14 thoughts on “Learning”

  1. Jane Goodall…is one of the FEW true hero's to ever walk the earth.
    she has spent her live preserving life and preserving the planet.

  2. There sure are a lot of what I call a primate NATZI. Primate natzi's like Jane goodnot (goodalll) whio believe that primates only belong in the wild. Well primates have not been doing to good in the wild. Infact Jane goodnot has been rehabilitating and releasing chimpanzees since the 1960's and it has not been working their numbers have been decreasing a rapidly. If chimpanzees and all primates were breed as pets there would be millions of them not thousands. SO ULTIMATELY THESE PRIMATE NATZIS ARE GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE THERE EXTINCTION, except for the few that will be in zoos. SO FUCK OFF CHIMP NATZI'S YOU FACISTS PIECES OF SHIT. Let people have them as pets. People with the wherewithal to take care of them when they get big.There is no reason why chimpanzees shouldn't be domesticated like dogs and cats. people say it is way too dangerous to own one, okay then it is way to dangerous to own a dog then because I guarantee you there are a lot more cases where dog have killed people then there are chimpanzees.

  3. Very cute babies they very smart little babies learn very quick from their mommy Bless you all thanks .

  4. Jane Goodall "we have been destroying the planet for several hundreds of years" while she flies in her private jet using more gas than a SUV uses in 10 years. The only thing destroying the planet are evil governments not all people only 1 percent of the population abuses the land.

  5. If Jane goodall cared so much about the survival of chimps she would not castrate them and stick them on island. Chimps should be genetically modified so they stay small and cute and be bred as pets there would millions of them not 80,000.

  6. I find it amazing that she can sit amongst the chimps n they don't harm her. After all she IS Jane Goodall. 🙂

  7. I don't know about being proud to be an ape, but I sure am ashamed to be a human. Humans are a joke, we all know it. If only humans would go extinct.

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