Learning to Skateboard and Ollie in 30 Days with Rachelle Vinberg | Glamour

27 thoughts on “Learning to Skateboard and Ollie in 30 Days with Rachelle Vinberg | Glamour”

  1. What a wonderful video, teaching my wife how to skate , she love your video !! Small victories 🙂 love it !!

  2. Try sliding your front foot up the board when you ollie more. I just landed my first one a couple days ago! Keep trying, and you’ll get it!

  3. Alex is smart. She's got the blue light protection glasses on when sitting in front of the computer. Be smart. Be like Alex.

  4. I remember falling the first time I was learning to kick turn lol, and man I was so scared to go down little downward slopes. My friends really helped a ton.

  5. I dont understand why people keep telling beginners to pop, slide, and THEN jump. especially when they say practice the pop by leaning back. Seems like that will just create layers of bad habits? told my mate to just jump while standing on the board first, and then try to implement a slight pop by extending his back leg and his foot. This way you can practice the timing while having your center of gravity above the board. It instantly looked 10 times better than the typical beginner tail lockdown

    nice progress and love the attitude

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