37 thoughts on “Lesson 16: Where Are You From?”

  1. I am an English student and I want to make friends with people who speak English to help me improve. I'm from Angola

    If possible leave your profiles of facebook, watsapp or other social network and I add you
    Please help me

  2. Does anyone know which page to make friends with Americans to exchange and speak in English without people, I want to learn someone who talks back to speak quickly, I really want to talk to all foreigners to exchange capital vocabulary and how to communicate with native people everyday. everyone who knows only helps me, thank you very much. I am currently studying in topica native but I have not heard what the natives say, everyone .

  3. I'm yves, from DRC ( congo ) , thank's for videos, it is helping to practice and improuve my english. Thank's a lot.

  4. I'm abdalla hussein i'm from somali but live in kampala capital city of uganda
    I very like to tearn english

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