LEGO Education WeDo in FIRST LEGO League Jr.

This video is about using WeDo in FIRST LEGO League Jr. The LEGO Education WeDo set is what you will use
to build and program the motorized part of your model. You will also need a compatable tablet or computer
to run the WeDo software. If you are not familiar with WeDo,
use the getting started projects for guidance. They will take you and your team step-by-step
through the learning process. As your team develops their model, think about what part of your
solution you want to make move to show off your ideas. WeDo has an easy to learn, easy to use
icon based programming language. Your use of WeDo in the model can be as simple
or advanced as you are comfortable with. The more comfortable you and your kids feel with the WeDo set,
the more creative the team sessions will be. Key points to remember: Use the getting started projects to help familiarize
yourself with the set. Don’t be afraid to let the kids try it.
No time spent playing with WeDo is wasted time. Encourage all children to be part of the building
and programming experience. Don’t let one child dominate. If you need some additional resources, you can look at
the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 teacher’s guide for help.

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