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volume II, world masterpiece
les misérable
Jean Valjean
He makes a living for sister and seven nephews. He steals bread from a shop because he was too hungry, He goes to jail for 19 years because of that.
He’s a detective who’s obsessed with catching Jean Valjean for the rest of his life.
He’s a man who’s crafty enough to use his son for money. Cosette
He admires and relies on Jean Valjean for helping him get away from Thenardier.
As a lover of Cosette, he participates in a war for the country. One day in the fall of 1815, a shabby-looking man appeared in a small town in France. A restaurant Oh, hello.
Can we stay overnight after dinner? The owner of the restaurant glanced at a stranger and called for an errand boy.
Go to the town hall and get the wallpaper.
Yeah. Hum I’m hungry. Are you far?
It’s almost ready. Just give me a second. a moment later
Mister Here. Yes, I knew it! I’m sorry, but please leave. I can’t sell you food or give you a bed.
I’ll pay for it. It’s not about the money. Then why are you doing this? Is there no room? I’m fine with a barn or stables. No, I can’t. I’m not sure I’m going anywhere. Please let me stay for one night. Please, please.
I said no! Why the hell not? This is why! Jean Valjean, out of prison in 19 years! The man left the restaurant without a word with his bag.
A restaurant I’ve been out of the world for 19 years, and I have nowhere to eat. The man’s name is Jean Valjean. He was born in a small town near Paris. Jean Valjean, who lost his parents early, lived in his married sister’s house, but when he turned into twenty-five years old, her husband died of illness.
I have seven children to bring up, and I can not imagine how I will survive in the future.
Don’t worry, sister. You’ve been looking after me for a while, and I’ll take care of my nephews from now on. one winter night My nephews are crying because they’re hungry, and there’s even no piece of bread in the house. It’s a thief! Get the thief! Freeze! Jean Valjean got caught and taken to the police station.
What were you trying to steal?
Just a piece of bread because I was too hungry… You’re lying! I’m sure you were up to something else! In the end, Jean Valjean had to go to jail to steal a piece of bread.
You’re gonna live in prison for five years! He was just thinking about getting out of jail.
I have to get out of here before nephews starve to death. He was caught trying to escape,
Get down! I was caught trying to escape a few more times and I had to stay in prison for 19 years.
19 years in prison for stealing a piece of bread… At one point, Jean Valjean got up and started studying.
I will study hard and later I will revenge on the society that made me like this! Jean Valjean was out of prison in 19 years, but he couldn’t find a place to eat or stay because of his identity as an ex-convict. No, you’re gonna sleep here?
Yeah, I don’t think I deserve a place to sleep. No! It’s too cold in the weather. Come on, go to the inn. Just go away. The inn doesn’t let an ex-convict like me be a customer!
Oh, I guess you don’t have enough money. Then go to that house.
Can you tell me what else can happen? I’m sure they’ll put you up. Who are you? I’m Jean Valjean, who spent 19 years in prison and was released four days ago. A lady asked me to go here, so I came. I’ll give you enough money…
Just come inside. I’m a criminal who just got out of prison.
It doesn’t matter. Come here and warm yourself up. The priest had the maid light two silver candlesticks on the table.
I-Is that true? Are you gonna put me up?
After dinner, I will prepare a bed for you. I am Bishop Myriel. And you are my brother who came to this house. It’s my job to take care of my brothers. The bishop brought out a silver bowl that only used to host precious guests.
Thank you for the good food you’ve provided. Amen.
Amen. Jean Valjean enjoyed delicious food. The bishop led Jean Valjean to a room with a good bed.
You’ll be tired. Get enough rest tonight.
Goodnight, Father. Jean Valjean fell asleep, but woke up shortly after. He tried to sleep again, but he couldn’t sleep easily. If I had sold that silverware, it would be more than two hundred francs. Father! The silverware is gone!
The man who came yesterday is gone too. He must have stolen it!
You don’t have to make a fuss. Just then, three cops showed up holding Jean Valjean.
Father, as he seemed suspicious, I looked in his bag.
Welcome back. Why did you leave the silver candlestick? What? I asked you to take the silver candlestick as well. Well, take this. Oh, I thought he stole the silverware.
You have misunderstood. I gave it to him. I thought I was going to stay in prison until I die…
When the police left, Jean Valjean sat down with a flop. The bishop held Jean Valjean’s hands warmly.
Go on, and be an honest and upright man who can give love.

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