LEOPARDS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

Sleek and powerful leopards are wonderful big
cats Leopards are wild animals the live in
Africa and parts of Asia. They have cream and gold fur with black spots. Their spots make great camouflage for hiding in
trees and sneaking up on prey. The leopards tails are almost as long as
their bodies. Their tails help with balance and are
great for quick turns Whoosh. Leopards are the smallest the four big cats which include Lions Tigers and Jaguars But they are much bigger than a regular house cat the like the other big cats they have a great roar. ROAR. Leopards can do many things they can run
fast the great swimmers and climbers. And
they’re the best jumpers. During the day leopards like to rest I in a tree here on a warm rock and at night you know week. This makes them a
nocturnal animal. Leopards also prefer to be alone they spend most of their life without any friends Poor lonely Leopard. to see more amazing animals and sure to subscribe the

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