word or phrase that God used in Exodus chapter 23 verse 9 which really best the bubble of many of the social problems we're seeing we live in South Africa for viewers we're recording this and coming to you from South Africa what the country which the world now knows as the rape capital of the world there are more women raped in this country than any way in the world and a country that's reeling from some of the the worst crimes against humanity I'm not gonna talk about our fate but I'm going to talk about the modern challenge that God addresses which is xenophobia now listen to what God says in verse 9 he says and thou shalt not sons like the Ten Commandments thou shalt not oppress a stranger mm-hmm for you know the heart of a stranger seeing us strangers in the land of Egypt I want to couple that with chapter 22 verse 21 which says thou shalt not thou shall made the vex this one no longer says oppressors now says VAX a stranger no oppress him for you were strangers in the land of Egypt can I also just couple that with Leviticus Leviticus chapter 19 verse 53 which says here and if a stranger sojourn with V in your land you shall not vex him verse 34 but the stranger that dwells with you this is a foreigner now all right shall be unto you as one born among you you must be a citizen I'm talking of more than language here he is not a foreigner all right he said he supposed to be treated as a one day and you shall love him as yourself they comes that word you also mentioned love for for us strangers in the land of Egypt and I am the Lord your God so it is very clear here that God has put laws to protect those who are out of their comfort zones and out of a country where they have resources and means of production and they have a livelihood and relationships that protected them from poverty from suffering and in God says when they move out of their place to any other country for whatever reason whether it's war where there's the collapse of that economy or whether it's opportunities to to grow up in a more developed part of the world the citizens of that country where this foreigner comes you know this this this poor person comes in must respect their rights to exist and live and work and make a living in that country let me stop there not take the lion's share like when you study that the subjects deeper you find that and an average Israelite if you really followed the laws of living that were given to them they would find themselves giving up to twenty five percent of what they am yes now we find that the first ten percent we all know that it belongs to God it's the first type and then this second type of put it in coats because it doesn't necessarily have to be the same amount is the tithe yeah but it's it's supposed to be this amount that is dedicated to the poor and the needy hmm in your salary in whatever income you have yes you must make sure that there is that portion for the needy for those poor people that need do you your health that's why God even came up with the system of making sure that the poor can access food in a dignified way yes practices like the cleaning of the leftovers of the fields exactly yeah absolutely blessing new comment ceiling boots I'll start with the aspect of the tie thing I'll go to Deuteronomy chapter 14 and verse 22 going downwards thou shall truly tied all the increase of thy seed that the field bring it forth year by year and thou shalt eat before the LORD thy God in the place which he shall choose to place his name there the title bicorn of a wine of the oil hold a firstlings of the heads of the flocks and are thou mayst learn to fear the Lord thy God always and if the way be too long for thee so that thou has not able to carry it or if the place be too far from thee which the LORD thy God shall choose to set his name day mm-hmm when the LORD thy God hath blessed thee thou shalt turn it into man all right and bind up the money in thy hand thou shalt going to the place which the LORD thy God shall choose you know shall bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusted after foremost an for sheep wine for strong drink of whatever the soul desired and thou shalt eat before the Lord thy God when thou shalt rejoice thou and thine household verse 27 and the Levite that is within thy gates thou shall not forsake him for he had no part no inheritance with thee so you find that the second tithe and the use is actually given in the system that I want to call to attention because I knitted by certain religious sects even including amongst Adventists themselves because these are verses that are really read in churches as if they don't exist in Scripture actually all that was given in in scripture of how we must manage our tithing system yeah our tithing system there's a portion that must be eated before the the the Lord you speak I read without I found there's a little bit of too much lacks what was the what was the mystique I understand it must be given to the Lord it belongs to the Lord yes the Levites if you read numbers chapter 18 verse 21 it outlines that yeah but there's a system where the chicks presence and God's compassion should be seen in how we celebrate in the house of the Lord yes even in our household if would give then would call the Levite those were underprivileged yeah we are talking about the less privileged here so the church must have a system where the offerings are then brought and sure a poor the less privileged must yearn for this Sabbath you see we are going to cheat so when you see the bracelet yes the system that has been you know obliterated I don't know how why but the Bible is clear about it I wish our pastors our theologians can come to this issue and revisit it issue that means properly visit because why would we select the tenth percent which belongs to God which in our modern day goes into the church coffers and then it's distributed globally for mission work but what happens to the other type which is the second type which is the one that the Bible outlines very clearly how is it that is a church we are silent on this mmm-hmm and I think this is a discussion perhaps of viewers and our leaders out there could have and see what was God's intention and how can we apply it in our day and our time is rushing quickly and I want us to finish with a very powerful concept or law that God gave which is the year of Jubilee yes yeah this is a year that's yeah I know you know it's enshrined in Leviticus chapter 25 one viewers and listeners yeah and we are very interesting things maybe let me read and the Lord spoke unto Moses in the mount saying speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them when you come to the land which I give you then shall the land keep a Sabbath uh-huh so if you read from this one to verse 6 it talks about the Sabbath what is interesting is also if you link that to other species of scripture you know they they on the seventh year also a Hebrew servant was supposed to be liberated and also debts were supposed to be canceled this is another aspect that we may want to discuss but this 8 it says in this whole num – odd number the seven sevens of Sabbath Sabbath of years unto thee seven times seven years and dispersed the Sabbath of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years and best night and that's what caused the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month and in the day of atonement I shall make the trumpet sound throughout the year you know so 7/7 we just seven years times seven takes us to seven seven seven years and the fiftieth year was the year of Jubilee let me outline the significance of the year of Jubilee for me if you read certain verses they that follow like verse 23 says the Lord verse 10 maybe let me read it this the stem and ye shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim Liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof it shall be Jubilee unto you and ye shall return every man unto his possession and he shall return every man unto his family all right you see there was a land way number one there was restitution there was liberation of the slaves and the land question that we are grappling even as a church what about the land question the bank was not silent about a lead question it is the Lord who owns the land Gordon to Leviticus chapter 19 verse 23 yeah and people on the fruits that emanate from the land they eat out of their ears the land belongs to the Lord but however he said people in certain regions of lenss these according to Scripture they were supposed to be reinstituted all right and they are supposed to be taken back to the opposition this is an economic system where the year of Jubilee was recalibration of the social system as the needy were eliminated they would go back to their source of capital yes so my self-centered very selfish and they're perpetuating poverty yeah you know in fact we'll never win the war against poverty that the global institutions are fighting against as long as we use sawfish systems of amassing our wealth and plundering certain regions to grow and develop other regions it's not gonna work and when I'm saying plunder and didn't this includes all levels of wave movement of money and resources happens and there's no return of that investment to where the resources are coming from Africa for example what is happening to Africa one one leader said the United Nation I think the Africa Union leader to the to the UN or the US aid Africa does not need the world to grow but I also had someone say you know what our minerals are in the ground we don't have the technology to mind them and that's where we are being fixed and so we might as well just play football on those grounds where the minerals are I like but we've got every every mineral we'll need to support our land yields we have weather systems that allow us to harvest three times or four times a year yes so we should even be talking about poverty in our country and yet that land through our Chiefs our government in our administrators yes has not been given back people who yeah so so we have what it takes but we've become so heavenly minded that we've forgotten our business here on earth based on what the Lord gave us look our time is up but I want you to give us your thoughts the remaining special thoughts you have other things we discussed today again with the aspect of the year of Jubilee we see a God who who plans ahead mmm the reason why the lien was supposed to be given back the Bible says that it's because he saw that some of them might get so desperate so he he comes up with a system that will protect live protect that land for them because God's regulations were aimed at its social equality yeah yeah so if your father made some blunder sells the land yes you have an opportunity to go slow still getting it back wonderful thank you so much for the beautiful lesson indeed we will just ran out of time out there so thanks to our viewers out there so we see God had a law to protect your investment my investment our health and our social structure and especially to deal with with populations that are vulnerable the poor those who are foreigners those who are destitute and the widows to be protected under his law thank you so much for taking time to be with us all invite blessing to pray for us as we close shall we pray dear father in heaven thank you for giving us a blueprint which is anchored in your word being loved and your messy thank you for showing us that if we live according to your word there will be no one who will be crying foul even on our society yes thank you for making provision for everyone even for restitution of eternal life that we lost in Eden thank you for Jesus Christ and the redemption that he gave in Jesus name we pray amen amen thank you for taking time to listen to this message brought to you by Mel V video productions a divine voice out of Africa for more simmons please join us on youtube at Mel V video productions or you can visit us on our website at wwlp.com thank you again and god bless you

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  1. You have touched on very crucial points. Second tithing. We return to the church but neglect the poor; when God’s commandments hang on loving God and loving others. Land issue and foreigners. No one owns land as it belongs to God. According to Psalms 24:1, the earth and its fullness is the Lord’s. If everyone understood this and adhered to God’s blueprint there would not be land disputes, xenophobia, oppression and ill treatment of foreigners like what is being done to foreigners in South Africa, Libya and Saudi Arabia only to mention a few. To those who are facing injustice, oppression and ill treatment God’s word is reassuring because he says he will hear your cries just the way he heard the cries of the children of Israel. He freed them to a land full of milk and honey and he compensated them for all those years they were in slavery. To the oppressors God is watching and he will take vengeance. So to the flourishing countries and their citizens I say treat the foreigners in your lands well lest God’s anger be turned on you and you’ll lose everything.

  2. First five, define our relationship with God. We get our life from our parents who got it in the beginning from God. Five laws on your left hand 🤚 define our relationship with God, the five on the right hand 🖐 define. Our relationship with our fellow man.

  3. It is the spirit of Cain, to want to get even with your fellow man, your family members, brothers and sisters, and even with God, for wrongs that you feel were done to you. It is the spirit of Satan.

  4. Thank you for the in-depth lesson study. I'm growing spiritually every week.
    I'm sorry to speak out of turn. Could you find a brighter spot in the room, that will brighten the presenters' faces. I've noticed, since are dark skinned, its difficult to make out their faces. The table and all the pieces of furniture are black.
    I hope I'm not hurting anyone by saying this.

  5. Thank you for the lesson review. I have read through Deuteronomy but i had never looked at it as it was tabled.

    Most church members do indeed lack the knowledge of that explanation and i thank the Lord for allowing this aspect to be tabled in such a clear manner and my prayer is that as the church discusses this lesson on Sabbath, all will understand it and live by the instructions of God.

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