Lesson 1: How to play amazing boogie woogie piano

welcome to dr. K's boogie-woogie lesson number one and today we're going to focus on the foundational aspects of googly-moogly which lies in on the left hand now many piano players when they try and play good movie they get very very fancy with the right hand but if the look at the rhythmic aspects of the right of the left hand aren't there you really haven't got very good boogie-woogie so we're going to look at a very very simple that effective boogie with your left hand and I call it the C and G Chop so let's get straight down into it you get your fifth finger you put it on C you get your second finger you put it on G and you go like this very very simple make sure it swings just keep going then you go up to the edge sweet all the time see Nagi then the G and that's the essence of the booty wig lesson I'm teaching you today now we'll go on in the next video to a more complicated left hand but what I suggest you do is to practice that left hand for an hour a day all week so it's really really built into your muscle memory and I'll play a boogie woogie now to finish to show you how it would all combine to produce a good piece of boogie woogie so here we go

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  1. I am a harpist yet I would lob off an arm to here Brendan play a Boogie Woogie version of Music Box Dancer. Fingers crossed.

  2. ho comprato un piano grazie al tuo video. la lezione .1 è ok , ora passo alla 2° speriamo bene. grazie

  3. After just a few minutes of pounding out the left hand in practice my hand was quite fatigued. Is it easier to play boogie woogie on an electric keyboard where the keys depress easier than on the weight of a piano? As with any "weight lifting" I realize it just takes time to build up strength and endurance.

  4. i used my allowance to pay for piano lessons when i was 9 if the person i paid had taught me this instead of making me play songs that were written a thousand years ago i probably would have actually learned to play piano

  5. Thats the "Blues-Schema" we learned in school 25 years ago. Tonic-Dominant-Subdominant-Tonic… anyone can do within 5mins.. – the main problem comes with some "melodys" and right hand then I guess 😉

  6. So six years ago you could easily find the middle C on the keyboard without any help. 🙂 Theses days it's not that easy.

  7. I think it’s really cool that you put these one YouTube and made them accessible to everyone. Props to you my dude 👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Brendan, what do you think about playing boogie-woogie on the guitar?

  9. I just watched your video with the senior citizen who swept away after your playful session on the piano. My father always wanted me to play rag time piano which I never really mastered but spent many hours fiddling with. I turned out to be a classical singer and am still very active professionally at 73 . . . keep making music with joy!!! Richard Fey, San Francisco

  10. im 40 years old and always wanted to learn how to play a keyboard .. .this will be a start .. you gained a sub !!

  11. i Tried this, and can do the left hand part- but how do you get your right and left hands to work independently from each other? every time i play a part with my left hand my right hand wants to do the same thing.. do you have some lessons for absolute beginners?

  12. Ive never been a piano fan, then I stumbled across one of Dr k's videos and boogie woogie, I subscribed and find myself watching the vids every night and have found myself getting less and less hours kip before work as time just flys watch the videos.
    Great playing Dr k, makes me wish I could play.

  13. Brett, I am 70 years of age, I have been wanting to play a piano since I was in my 20s. Thanks to your inspiration, I am bringing my hardly used keyboard out to make a final attempt to learn how to get life from it. It'll be a do or die effort, whichever comes first!

  14. Starting my boogie woogie today. I will check back in periodically. Dustin' off the practice piano. Thank you so much.

  15. Hello saudações Amor graças 💖🙏🌹 Ótimo vídeo 👍🇧🇷🙌 um belíssimo abençoado final de semana beijos com carinho 😘 Love

  16. WOW!! Only 3 minutes and i'm hooked..LOVE IT MATE..I'll give it a go. Thank you for doing these little clips..Cheers

  17. Hey. I'm from Russia. My name is Fedor. I am studying your course. I decided to share with you my result.

  18. I've picked up playing the piano this past August and have been searching for "my genre", the right genre of music I want to put real effort and time into learning. Recently I've come across some of your video's, continued to watch more, and found it. Great thanks to you Mr. Kavanagh, I can't wait to get right into learning all I can about playing boogie woogie.

  19. Dr. K: Do you practice this in other keys as well? Or, do you find once you have it in C, it's pretty easy to rinse and repeat in other keys, even ones with lots of black keys ("speed bumps," as Billy Joel calls them), such as Gb?

  20. Oh my. How your dialect sounds so different to the videos in the train station lol

    What a master of the piano ! Best wishes and success from a new fan of yours.

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