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oh whoa you see squirrels comedy is a delicate and complex practice that covers a wide variety of tastes and genres all of which have a shared service to turn a frown upside down oh yes let's start at the beginning it's believed one of the first recorded jokes originated in ancient Egypt Oh woof woof woof from ancient Egypt comedy developed through various forms such as pictures of course cinema where one of the great silent comedians was Stan Lee squeak here's a clip from one of his classic silly shorts I thought comedy was supposed to be funny oh you're right dougie different people who find different things funny well I know what I find funny that's right dougie the water we drink starts in the sea no tag it's not ready to drink yet well first the Sun has to do its job when the Sun hits the sea little drops of it go up and up into the sky and can you guess what they tell you do you drink a Clow Snuggie you're right time but after a while the clouds can't hold the little droplets in anymore so they have to let them go back down yes happy the ring lands on the water gently flows along until it reaches well in a sense you're right Roley you see the targets Wow water is amazing yeah what are those your pond is full of Wrigley raisins dougie they're not Wrigley raisins door air oh oh they're babies that's right they're called tadpoles are tadpoles baby worms no baby fish baby snails No not quite squiggles tadpoles are in fact baby fruits they don't look like Oh sound like frog are you sure dougie oh oh yes Doug is quite sure skittles he's got his tadpole badge oh well it says here the tadpoles don't look like frogs at first but then they grow arms and legs turn green and finally they hop out of the water a fully grown frog I know we didn't believe it either yes I that's not gonna happen I'm gonna stay like this forever it says here yoga thumbs Aleksey whoa legs are extremely useful so not going to happen we plants its nature it says here you are going to turn green and spotty next spot listening you're doing very well what is it now when did they start sounding like oh about now oh they're all growing up what happens let's Betty they leave the pond so you will be the planets so off and Dougie will be the son oh the son yes tag the Sun is a star burning brightly at the center of our solar system your mercury the closest planet to the Sun is Venus the hottest planet of war not air is earth tag is Mars your Jupiter bled him bigger than Jupiter is huge then the Saturn Uranus Neptune and there's even a dwarf planet called Pluto and they all spin around the Sun the whole thing is called the solar system I wish I could go into space yeah that would be fun but all these planets some millions of miles away pottery is making something out of clay how do you do duckie Oh the thing is littles you have to be delicate pottery is a bit of an art a woof woof woof yes dougie learned the art of pottery from Hazuki Mara the world-famous pottery poodle the pottery poodle Oh konnichiwa Hazama muster squares have you come to make it up no you have come to make a cup o the craze part of you and you and you are part of the clay you have direct your hands help it to become what it wants to be you must use your heart only then will share its secrets another touch no bandas become at the one very good now all we have to do is put them in a kiln Kim oh well it's a type of oven are we going to eat them goodness you know what they must be hated to become earlier and I still hold the cups why excited now they are calm you may paint them Osteen Ione well happy maybe a little ourselves ah Marashi now the king again the cups are now here let us see what's your heart have discovered it's me riding a unicorn he's called alien my cup is full of birds I like lots of handles because I've got lots of arms I like hugs but I see how you made this with your heart yes like the new cup we made for dougie do you like it Tatsu oh she's always doing that painting can we do some painting to dougie I love these what color should the BB that here what color should it be happy Rowley it's a bit I'm going to pay this orange inside the lines but we don't have any orange paint oh oh that's right you can make colors by mixing other colors together oh so if you mix yellow with red you'll get great they should be purple but how do I make purple Dougy oh by mixing I made what's next what's next [Applause] jelly should be pink how do we make pink woof you just take some red and add quite to make it lighter I'm going to paint it blueberry juice blue is too light oh not a problem happy you just add some black to make it darker let's try with some blue a bit of white oh I say lavender yes ten different colors have all sorts of different names hmm this one's busy sit oh this one's cold spell Zoe unpainted shlump I'm sorry it's marvellous I think other would look lovely in this gorilla needs a big belly King Tiger needs some royal ow splendid [Laughter] when primitive creatures walked the earth huh Oh fuff oh sorry Dougy you're right we should start much further back when the only living creatures were in the sea oh I do like to be beside the seaside and sometimes incredible things like volcanoes oh oh great sand storms oh and then that creature would be stuck for a really really long time oh boy so this was once a little creature well it takes millions of years to turn it into a fossil are there any more fossils oh yes snotty fossils can be made from any creature that lived a really long time ago ones that lived in the sea or ones that crawled out of the sea are you talking about dinosaurs yes Betty dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes a bit like us and right back to two eyes really wet but dry we're I know we're cavemen no roly cave squirrels you

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