Learning Turkish Cuisine – Gordon Ramsay

I love Turkish food but I've never ever had the chance to cook your property so there's a first time for everything and tonight I'm going back to the floor inside this Turkish question to be a sous chef at the forefront of service so I can't afford any cock-ups Kazan is one of London's finest Turkish restaurants with an incredibly busy dinner service at the moment we've got about 90 booked in I think it's gonna be really busy really tough the busy kitchen is run by head chef asam he is exacting standards and a fiery temper sounds familiar apparently I stand a man not easily impressed it's putting fire with fire really so it could either be a big explosion in there or or they'll get on great hello hi how are you Hassan ooh stir yes chef yes rooster is the boss yes all the starters the desserts are being prepared in advance of service I'm going to learn three classics dolma yeah they're vine leaves and this stuff with her Brice after quickly be showing the intricate technique it's my turn very very difficult roll them nice and tight they're gonna be steamed after but it takes me two minutes to make one door one the chef's here can make one in ten seconds quite sweet I'd love to stay in practice but sheperson have different ideas so inside the filo pastry guard cheese darkness cheese feta cheese baby spinach right this kind making correctly no one can pick these skills up immediately the chef's here take years to perfect their techniques but only have a couple of minutes okay I'm a you're a tough cookie to pleaser astana stayed the hardest for last the traditional dessert but clobber this man is a clever specialist yes it's all he does all day Wow pastry has never been my strong point unrolling it this five takes years to perfect yep just wrong yeah put a little bit on Florida's up yes you with service looming hasn't happened the time for me to make mistakes blimey he's got less patience than me after rolling the sheets as thinly as possible they cut them layered into a baking tin transparent almost see-through it clarified butter is at it it goes in the oven and will be sweetened with syrup and nuts when cooked delicious end of round one next up service

40 thoughts on “Learning Turkish Cuisine – Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Oh so this is turkish , we make these in my country too and we were invaded by the ottoman empire for 500 years so yeah it makes sense

  2. 2 minutes to troll up a dolma… are you fucking kidding me… took me like 15 seconds on my first try ever lol

  3. If you really want to eat the best from Turkish cuisine, you should go inside of a house and want a mother to cook the dishes for you. You would be one step close to heaven..

  4. All these social degenerates in the comments claiming which country the food comes from, am i the only turk who doesn't give a fuck?

  5. That's my dad hasan he has a new resturant long time know it at sheperds bush and the na, e of the resturant is harana yu could go check the place Gordon and for clear direction add my dad Hasan Cevir

  6. I have no problem with where the food was born but I have with one ingredient. Clarified butter? Did the mothers' of those chefs used any clarified butter when they made baklava at home?

  7. Turkish if u Gona claim that the food is your then at least open your reply buttons lol why so scared of facts? If the food is really your?

  8. I'm sorry Gordon your Dolmas were just…too thick. Way too thick. They shoud be as thin, as long and as full as possible!

  9. dolma is not turkish, its Armenian and has roots from India, turkish has no cultural or ethnical cuisine. They all stole from Byzantines and Armenians

  10. Greek or Turkish it doesn't matter just eat what you want to eat jesus. If I'm a customer in a restaurant I'm not going to complain to turks about how it's Greek and that they stole it. I'm going to eat it because thats what you do with food, not claim that it belongs to a specific country -_-

  11. @冨樫カーン
    No. These are Turkish dishes brought by since Ottoman Empire to greeks. They lived under Ottoman Empire culture. This is not Greek dishes.

    Greeting from Japan too :p

  12. Who cares if its Greek or Turkish or Arabic or whatever. Just eat it if you like. Nationalism on food is totally bullshit. I like baklava and would eat the Turkish or Greek one.

  13. Greeks have no shame they Remained under Ottoman Empire for 400 years but they say every turkish foods are greek music instruments too,lol xdexde

  14. Notice how humble Chef Gordon Ramsay is when he is learning something new in someone else's kitchen. They guy is pure class in my opinion.  

  15. As a greek, I can say that after 400 years of ottoman occupation of greece, they ate the same food. ITS JUST FOOD. Over that time, the ottomans influenced the greeks. Enough with this greek hate bullshit. And fellow greeks, please stop claiming most foods and making us look stupid.

  16. I cant really tell the difference between Turkish and Greek food, they all look the same.
    I need to eat them for my self to find out.

  17. Title is misleading, these are Greek dishes. Always have, always will.

    Greetings from Japan.

  18. i'm lebanese and we have all these food except we add a bit more ingredients in our baklawa amazing how related the whole area is here

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