24 thoughts on “LESSON 1: Simple Introduction to the Arduino”

  1. Thanks, you made me want to learn more. Excellent first lesson. Ordered a Arduino Uno, can't wait !

  2. is there an individual parts list somewhere? I have access to getting individual parts easily, so it would be great if there was a list I could just take down to the shop and pick up all the specific resistors, motors, etc that the whole video series will use. thanks!

  3. Say I want to build my own walkman that plays wma files, has a 5" oled color screen (not touchscreen)and a few control inputs via switch of some kind to switch files, turn it off etc…. How would I go about doing that for the least cost with good parts?

  4. Paul, I am concerned about you. My wife's boss had a raspy cough like you display here. After she pestered him for a year to see a doctor, the doctors found a tumor the size of a mans fist growing on his windpipe (trachea). Unless you had a common cold when you recorded this, please have it checked out please!

  5. Just got into Arduino and have done a lot of YouTubing but yours has been the most explained and I understand the meanings of each thing mostly int I was so confused. Also saying digitalwrite meaning sending 5v helped me understand. Thank you

  6. I’m truly grateful maestro . I will like to meet you one day . Trying to get noticed by darpa . I’m trying to build a machine to stop tornados and hurricanes

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