Learning Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids | Cars, Trucks, and More!

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Hey Brainiacs, let’s take a trip to the city
to see how many different vehicles we can find! Hey, there’s one. This is an airplane. Airplanes can take us places really quickly. Look, it’s a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons can go way up in the sky, just by using hot air. Cool, check out that nice sports car. Sports cars can go super fast. Uh oh, looks like he was going too fast. Here comes a police car! Oh no, there’s a fire on the other side of town! [Siren sound] Here comes a big red fire truck to help put out the fire. [Siren continues with honking horn] We’d better send an ambulance too, just in case someone is hurt. Here is a backhoe working in the construction site. The backhoe can lift heavy rocks and dig deep holes. Woah, look at that giant dump truck! This is called an ultra class haul truck and it’s one of the biggest vehicles in the world! Let’s review the vehicle names we just learned with some fun toy-sized versions! Here’s the airplane This is the hot air balloon This is a sports car Here is the police car Fire truck Ambulance Backhoe Giant dump truck Good job! Learning about vehicles is so much fun! Thanks for learning with us! As always, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the red button so you won’t miss any of our new videos. And if you’re on a computer, you can click here to watch all of our videos. Thanks for watching Brainiacs. See you next time! [If you found these captions helpful, please let me know in the comments below]

41 thoughts on “Learning Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids | Cars, Trucks, and More!”

  1. Awesome "Learning Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids" video! A briliant work, as always! Keep it up Brain Candy TV! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well done Michael. Super educational – love the animations. Keep them coming……….

  3. Great vehicles video BCTV! I always love your enjoyable animations for children! I love the lambo gallardo as well (its my dream car hehe) ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Nice video ๐Ÿ™‚ … come see my video Car crash games in the Football Stadium – Cars – How to ride – Video for kid – Children's TV Funny : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZsekfjclB8&list=PLE1HTUf57oa8BOk8vftH29qfMYH4VhgcM&index=19

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  6. Hi i am thinking of making learning video's. I would like to know what you use to make these cool CGI vehicles?

    Sincerely Liam.

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