Legendary Old Football Skills Show – Ronaldo,Dinho,Totti,Henry,,Kaka,Zidane & more! | HD

30 thoughts on “Legendary Old Football Skills Show – Ronaldo,Dinho,Totti,Henry,,Kaka,Zidane & more! | HD”

  1. You're not see every shot from those legend players. I accepted old gen soccer shirt very classic to majory

  2. Original Ronaldo the first modern striker ! Zidane with tge pirouttes and stepovers ,totti ,pirlo, alessandro del piero , rivaldo .ronaldinho .berckamp .
    David seaman .i miss those days when u had a world cup .or champions league .tge hearts would be in tge throats of people .tge world was also much simpler and a little innocent . Anyways its put a smile on my face seeing ronaldo with his stepovers and mad accelaration .and of course zidane and his flying kick ball control .man miss those days !!! Peace Love and respect to all the kids who saw del piero and zidane & pirlo playing bfo they became managers hahaaa lol

  3. Del Piero dribblings and free kicks,just amazing,Henry Baggio and Zidane too,its difficult to choose here!

  4. Kasihan pemain sombong tapi tidak menjadi legenda yakni ibrahimovick.
    Bisanya menghina dan melecehkan.
    Cr7 yg terbaik diantaranya.

  5. Back then too every team got good and classic players..this era is only messi and C.ronaldo i will consider neymar but he childish in the field of play…he doesnt get serious at times..lets take it back to this 2018 world cup ..brazil could have made it to finals ..if neymar was serious….i like the olden days of football..where there was no team u call lowest..even nottigham forest could win championship league not..now they shouldnt even dream of it..wack footballers of nowadays…they only care not for the passion of the game..so they dont work hard to make them selves best..so always it ronaldo and messi winning most and precious awards in football like the worldbest ..ballon' dor.etc

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