here on fortnight gonna be hitting on some duo's with Avery and we have one mission on our mind today I reckon we'll get a victory royale or two but the main aim you guys have probably seen the viral clips of it on Twitter but everyone is riding Rockets these days you can shoot one of the pumpkin launcher rockets and you can have your teammate jump on top of it fly across the map kill people while on it hop off get some more kills that's all we're going to try and eat today for a bit of fun it should be good let's get to it and have some fun alrighty let's be going let's be going so I think it's just me right now I think there we go we our average are still in Troy but we're gonna we're gonna get a good start here so well you know you're gonna get the usual gameplay I'm not gonna life I got an 18 kill solo in duo's earlier today earlier today I was playing with one of my school friends and playing oh yeah I was playing – I got 18 kills and I was like this would never happen about streaming sir believe me prove I didn't happen so we didn't jump out at a good time yeah honestly I only have a burst I got it why you revolve so I think I'm set okay nice so they can probably did yeah whatever that coming out gunned down I'm looking for did you put that trap down by the way yeah yeah we're saving for our houses of fun dude I'm sorry how's the fun with with pumpkin rides just pumpkin ride part of the job I don't know I don't know what you're whipping out but uh hahaha let's give it PG at hahaha okay I've got the Rockets now we just need the rocket launcher so many times oh my god we're just gonna shoot our own legs off it's gonna be like okay cuz I'm like I've seen a lot of clips of people doing it and they're always disappointing when they die to the rocket I've only seen beef like to jump off and survive and I'm like that's why I spire to be I so said which if there is four of us we should have jousted oh my goodness what just everyone goes off oh yeah right there yeah okay I'm coming they're like they're like a eyes dude oh be Magnum in the wall do you got on top of the hill dude take it shadi just in case someone sneaks up why he's got a few men are no deer that's what two mates they're north I think someone yeah I heard him inside inside yeah and tagged him once I'm gonna go shotgun him up yeah Matt murder his family oh you showed each others are always trying to break down the matter a revolver is not what I meant to pull out there I'm so awesome what's going on right now yeah scope they are is like my life is a lie at this point I put I accidentally put a pistol in my shotgun that's the worst what you're just like that's I pulled that bandages ones I when I went to get a shotgun someone I was like not what I wanted I think was it just me over to another chest in that fast building I'm not sure I'm gonna go in double Jack you know playing without motion by so nice actually I didn't realize how much he's down sorry people were dude I've been not having production days oh my god like I I've been screwing up all day technology I'm a millennial what can I say people were loving my comment yesterday in your video now this bro I probably haven't laughed that much in the streaming so long if someone went through that entire stream was like pulled out all the quotes that we had yeah I really gave myself a game that people can literally riding because they were like basically it was like it wasn't even like in the border so the worst thing I got on the streams and it's only on YouTube people do this is they all band together and try and troll me like no Mike no audio oh and I'm just like please that's worse when when you actually have an issue and then the boy who cried wolf this is a hot job we cry at night guys we cross all to sleep every night just trying to get a tagged one Oh baby oh my god ah at the semi-auto sniper there are two people okay one dear I see one building I'm just gonna yes onto my left there's another team to my lap he gets stuck behind me oh there's four school there's four teams four times I was bringing your club geez that's what took me so long this is what you did now everyone's like no audio can't hear him yeah for the next minute or so we just have to assume can't hear your mic hysterical I don't know what I'm like I have two guys read the wall to the left there was two teams turn right I downed one but he probably got revived I'm just going on yeah second story kills family thick Oh baby yo motion blur like if that's why you were yeah geez that's why I had to become a redeemer okay so why did everyone else go though I'm sure don't more people on this party oh there there is six I don't know I don't know what it is but the skeleton people they're like no but I don't know what it is but like when I see someone with the skeleton outfit I get terrified hey 36 left get this dub read that rocket we need to get the invitation of stealth can I pick an Avery his team carries Noah so yeah seriously if you drink too slow fees at once do they do you heal 50 or is it like you get 50 BF to wait for the first one to finish 25 but I do stack okay yes oh wait that's not ready oh man okay how can how can so many people be dead but no Rach you want you to be here what is this Dave Rockets are a foreign object that will tell you that much never I've never seen one in my life how to rocket first you put the pumpkin in d2 and then you write it look and hope for the best that would be Africa you could ride your dude it's like just transportation I want to try to hit my direct impact myself with it with my own rocket so like shoot the rocket take a jump ad and then do it if I got the opportunity that's something I would do I will invest time and energy into this yo they haven't moved that team's been there why am i building out of this trust me oh my yeah you got an easy dinner thing easy-easy told you that the way they just ran at me I was like he's these poor fools have no ID and it's like almost an art retreat you know what a good day I'm gonna become a sports commentator right now can you imagine eSports commentating for this game I know AJ camping in a building through the scout now I want to start case again Oh would you look at that let's do back in a noe oh he's climbing a staircase of what a shocker that's passing over to Vic over here and I just be missing a shotgun shells to be honest and your Andre in the trees making weep to leave that was so good that was actually my friend I never knew that you could do that honestly that's actually okay I'm scared that we you get a good tree hop that's that's a window I do window no you're fine I keep looking at people's names like when they kill people or die and I'm like it's slowly turning you to see us go with the names that they have yeah oh like the most messed up names possible or the most sexual name like please stop yo or the rant oh why cuz I'm like a fling he'll never know you're like not gonna be sat staring at least attractive hold on vana I'll be back they're actually gonna be so confused I hope that's the idea and here's where I would shoot my rocket launches if I had them Oh fun fact yesterday I was playing you dis track hit in my stream behind you nice and fun right you ever been on you do it's like in front here I pass you that's why he was behind you whoever wins dies getting back easy wins wait there's one more guy Oh what I was gonna either way 9 kills oh yeah 10 health as well I was gonna die either way today is your day oh yeah alright let's warm up a warm-up game no rock is no fun no fun wait I got my pistol killed I'm so excited let's go I think I'm glad I heard that you should just build a ramp in just shock and whenever I see explosions I just build ramps yeah I need to get into the habit of just panic building more I'm really slow oh dude I do this leg it's like the ramp push I just keep placing ramps left right middle and like do doubles like and then it's like you know the game we're like you have to find out what the ball is under the three cups because you're a busy boy then I just like literally keep building but leap off the little look ramp so they think I'm going up top and I shot them in the face I'm like yeah it's such a waste of materials but it's fun I'm actually pretty mad about my back that spa see some money come with me look up look northeast I am King dingo bow down to chart good thanks look at this guy trying to join in you ain't flamingo right yeah boy my boy the amount of flamingo facts that I read yesterday was very educational that oh my God thank you thank God I didn't drop out of school because I would have never learn those omegas we didn't drop out of school but dropped out of the battle bus it's good got him by the way happy birthday to him you dance if you didn't know it's Vic's birthday celebrate I could sing to you look toned down I don't even do it anyway hey landing on this chimney can you take falling down can you fall down no died land them away bard a bit like the trim literally it just it's somehow is I enough where it doesn't damage you oh you know protests uh-huh boy that that's been my spot for so like this areas when my spot was so long ago this I know every oh my god you want to go now far I could build a ramp I'll tell you I'm your man it takes me to the building three things in ramp Heights even in real life oh yeah it's about it's about freer answer you know that a lot of fortnight man a lot of foreign height maybe like sell shield shipment we ordered like three days ago it's coming through well I hate I hate when it's just you know economy delivery standard shipping slip worried I mean Amazon Prime they got it right did you attack the little power pylons yes there is not much do you need three around well you know what last time I try to help you that he's got everything I read no is comment and someone was like you're so annoying you don't like I don't know what if you like this rear end or if you don't you keep like god damn this guy out I just wanted to comment it's actually terrible I got a I just got my double shield so I think we're ready for a way or I not a win a rocket I wrong yeah that's where has people at what house can you bear with me a sec I'll just quickly leave this house I can try but you know me I just die off SATs semi-auto so all right so there's a guy was I'm just gonna try come on no chest could have the rocket launcher so I'm holding out for here don't we Jack my kill I don't stab your family is the way possible with love with love tons of love I'm really bad spawn yeah my boxes as well many things all right there 240 yeah just run away yeah we'll meet up later maybe Mary no I know that the guy in the warehouse died surprisingly little upset do you need a blue shadi now I got green my whip the pump for a little bit oh okay he's gonna light blue is a blue tag tag yeah I see it yeah put it on put it on the hood put on this new yah uh now I got a scar in a green AR but no ammo in it so that's I'm getting rotten both these guys dipped out west I I really don't know where they could have gone okay they were shooting at me they're nice fellas I see a yellow a powerful sniper sniper oh yeah that's a semi-automatic afraid to tell you sounds like a great bait but I'm going for it no no it's a guy was shooting it and he just you know died so wait did you smell like it was a video cover like a new Bush costume Oh they put out my Twitter yeah I was very yeah I better not add that I will be so pissed like strike right here – lets go where is everybody yeah we're here and they're here a minute ago I have no idea where they went now now come back for the drop are you gonna got into sacked I tries I like I actually might run out of shenanigans I'll cover you oh dude I'm gonna get shot then like I don't even know why I'm doing this actually shoot down the platform once I open it I got you a purple scary oh I'm hopping down though like a bunny on Easter I'm not you really know this guy lately ah man I don't think any friends that's it Emily on the roof on the roof jumping down thank you thank once nating out tack twice ha ha yeah got one got oh let's go baby nice they think I think there's there's slick at all did they have the rocket launches for us they had a rocket wow I'm gonna slurp this ass and good call on there geez I did not know they were there or the best thing do they like it way better than the grenade launcher to be honest yeah oh they'll off the last name I don't like do you know our Emma I have 90 I got 123 I think we'll be fine for another play all nervous about my erect building up there it kind of gives away our position we just built builder our logos and I'm gonna grab the grenades up there I'm Scott left because no business advantage isn't I've read Deenie bandages I mean not really I've got Matt Ken said right now well now I just got a random set of bandages where is everybody I don't think they come here that like the other guys got scared and left that is the only blue by salih oh all on roof with us with you middle so here I got Nate's room oh he's got Nate for me not again Oh cover if you back down I can cover ya it's a noose on your left side yeah he's in in that wall bear nice no no that's not that's not done I'm gonna make this guy he's jumped off I think I'm down I'm down and then he's hit took your shield off nice dude I need that med kick you are really going on like a rat race in there I was aggressive I'm sorry I need to stop doing that actually take that purple though oh you get to med kids I really did YC lot of grenades on those guys I'm not happy mmm it's not that I can take the grade launcher save it for him you got rocket launcher yeah no no I'm just taking it so no one else can now well that last thing I want is someone to snag it up and just be like just feel like my tendons are killing us wait D shotgun I used a lot less yeah yeah thank you so much Suzanne where the rocket you know I think we jinxed ourselves as soon as you said we don't rock you're flying for you you cannot be trusted the flaming flamingos with the Rockets rocket danke Schoen yeah yeah also if everyone in my stream asked me to fly squads I played like three hours of squads yesterday so I feeling that yesterday and I said to every way I like today that we'd rock it right so we're gonna do it eventually let's get an A or what kind of it has like a mag and bullets and the trigger and stuff like that's pretty cool revolutionary I was pretty dangerous yeah I try to keep it away from I two-year-old video is visit whoa look a heck happened here I hope not because I am nervous that's deaf for someone in these houses fish around fish I wish I had a shield give me a woman will pump hmm let's get on top of these low rooftops here see what we can see yeah yeah at the area for some tangos I'm saying actually get shield you called it you ordered it great Oh baby Amazon's good wait there's I think it's one in the balcony to it that might be slurp actually yeah no that's a oh that's what are you talking about I thought you were talking about inside I was like they may have well that's got the life out of me don't know dude no where did that to me yesterday I almost cried the same area – it was terrifying it was like far away that's the thing that got me you get a supply jump shot again RPG itself it's pretty close I mean it's either we we get it or we're gonna meet someone there getting it and we'll just destroy their entire existence honestly destroying existence this sounds just right on my street we do have two flamingos wrapped together by a garden hose so on a shovel stick Oh building right in front of you 195 i slayed it up I even need it yes I'm in there he's dead we're not is Hera did apparently he's a freaking warrior not even a hero do you just live through life I'm Ally of grenade launchers good uh we got a guy at 195 killed his family kills family knocked teammate left of him if they build a bridge not affect I'm not gonna go nice I'm playing around with the semi-auto you know do you know I actually hey why I love it I'm like oh baby we got some some good loot here you want to take I'll take an idea just do that I'll probably there's like a snack I can stock Matt kiss I have three so there's another one there and here's where I pick up my rocket launcher oh they had one there on they'd be there on the great one guy tagged him he's a PG he does it we need it we need this sir please do not be a bungler you got a knight in on that oh wow I'm I'm trying not to yeah I would try not to but I'm doing it someone else coming yeah I see the guy in the back maybe he got you got a shot on him I tagged him it's not the only guy it's team you know his teammates it'll building a ramp is there another teammate close to you as well not killed the other guy they're peeking I'm gonna heal up while I'm up here I hope they bunch up as I have a limp – whatever he's got yeah I think they're aggressive they're just if they're aggressively wait David Pecos yeah how are they a staircase I wish you put up walls from the back to the back come on give me a head to shoot heads will roll to roll and that's were wrong see why it's that anymore and I tagged him they're like okay what they no cover right now now we need to fly on those I know but we need to kill them dude I hate the score it's so inaccurate yeah oh man I'm about to go down wait I tagged them both so still how many things mean someone got I got one down nice nice want to help baby let's for I see I have three thank you though alright so we got the rocket I'm gonna probably kill you with it wait is there another rocket come on Shirley oh we made their shields okay hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna heal up and I'm gonna grab the shields I got me heaven yeah I have three three as well that was a fight and a half like I had one hell I'm like three times with the semi-auto sniper it's just a piece of garbage Hey garbage is with her oh we got to get in yeah oh yeah all right you have to send me in here you got the thing right okay I'm ready we have to build a base in the next circle and we have to do two different ramps right like you go on one side I go on the other there's six people or four people left okay I'm gonna have a nollie as quickscope out of this all right we got to build up a little bit so you should send me like across the zone or something yeah I have to jump off before it blows sound sounds like a great time to me I mean let's try and spot them fast and say so these drop rockets I've got 12 Rockets for you down here I have 14 right now so just keep those I mean I mean I'm probably going through a bad place you may as well have aged and I think like you walk across it and I think that's how yeah so we need to like how to shut up like a bunch of basically your ramp up it like behind me and you go straight ahead okay you understand me okay so if you go like behind and you shoot like a long side here and I try and step onto it to the right I think if you've gone that back ramp there the back one there yeah way behind you see the ramp behind us you stand on that one oh you stand on there and you shoot it kind of horizontal slightly up and I step onto as it flies past and I step onto it all right all right I'm ready science I am ready when you are science all right we're live well you hurry up though where is he on the boat he's dead I don't know it'll upload a friendly Vic's are inbound they're gonna to anybody else me I got a degree Michaels yeah take a massive huh a face-to-face one down okay that was hysterical oh they're getting lit yeah that would have been so good I should have jumped off light Bob Scott I was gonna hit the tree dude I honestly hate the freakin scar psych it's a 2v1 probably nicked he's returned grenade money's back oh poor guy the other guy knock himself out Jesus cry father Saul rifle kills where i think i dont know how we won that that was beautiful but i cried at the same time Jesus yeah I uh I probably check the end of that I would it was like even even if it was just a noble kill on the ground we've been a fix I flew in but I just saw you like casually just floating by and I was like as a pro I'm pretty sure people aren't getting banned for rocket riding pretty shorts intended no I think that's that's a new thing right this definitely doesn't them that doesn't give you an advantage like that and you flying on a thing of death into unknown territories of heights PA the highest possibility of dying still gonna send a silly I thought I was gonna witness the most amazing thing right there yeah my god just been peeking I mean it's at least it looks relatively easy to do you just walk tall you're like up and we're often like oh okay I think you're slacking and jumping out I've been no ideal timing placement imagine if you had a rocket while you were on a rock oh my goodness not hot she needs to be thing cuz that is like we double double RPGs and I think there's two teams here yeah I love that someone said shoot a rocket off like have someone ride the rocket and then someone the guy on the rocket just shoot the rocket down into a base yeah oh my goodness rocket launcher off the rock it's meant to be it's destiny dude we just gotta get like multiple kills like this yeah yeah honestly I think we forgot victory I already got one anyway and yeah we have to try and get that killed that is really good let me know if you need help I've got a legendary star and oh my god I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming okay so it's quiet and I'm humping Rabbis yeah yeah he's not oh god Jimmy bring your lap cat yes dude I'm having hair have a green pump if you need it yeah good now pompe tacked it on my bed I could get it confused so I got how the friends still in this area probes yes uh I'm thinking through here my way I'm sorry in the window speaking at one time dude I can't wait what are friends for right I'll wait for you after like a time where you just like peek and get like the desync win so like I try to do that and I just stand basically stand still getting blasted mother Sheldon I don't have to travel I don't hear him at all oh I see I see someone either left or died in the middle of the street cuz there's just random loot here I see two guys running warehouse right now if you want to send me yeah yeah I'm so scared to jump on so if you just walk down just like yeah like step onto it sideways I'm just gonna fashion up and then I'll come through maybe we should do it more in this that yeah let's do we're in the zone are you getting the ground working yeah all right I see where they're going we can angle it up and cut them off with the rocket oh I'm gonna get their attention though just so like just just so they know that we're like here's I don't know that is happening okay so if you be able to ramp in front of you I'll build one behind I see them to go into the wood in place so how does shoot okay the thing is this trees in the way let's build two ramps forward here got a one there and one by one like if you go on the end of that and I'll go forward one so I just sit in here okay yeah I'm terrified yeah shooting past this edge I can't get the height actually once that I'm gonna get rid of the next one ready okay here we go my friend sniper nice but now I'm going this way okay have a nice just make sure you're not on it when it blows up those guys they ran back into the house it drops right now see as well so you however get another rocket launcher oh my god we get another one you want me to send you to the way in there I don't know okay I'm out on the right hand side now I see him I hate how do you use a sniper Vic this time you me yeah I just gotta kill these guys I'm just like you know it's been oh I literally tagged the dude with the uh I just saw his shield break when I was going I was like the most buggy is sniping I've ever done in my life no one was in the wooden area oh whoa I blue warehouse I don't have like a a or anything tagged tip down I don't know I'm gonna probably revive him when you in the throat I got eyes on his friend I can't really shoot him though because it's the way I need to get like a swimmer to God my house there's an electric trap in there somewhere there let's just let it go then fun rocket rocket rocket ah scar you can shout it now hold on now yeah what that mine's a kind of get there they're brutal oh I destroyed the whole that would be why we could try to go in the warehouse and just send me from there because thinking about it label account look at Randy I'd have one I have a woman rocket we can make it back you wanna come and get the slapper – I might have yeah I did I jumped off took a little falling damage but it was it was so nice yeah it's actually a good way to get around like yeah five bucks per trip come on you can't go wrong who's this rock is to kill people when you can send your friends and kill them on the Rockets it's like extra value movie can we patent this dude as a shield up here snaggle-eye yeah that's only gonna take it just because it when I get sent in yeah I just don't want to be like a sitting duck meanwhile I will be let's see let's try to oh there's a ramp going all the way up top to send me up on the cliff dyslexic okay and I'm gonna have to shoot this like I'm shooting okay this is gonna be hard actually I sure hope but if I'm shooting fast this right hand side I think red red red red okay I see okay so here do you want to go here I can shoot along the side lay there up here oh god I'm don't worry didn't there's another team farther out north oh my god it's raining down kill him nice he's gone do you want to go in don't send me okay we said you stay on the okay gets he'll build out that way okay you go on that I'm gonna go back on here yeah you're on the same way sorry okay I'm starting to learn like this strategy for this so I go off on here like this and I'm gonna shoot left side all right three two one all right go like rusev up he's in the tree somewhere I am out of rockets too but we'll definitely get this going I need to become the Redeemer in the sky I gave on judo drop you the Redeemer in this guy do we need let's go find ammo crates like ammo boxes or something cuz we need to get more rockets god there's a guy coming West oh yeah send me send me send me okay I don't have any rockets that that's the problem we have we ran out of rocket fuel way back there was a budget yeah now everyone's is like close nice everybody's busy with me I'm coming I'm coming from 40 years take your time he had no idea I was here and no idea was there I he has no rockets did respira definitely keep that only this building in a warehouse let's go there wait oh this rockets right here hold on I'll send you a nice on you in ok ok so it's only 200 aimed straight at the building and I'm like that looks like it's going down there's like a very narrow balance a way you're too high the folder he's gonna kill you and you're too low so yeah like I was like I was thought I was like oh I'm Way too close I'm way too far we got give me chinga up there with that jimmy choos down here Oh Skelly man Skelly man and a friend has no idea yeah you just know about oh you got more oh I'm sad oh those guys got pushed out zone yeah okay whatever dude how many scars are here yeah do you think this wins for you if I love you I'll win so I'm gonna drop it yourself Sanderson if way if I actually have a directional pad no no it works oh but can I jump on my own rocket unless you like feel like you'd impact it if you tried to jump at it can I put this on here oh my god Jake is like like is there a way to cycle through your uh your crap around somebody mop that up or something it's really really it like you had a bullet actually I think I was wagging it down I was using the scar oh did the scar wasn't bad I was like I somehow made my way through town if I don't have a shield I'm probably dead how many kills we have 13 I have fun you can have fun alright this is for Narnia dude I am i'ma attack Harrier so I wonder if that's me oh hello you're very sexy you of it oh I hit him oh he's got a friend as well yeah they're also really dumb yeah you'll never catch me as I build off from writing how from above oh he's gone for the brick style yeah gonna be a little okay that's like this act like I see me oh he got me he got me you successfully glaze my spec there's my spec take out as well yeah it's microscope with the shot that's not in the game why that's bad 13 kills and four of them were rifles you know because my own that my challenges are like literally four done dude I thought I literally thought he died I don't know why I felt like two although I literally I was looking down a sniper scope so I've got three levels extreme that's pretty low I'm never gonna go up ever again okay I'm not gonna lie that is just not gonna happen alright did you smack the guy and then IR him when you were flying on the right the first the first travel I did shot a guy broke his shield and that's it second one with it yeah with a sniper then the second guy I pump shotgun and switched to my AR and just whipped it like he just died and I was like haha oh you mean fly man I just want to be the fly yeah I say we'll just take turns like just drop the rocket like after I go that or after you go I'll go you and then we just keep dropping it I got it I definitely have to know and yeah aim higher on that I think I was just way too close to you because like I kept adjusting oh you can eat a fabulous it's fairly easy to walk and I think it's just a pumpkin rocket yeah I don't think I could I struggled to walk off because I was trying to jump off it at the end there and I was just kind of stuck in it I think that's why I'm like dude aiming is so weird like when you have a scope it's so weird sniping with it yeah someone's an aim to the scale you shoot up let's say there's two guys are in and grab the shield I got needs up here dude yeah you good you good I have a shield so when you live I'll give it to you I already have them oh he's coming all my shields all gone I can cross cover he's back inside he's breaking out at the back I'm gonna try and shoot him up with you – but it's risky oh you gotta go oh no we're so dead but I'm really like oh I'm not the clothes put the Fah still tall I know shotgun feels bad feels bad me at that time we just had a lot of people we're not trying to go to the Invitational anymore guys we're just trying to ride some Rockets all I want to do is be the fly is the guy in the flyest of the moon some guys play plug T this game is zero skill zero skill can you fly rockets and pop G this is the epitome of skill real men ride rock is a hundred percent right there I mean what you want to ride a motorcycle no we got Rockets just that's how that's how I sell the game I'm gonna do promotions for it wanna drive a car we don't have cars but we have rockets mister I'm my guy cast cooling in the chat speaks logic they're both good battle royale games within their own respective rights there you go put it back myself some people you know just means like come on we should just play rocket men while we're flying so one might drink looks like slurp coos hey that could actually work that's the thing Anna makes slurps you sent home drink steroids in a green cup with a blue lame it's great things are not meant to be drunk I stand by ya just makes you horny like M&Ms I don't know if that's a true myth or not but I would like it to be okay place is clear oh thank god like why not just one team one team is nice to see they're 107 yeah oh man I got a grenade launcher I don't think it guys bad everyone wins in the game how did you steal my name identity theft is such a process at this point I don't know if I have any more this isn't my channel but my first time literally getting recognized in public so like you're Avery I yeah I forgot that my channel name is avery like like that that's why I was like I was just so weird like I was like oh yeah like you know I keep saying like a lot oh my god but you need a good do you need breakfast I'm really struggling to hit prototype hit the blue circle I thought I thought you needed help of Zion I completely misread that situation Oh big ol stack iced up to the mountain someone goes with the F of the title mean oh well show you yeah you want to go intrude on that staircase as well I feel like I have laughs yeah well probably if there insult either that's good yeah I wanna make I Oh what is that a brand blue Schulte if I died tell my family alone that's a blue shot you buy me Coffee if I can grab it for you is that your way of making me not dying yeah it's an insurance attack protects the team attacks every woman I love that when you run the warehouse you're like you're like you're just running around I reach out like yeah and I got shot I don't know when you come to safety you get a shotgun it's a good trade I don't like safety I love danger I'll leave it there I'm gonna go nade spam the life out of this house yeah feel free they have guns by the way so watch it that's that's the worst kind of dick they only see me so like they're on the roof Nedim peaked yeah that's some juicy night I'm sorry I think I should come down yeah I'm afraid unconscious but my god I got my shot now ya know how we won that one but I killed the guy yeah we're still in force dello decidedly in flight school we're gettin that but we're gonna graduate one day we're gonna go across the entire I don't think that's possible but I loved it we're not we're not my mind we're just doing domestic flies right now this whom we will be international and then SpaceX in space XR the rocket we're gonna we're gonna go in whole new levels clickbait to the max or the Sun I looked right at it didn't have my glasses Wow I'm just hoping like that would be destiny I know you feel a rocket launcher sat inside right just kill we're in the circle we got to try to like get a little anymore for the drops because I think we're only gonna bend metal drops true sale on play it's funny cuz like what ever since we started looking for Rockets we're just like not even worried about kills at this point and now we're like where's the rocket launcher we're here to bring quality entertainment here is cinema near you 3d we're high-flying game is flying flamingoes let's go news news Kwon drop sound instead of right 105 sounds south east maybe it's over this hill or whatever you want to call it come on shots of the rocket you know it'd be a cool idea going on a mountain you shooting or me shooting down and you ride the rocket down that sounds like a quick way to die I want to do mountain to mountain I think that's when we like I've graduated oh yeah when we like we're in Walmart and we long tone to another mountain they have you imagine the other team like what do you do like mom dad whoa oh man we got to go this way what dude I don't think the rocket is – cuz another rapidly drop yeah that's weird I don't understand the sounds we're gonna have to look for it I think like like kill the people that get it yeah I'm gone my games first I was running towards loot like sell you that it's probably gonna have to read it rent render it or something like okay hello because it shows that you're frozen in the screen should I be able to box to trap you yeah but bot box me in box me and do something I'm what I'm worried because this is the second time this happened today I got any I don't know how to anything yep the audio just went off I'm nervous I'll put you in a box its back on welcome to your new house can you make a dope the game close no I don't like it anymore I'm not even to look like take me sit a lot we got so lucky with that in the beginning yeah like the rocket in the beginning spawn maybe we should go to start going to bigger towns just because we're more likely I think that could be a matter yeah yeah because especially because we're not trying to just like you know survive its weeks soon cuz I'm suing can you imagine I logged on it says I'm bent dude i I would have a heart attack I've spotted randomly on an island in the middle of loot light this looks very suspicious I'm going for it more rockets yeah it was a bank it was it's a tarp but what it says patching it was actually a talk and autumn looked at it that it's a ban hammers I'm nervous thank God everything about ban hammers oh I guess I loaded your boys stuck on an island in the middle of loot lake i might just fall to fight and live here the heck redeeming offline purchases how's that even possible that grenade in my little house and loot light oh this tree needs to go you a nice I'm nervous of what just happened like I'm trying to log back in the fortnight like we don't fit okay boys it's restarting your boys real trapped he's really stuck right now you know he's gonna hide and hope everything gets better I'm just gonna sit here and try to log on goddamn it this is terrible mr. crap better load why do you do this Oh No okay well I'm dad are you still off the game it's it just keeps saying patching buddy why I caught the time to lobby I think they might walk to their game or we just got banned oh yeah it's one of the two I don't know where it can you imagine they're just like yo screw you guys yeah I can't return to lobby I'm a 10 I'm still patching okay dispatching me in your band like I'm yeah here here install this packs it's gonna never let you never play the game again I can't wait like I'm a little bit scared I'm stuck on loading they said for it I got a problem my game also crash let's see did it tweet anything no I haven't eaten oh wait logging in downloading user settings we go up hey rocket probably sit back online all the bugs and go fright is let's go drain market let's go baby let's let's get back into this all right we don't have to land somewhere busy I think my thing went to fullscreen so I got I got a fixed that if you know what you ready up Oh hold on I'm still like okay for tonight stop being a duck and it closes it again oh yeah oh you got me beating on squad wins by one on your welcome I'm this thing huge bad man well that won't say how many squadrons are there if you have seven I'll go six hmm we play all this you hops together how are you having that videos as well in this word I don't know yeah apparently don't why don't you have one you have one but you definitely won that's a weight 50 seconds okay waiting in line yeah I'm not gonna dab at this time it's so bizarre like wait you're gonna lie oh no but hey what am I gonna do buy more flamingos tools from the item shop yes later its annual idea the wasp lighter I think that's new is black and green Oh desperado out fare munitions outfit yeah I got a new outfit of course yeah like just came in the daily ones are what the heck am I looking at I don't really want him there oh yeah I went I was like I'm gonna go get all of them and then I looked at I was like there's a lot of freaking like there's a lot of money to spend obviously I'm not doing any more so why are you why are you in the queue right now one second busy running on I want old IDEs rockets dude all right loading oh yeah I don't know why I wouldn't kick me out to put me in full-screen I gotta change like whoa oh man it dude I'm gonna be so fast I don't counsel it's great no I think you just changed all my settings yeah shadows are on again V motion ok nevermind motion blur resolve ok ok come on come on let's do it we'll do it ah yes ok good sensitivity still dude I'm gonna join sweet let's get it let's get the bit of black today we do at some point you to go on squats and sending to Keith on rockets at time cuz I think you could actually that was we actually viable can you could rest on the land that we should just like head up like this hit up the chat tomorrow and be like great idea we did some successful stuff I think we should do tomorrow we will have to like evidence of previous rocket ship journeys and be like this is what we've done what we trying to do there's a little resume and we're trying to get the SpaceX are I really do want to see how vertical you could go with it but at the same time I really can't I would be terrified but I'm so happy like that like we got those those clips oh I need to got Carol off the top of one of them now someone something might have just fixed rockets I hope not No hey books are dumb hey two games that's it we need more I saw let's go to retail row I'm thinking just trying it more every day yeah or greasy greasy probably hot small houses I don't we busy I'll be a bit of fun you down what we out here we did see a math Lucius I think a cheap retail I don't know which hasn't more loot spawns I'll be I'd be really interesting to see the numbers for loop spawns and every yeah I feel like what they do it like pub G they'll do like a hotspot map where you was likely to fun cuz I noticed that you like you're most likely to find shields like broken-down houses which is so bizarre I'm going grey house on the ride oh we got a scary spooky skeleton yeah it's about six you I come over to the right hand side say what kind of laugh dish as bad she beat me down to the ground feels bad hello your father yeah I'm fine he's teammate ate a bullet that should have killed him there that was a little scary and it's been B skeleton no this is gonna kill you I don't know he wasn't trained for this there inside this building just like you helped I don't know what the hell's going on actually I'm gonna just try and get myself yeah break this wall if you want Oh jump dolphin got me he's killing me yeah he's going I have to power up yeah dude i didn't know they got on my roof actually it might be a second-team the guy in the roof okay something bad them and well uh no please I need my Rockets this key so that spot is clearly killing us and a little eyes a talk yeah retells you let's go back yeah retells fine I don't like greasy cuz like the second you get there and then you clear everyone out there's no one else like for the half the game cuz he had to run all the way in yeah I only be tried to go to spawn Island when you get to like the edge of the map there's just a force field that the rocket hits and kills you yeah it's very long island you're trying to get us killed we will not fall we're going to the Sun okay we're going to the Sun instead they have better loot on the southern they didn't spawn island let's go to the moon I miss flipping flipping my wrists look at the flick of the wrist look at a flick at a pic oh my god I can't put anything in here just check some Grandmaster hyuna's I love that old montage yeah let's go to retell I think I don't know actually maybe we just stick to our plan are our plans probably the best way to get loot because we control the landing and then we just rekindle people from every town yeah and I was playing I was playing solos and I like spawn cross map and I go why don't we keep running back here okay this is the center of the map and I just keep down I'm like why am I always here like I'll find myself camping there I feel like you're good from the way you like land like we were so comfortable here that we're like yeah there's that green shutdown of those guys now every spawn point in this place nice our eyes on his teammate and a little bit of that right-hander I dig them dude yeah all right she might as well yeah I tagged him in who's coming down I'm just gonna wake from sleep that building and killing yeah there's a shotgun the get him boy SiC em SiC em Scoob come kills Trent yeah nice not so magic now are you mister is already there that I I love I got I think six kills on that chimney one time that chimney is like God I got Jimbo but with no pants it's gonna blue Jaken as well well that makes two of us go to waste I see mom see for yourself the guy in the truck I did okay some reason I decided I shall not leave this poor soul I shall instead go to a house eat his family shield potion or is it a trap I think it's a trap Nazi a lot of ammo crates around this middle bit of the map is wrong yeah like that it's just like cool I still I'd still don't like the three members I don't know no I'm really growing on me about I'm not fine they even the blue one like I thought like I don't know I'm very bipolar with it I'm the people gonna start yelling at me like they yelled no you said you don't like it you know like it makes EGNOS walk out this is why I said my ex-girlfriend okay now I just I struck home with some people boy is there known at the that houses I would check who I got a don't worry no way I don't see anyone or any commotion then I better loot it though ah I'd rather just count things alright if you say so Jiminy Cricket ow that hurt I shall await your presence kill Sam oh we have one of those yeah damn schedule the space program wow we have a large budget let's go guys now I see people to tender fighting ok in town yes far far thing yep someone just died I like through the middle very far house straight ahead like 210 to the right a little bit I'm doing it know which I enjoy I'll be dead if you need me this house no one right here dude then yeah watch out dag 24 friends darn AIDS I'm dipping I'm dipping another team's coming I think dude okay yeah team in the back knocked one knocked one okay my side don't worry we got it hey no ragga launches with the boys honestly I recommend some ice pretty much we've been scammed okay I want my money back dude palm shock and I literally uses my range rifle I put my rage nice it's just like consistent it's honestly more reliable than it's all mental I like so many ranges 100% cuz you know if it's on the on this earth or in the dot you're hitting him regardless and up that's why I love using it like I'll tag zone a little bit just swap out and be like Bing badda Bing yeah okay let's gonna kill the retail round team okay okie dokie yeah we also to stay in a circle to get the drop which I'm sorry what I missed that part where are we cutting off we separate from their rocket hunters from their body this procedure standard procedure is in the budget as well I recovered of insurance if they die no I don't I don't know what is this insurance you speak of how does this work I'm assuming everyone that you played with has died oh I'm on the mini trucks my suit the other one was inside the middle damnit nice no Rockets why must our life be this way I died I have a hippity-hop head I installed game code for tonight is worst game ever all I need is rocket launcher cannot get uninstall damn I still got a clip that lends it when I put the epic mode on you're like and it's all like the cabbage potato a maybe eight kills and we're just not even trying we just want to rocket lunch oh there you had proximity voice chat you don't have to die we just have to drawing add them on top of the rockets we're back bitches you like trap them inside they're like pointy roof I'm sorry we gotta get that one time gotcha bitch gotcha I feel like that's how we should someone's down that's how you should protect them that'll be a really fun trolling video you just we just play two down people run up oh I just run off and watch that teammate like try to make them out this kills my accident like oh man yeah we got to do that yeah all right retails looking a little funky oh the LZ look tall old on fire we gotta get this way I just checked the wind I've licked my finger and try to feel where the breeze is can you set the rocket launches with this yes it's actually in the back of this truck right here believe it or not it's like it's already been looted someone has it somebody on my rocket launcher my rocket senses are tingling oh that's good 15 other side of that let's go enjoy Vic I'm so excited ooh get some good enough to Gina's I just wanna get did we've not really sat on mountains this session like that's when you really want to do the rocket sale yeah I mean this is pretty decent I'm pretty sure really like send ourselves up to someone there's got to be somebody oh oh no I really screwed up thank having issues all right we're a double invested into this I'll cover oh my god why I will take the stuff this happens for excuse myself to the shipping crate yeah we're gonna need to get another wiki McCall's it's if you've had the longer we lost into the game statistically the more likely we are to cop a rocket-launcher sob yeah then I think more dramatic like we're gonna last game we were like just chillin with it like we're just going around yeah jumping off then my projectory was a little bit off I blame the scientist that he was fired him after that he told me dropping space program real quick how do I do this I don't I don't get Vic I have no idea what I just did but I got it in there if you want it how can you bring it out I cannot believe it or not but what I can do it's in the container today I think I'm being shot and I'm not too sure probably not okay maybe what I admit I don't know what you're struggling with I don't know if I'm being shot at or not or if I just saw a line Vic are you kidding me when installed which button is it always always your name just plummet and I was like it's not hard think it's already ramp just go bippity Boppity and booth easy now let me shoot you in the foot real quick Vic um we have an issue that's what nice at first I didn't know how to get out surprisingly so let's go b5 this mountain calling it I hope so otherwise yeah you only got like 80 16 20 okay Oh drop that might be a bad call it's pretty far but we go for it which way 165 okay let's go why would I give people when I can dig oh yeah I need a fall I found this out I don't know there's one to the left southeast this one's gonna be just on it oh wait does it create here hold on I'm feeling it mr. Krabs it's definitely in one of the trucks Oh gunshots which way I don't know southwest yeah let's go gamma they had that one of them has a rocket I haven't I've consent that my rocky sense is tingling yeah I can see him on this hill they're backed away they're facing way let's get closer and let's just go write him up when we're close you don't let them get to the I've got the right guy three two one we did right what mine's not very nice dick dousche I I know can they finish that kills down the hill no well I act like we don't know what act like we don't see them there and just dip little do they know we are smarter than them it's like I have no idea where they are yeah maybe ridiculous no no wait wait is that them is that them in the brick degrees no that can't be no no no that's not them I don't know I stuffed behind the tree we go there it could be the rocket launcher oh yeah maybe they did kill any Rocky's it might have killed one I don't see any they did I think from the north from the north on the hill yep down one down one headshot dude I don't both of them hole my Jebus let's go for a quick yeah yeah we got 10 seconds rocket launches are worth more than health we'll need to live rocket go bye-bye behind right oh yeah grenade launcher rib man I'm gonna take materials oh damn dude whatever it's all over here no no Rockets are obvious keep going okay freakin hell this is no there's not that many people love come on how many people do we have to kill to get the rock anymore any more I've got the bloody players on my hands all I want is a rocket launcher it doesn't have to be this way we have a good 12 kills and like we're not even trying chat come on I think both our chances you never know we got some can we got some hashtag rocket luck in the chat right now let's go we need we need it flowing like Niagara Falls or someone after they do never mind another opportunity to make it right I'm not happy with that then shout at you no no no oh yeah at me from the oh yeah from the rooftop from the rooftop to town yeah oh and there's a person closed on me ooh yeah he's blinding me up he's just west on the Rays cushion his teammate is lower than him did you hit him now I didn't oh my God thank house sale nice oh my everything lanta car dude is it bad that I like called over to watch the guy in a shield I did and I was terrified the guy still 105 North by the way he's pushing like huh yeah that next ridge you see him we can light them up when I met it he's literally blind side no color 105 he's an idiot he does after everything that we take him out yeah all the things do we got rocket launch yeah uh we got to get the supply job right here okay that guy did not have the rocket launch we were looking for hey guys see a guy he's an RPG oh my God he's one-to-one we we're taking his family out every every part of it everything aha every hold on I got a now I can look 1 between 105 and 120 so he's out of the circle oh my goodness legendary oh boy okay let's go the set send me we'll send you all right yeah I'm gonna shield up can I shoot up and you send me kill them kill them kill now nice nice nice so he is an RPG – okay oh yeah that's huge that's huge well I'm gonna go run to me 14 seconds okay yeah oh I'm pretty sure he had one wait is it qv2 here at the end here as well all right so we only just kill one and a massacre the other Oh honestly just this isn't a circle nice I send me in with the legendary long time he's gonna blow up both of them from the top right oh yeah well you know what that sounds perfect it sounds like it can't go wrong like get explosives get double explosives can't lose right do like 38 rockets I have 23 we might be able to go up on the mountain I think just from this light point here we just spot them out we build a base here we spot them out and then we just send you just send me in the direction hey you think that rocket looks spam actually worked yeah I think it did actually we got to rock we about to make history boys wait let me in the house okay where do you think we can so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set up kind of like this so you would be able to like I guess you need to do a long side I can jump out yeah jump out build the walls along whichever wall points me towards that we actually needed move-ins let's move in thank you chill here actually and send it into the circle yeah I'm probably gonna die again it's gonna be like no it's fine death is like the next thing is living you know cuz that makes a lot of sense right yeah okay hello my name is avery where are you at the play wow that's legit oh you yell way back I'm hoping that they're in there do you know who you're messing with dang goes down we got this I feel like I would have run out of battery power in there yeah yeah I would shot in the shed hopefully I'll manage up the tree this is gonna be a risky it's gonna be a close quarters rocket run oh wait don't you shoot from fatty or did I imagine that about your hi I'm not sure they may be just over the hill well you know yeah or check the sky remember last time oh yeah oh yeah send me all right um how we're gonna do is okay so I'm gonna be with you up inside there inside there inside I get to watch you towards a tree um wait hold up send me like can you send me like a across here like diagonally yeah yeah yeah me across yeah towards them yeah all right ready only side all right yeah go now go now I missed it I missed that instead we explode their lives white ones down I'll be shotgun army behind me Oh Oh No what a bunch of nerds no the rocket mission was not successful day I'm telling you we can't do it at the end of the game we have like maybe we were we were too close yeah maybe we should have run across this probably so hyped right now yo we just got him I missed the rocket my line half a second I don't like long range at that range I would have been a probably a shotgunned off the rocket now I think you could have RPG of them up I shot but I don't think it's probably bad okay the other thing it would have phoned me out of the zone within like seconds and it would have been so much damage it really wasn't an ideal rocket launching situation there is no winning for any of them someone just tweeted me my quotes and my quote was death is like the next thing of living there you go outside we had a bet we're gonna sell a quote book out here damn we need rocket so strong like literally we got a rocket look at the stock yeah but we're still in training in rocket flying we hang there yeah come back in a few days we'll be high flies employee Bowie Bowie they came from outside the zone which was so where that's yeah it was weird like we were they they hadn't have no health I think the shield really got him yeah what do we owe y'all wish you having fun in the usual place I mean we all good kill ya we do good living when we go there but mmm I don't know what I mean can't just find anything we just think that lucky RPG off spawn yeah I think I learned from you I'm jumping quick I think there's more drop spawn in the middle of the zone or yeah it's always in the ring so one will always spawn I think in the second drop of the first drop one will spawn at the edge of the rim but like you have to like be what young where it is like we got lucky twice there like to drop us right in front of us both time mission is having ones not easy right no one messes with us on this game we may die while trying to rock it fly across the map and shout but we're just practicing our professional protein strats come on Fergus so never understand living like wait why are they rocky flying in their pro event oh don't worry about it it's right I actually you know I'm I'm new I hear a ding shot and it is not too far from here me bibbidi-bobbidi given the deserve it all thumbs near me they're in my moon oh you know okay let me send them Oh present I love presents especially from you there in the middle of that somewhere oh they jumped at the back maybe hey sure there was someone here Vic hundred percent you think you're lying to me hey sit where did you eat today I Sam's this one fifty here on as well he's not even running he's like walking it's not gonna be like that it's not gonna be one of these he's gonna keep swimming dude you already go beyond the cliff where's your team no wait don't kill him yet great that tree view again why me he's going no don't do it Oh God no bad wait you sure you put me in a tent that's what I'm trying to do I'm waiting for me move though because it keeps putting it in the ground like it keeps going in the ground okay okay I got it right here buddy buddy come come no you're not getting the car buddy damn it we just want to help you but you just want to smell you he used to be on the flat weight nice if he comes down this way he comes down the hill we can get a real good one I reckon yeah I hear this will be perfect come on from this way yeah look here I understand it right on don't give up don't give up you're always there come on do it beg no he's in the bees in between them wait yes wait what if you just really got banned because I thought he was reading it under the map I don't know where his teammate was like room I wonder what he's telling his team to listen I've got him out of there trap did we leave this whole building yeah and now we're just running around aimlessly truely's good praying for rocket luck which we're never gonna get oh come on I knew that was a chest in here there's someone here something here um I'm not there so be careful we're up I've got eyes in a second you really don't care they do I 360 a.m. I'm sorry you know I saw technically cyber bullying yes dude the he uninstalled his game I'm glad you want the purple sniper I dropped it my weapon set is looking weird right now do I use a powerful scoped or a blue bust do you need anything mm do you need a flamingo I need a rocket launcher right that's what I need right now I mean we're gonna find one he's gonna wait for the drop we can keep checking up I guess the chest I don't know yeah that place is looted 285 because his ramps what about factories are they loot I'm not sure but what if the herald loot then there will be a rocket I also dance me rock I hear a trap in here I think this is just a bad idea to even venture in there alright let's just chill on the hill as we do on the hill and wait for some people to shoot at us and hopefully with rocket launches oh man that would be the dream and hopefully not waste all the rockets either rockets we just sprint at them were like a beautiful um there's a guy straight ahead really far 3:30 yeah I Sam some s shot we have again a rocket launcher he's coming all ye ish it skills family bushes just before where he is just let him walk right by us hey how you doing welcome to uh well canal garden may I take your order oh where is that oh right there right there didn't I smell it what about the dude oh yeah how does he say if he's not coming towards a guy coming action towards us can you let me kill it one day i'ma kill someone it is gonna be real good take that tree down it's gonna intercept the drop we can't let enemy troops go call drops did you like the enemy QE take high drop I think you did I know then we treat him to your drop push me to the edge oh wow boy strats what do I do I'm sorry but sons here nice Jesus so anyway two guys two guys Southwest stop left yeah someone they just killed someone I think the n1y Southwest right now I'm sorry way further I got my Southwest confused not realize you know get it freaking destroyed I'm out of here nerds from again dude southeast I think 120 120 oh yeah yeah well I know that I think it's a little more oh geez once again 150 I'm out of here needs a bit of Bob to give me the zappity we need to kill him I could have rocket launch yes the launch codes the ones they have the launch codes Nick we're going in trying to go in or like I am I think he killed someone over here hold on oh I see yours you guys have arrived Baro hey you in the hill yeah that by the like traffic like things they have to come to us let's see what we get just be dicks if we want another one nice that's me oh you know last I'm going in oh yeah that's I did you that's the same I killed her down guy yeah no RPGs his friends are his friends way farther back yep he sniping please hat he's tagged I let's run back let's hurry back it would probably done this yeah there is nice dude the beautiful ball action then we were literally just joking this entire game we have I'll have to see did he add one Vic nothing negative I really know how many bandages I'm America doing so far not a little bit I might just sack the med kit when I get in my blue a rocket launcher was hot more danger please send your send your rocket hunt but you know I get excited I'm having to hear cross map quick scopes to kill these guys before I'm gonna bandage once that wave can you drop the medicine or walk it where you are now I has killed someone I need that med kit oh no we're not gonna make it the one-hit wonder yo do you split your uh your bandage Jesus I'll split my that's all oh my god you just leave me with amazing stuff all right I'm really glad I went to leave that kill I'm good the guys are the backup their loins no no RPGs the guys I killed man's Duty they bound me yeah yeah they don't drink yeah damn dude 88 come on hey y'all lob some needs of these dudes and I was having a grand old time they get me shot it I'll have enough AR to probably light up that whole base if you want to get your snacks ready down what's your death did I get oh my god I can't put a wall here what hold on somebody build a wall I'll be the tree oh dude I aim a little bit higher attack mom we have presents for you guys it's quite pure wolves but it's a creeping episode of rockers any guy I can't tell that trying to run to the ride yeah we got to go I found my new favorite game is called spray the noobs Wow they might be interested in Oh might be going oh yeah I see that guy actually might be going on the team did he see you yeah they're fighting another team honestly we need to cut round laugh right now for the zone those guys those guys are coming over the hill attack them pretty bad going down how did that not here oh dude I'm eight health know how works running bandage you might know just go in the water go in the water yeah I'll be walking watch your go on the road just run in the water is that gonna work I guess you're gonna do just run into running design is running today that sucks I got two RPGs dude I'm dipping I'm dipping like dogs come on don't hit me go me crawl towards me I'm gonna crawl out of the zone I don't think I'm gonna make it Vic you need to oh I was just trying to make it in so close when they put a rocket launcher in front of your face and then they picked up two so we could get like some crazy shots I'm so mad I just was like I was like I'm gonna go get two of these and see what happens alright it's my cat died if we were actually playing we could have got that win but we chased for tequila outside zom fast ir let me down actually been powerfully scoped out how that I think honestly I just want to get hit by a stick that's right and you game a new chance to get that rocket launcher off the girl did that game could've been beautiful yeah the plays that we had and then the Snipes and then the bippity bop sand the zappity hoops oh that's a guy an enemy oh dude I I don't know why I've been getting a lot of headshots lately yeah not really I wanted to agree but not gonna happen always mocking hey I'm so mad I literally sacrificed my sniper to grab a extra RPG for you I was like we got this victory it's like sadness no one just has me ever has your sex life well we learned how to a rocket flying thank you one does not simply play this much this is a nice change to wear has them oh wait looks like guys are coming guys are coming thirty straight up parachuted in phone to the dance front little potato dude I'm sorry man you just got deceased I don't know what the other guy won I think you guys you're like trying to say he's inside yo I got people yeah I built a key watch out oh yeah I see I'm not building hold up to me yeah that's a fact I've got my flag in there ya know it's tough yeo-hwa he's outside outside been a great day oh I ran all this way my bad it's like oh you're in Narnia I abandoned two chests I ran all the way across the map just to see his brains get blasted against the wall I wanted to just give you a show okay no pay just show us all right we also shows like three days ago fortnight you stopped giving my shields give us rocket launches it's the simple equation yeah three days later we just get RPGs up the ass and I bet they patch it too I don't want you to get aware or be scared but I'm gonna get into another confrontation I see the confrontation I'm trying to assistance the best I haven't run out registers as I usually doing these kind of things don't worry they're dead Nick I never thought I would be disappointed and having my teammate kill so many so quickly yes I'm gonna pull it now AJ they're gone I need you for this one it's on the roof I'm far by the way oh man my cheeks hurt and maybe the best we just split off and just gonna hunt down zeros oh thank you again salty cuz you know I invite my teammates come and kill people with me you know I'm waiting for my friend sway for me it'll be your sous just done get under my canopy or my roof I'm starting a new trend guys it's called I don't know what it's called it's gonna called something we already have space XR I'm gettin there oh I see it great okay the shottsford like to 480i sure I think that the other side of this town although I'm gonna go for this chest I feel I can sense it dude I can sense it dude it's all gone better it's like it's a medkit I'm coming couple of dead bodies here but no sign of life we're gonna bring this back to the lab and see if we get a you know reincarnate the people get him Vic get him is all you all you know pressure I'm just gonna annoy you by talking keep going friend wait here I'm gonna show up and then I'm gonna take all the kills I can't wait I'm actually really excited find out all about that where are they are you not gonna tell me they're mine my precious there's one more West boom just jump down did my my freaking is on point today I was really doing some witness protection that you went charging towards that man by the way you know like didn't even build I built the ramp behind Eve I was ready to like jump over and kill them and you just went in on it I was like okay get some kills this green pumpkin has been my baby this entire game we have full shield so guys no more shields RPGs only please this is very late shift into order you give the wrong one back to the shop you can come back and write a bad review and Yelp for real like how many people we killed on this day the bloodshed is installed we have a lot of just let's check this chest here we go got another shareholder you PKA I'm just gonna leave it there if you want it feel free yeah I was gonna I have a med kit if you have if I'm have another let me stack already mad kiss Jesus maybe I should grab it I mean I've got I'm gonna probably drop my palm grab your boom loop it's on the top also I gotta get this one when you say on the top you mean it's right through the wall you just go oh my god I'm just breaking walls at this point what am I your personal shield your man I don't pay you for nothing Vic wait where was that drug that's one at t4 yeah right there right then there's another 240 as well so we can like you know we can get a yeah me I can nose either way on oh let me note this down real quick wanna make sure I don't miss this do you want to like oh we can honestly we can do like we can split the uber yeah it's for sure like uber X another comment can you stack who's got a roof got a guy up top on the hill yeah oh I've got to hit that second shot that would have been beautiful did I tagged him yeah I know I tagged him as well but stupid semi-auto sniper I'm going up yes I here's where I would go up if the game would let me all right you're on your own the game I ran out of materials yes as well I love it what was in the crate I didn't check yo oh he pulled that out I get so excited let's go don't worry Oh Rippy Rippy Calle I didn't get hit once ooh that RPG blew up on me I could send you to the other mountain if you want and used to take that take a hike honestly zones coming in I don't know I you know I risk is very high risk so you'll go I'll go yoga will just keep jacking jacking oh my god some thought-form if you take it tears it if we live even if we will I say we kill one teammate and then we'll just send it send it yeah what is with the ominous I'm over it I'm over it I can't stack as many shield potions like yeah no but I don't mean very badly or full what do I do I say all the time that this game has way too many shields on the map three metas to show potions I can launch you to the next Mountain if you want if we see people all right otherwise we'll just build it has to be a spaceman I don't even have a shotgun this is a terrible idea I regret this entire decision actually how much I don't know why I was using metal either I'm sorry I disappointed I see with the zone coming in behind us now by the time we set up the space mission by the time we launch launch permission we have the codes met the codes anyone at that house dude I want to launch you into that house let's go and take that mountain Northwest I don't know why but when I shot you last time and I like aimed up over the house maybe my mother thought you said I'm happy oh the building build again yeah we're gonna go I mean I want you down to it or over it over over dude you can oh man I don't know this is so risky do is I far away I have one one pump shotgun aim for the head you'll get an easy kill this is perfect right here I know Aloha Aloha you can send me over this back home okay hey this is my longer and then this is gonna be your trajectory I think I would do we do that wrong I don't know how I feel about this I'm looking at them now hey man oh hey take a shotgun while we're at it let me try knock one of them first they're fighting some what'd you just do this why see a shotgun well I'm gonna destroy this I want to get further back so you have more time where's the shotgun good shooting us not know knows I think it's that was that I got the mic a marker Oh although they got me what did the hit markers show me from behind this oh it was behind yeah I was gonna say I got hit from behind I was like oh no I'm really upset and it was a golden one anymore just build up and murder everyone oh you got this small deans what the hell is happening alright one on each team down there your hero mission is not today I'm gonna OH snipers ass what is your kind of gun he's like wait that's a good question Harvey Jim kind of left upstairs I've typed him some time on side ok on side I just have so many items so many shields I had three med kits a an RPG that abase you're right literally launch yourself right now launch myself if I could yeah I got some funky rooftop stuff that they're architects men someone just killed you from the heavens maybe will get up oh my god yo B I think I left these here actually like this is I I don't know what to do with myself anymore I have lots of purpose saw my entry to star things I don't know what to do just basis everywhere Lee's just good old me good old-fashioned me I'm gonna I'm gonna find my purpose soon no I one of these bass is gonna die oh look that could be another rocket want you okay this base is gonna be the first of all this is the dumbest thing yo that's some weight I'm gonna take the whole tower down I can do that right yeah yeah as you see the base I just want to ruin that power Oh baby they're fallin okay now I need to kill them now that I've destroyed all that hard work I'm gonna get snapped in the back shortly now you're fine it's just the open world they're coming yo mice my thing got stuck on no seconds like what I destroyed that tower sucks to be them you got their tower out not today yeah are we playing – you heard yeah I was like we're playing I'm so mad about the double snipe dude I I that's a kind of killed me too or his friend Kay you down man yeah like there in front um I go again oh never mind I regret my entire life decision all right RPGs off spawn right now I'm calling it yeah we're you know it's gonna happen Taco Bell or die man I just want a ride RPG with a flamingo I love my first time setting you you're just like cruising and then I was until you get off you're like oh oh he's not the first time yeah the first time we ever did it I launched you oh yeah oh yeah okay yeah no I should have really capitalized on that more there's our first time you know my first time I forget snipe I wish I got that head job done beautiful don't market market down yeah just in case someone else's forgot we've had a few successful launches you and I will make a very aggressive oh definitely I think we had four out of we'd even launched that time I think we need to be more gung-ho with our launches we just need to make the most of them and they're there yeah I don't like we take away too long we're like I'll get it one does not simply wait for the perfect launch accept me any weight whatever I think oh we got teams that's good at be sure I feel like I haven't played in years yeah you got a pump on the side yeah I'm for the grade oh I should have got a pump then oh oh sorry okay well let's go oh my god I'm so confused oh I didn't know you meant the pistol okay one guys by me oh dude he's got me he's got me good way coming in from out come out drop down drop down me no no no I'm good I'm good not one big nice you might be resin you're here oh man I can't get it up here yeah dude I'm pissed this still a guy and I'm not I knocked one on the roof dude I don't like I didn't get the kill for it yet and I think it is a separate team where's the dude that you not in there like front yard I think you probably got rats killed the guy I knocked guy on the roof jump down all right there there across the way truck okay hit him yet a shield did I leave a pistol on the sniper I'm not liking the odds right now nice people shooting from the area Dan one nice we're up I wear a cargo cargo he surviving his team a trip I'm gonna go in actually I'm gonna go in the hill and try to snipe on one there well I still know people behind us yeah there are knocked one I see his teammate now gonna keep eyes on this I'm gonna go for the res dude last shot I'm insane I left you after I was like alright you got this I believe in peace I'm the one if you wonder all right so how's your day Tango's you know here and there through the gravity we're good we're good so I know we're top this the new apartment it's inside a dump truck Wow must be luxurious in there see you like trying to get saved or walk me here more gun shot which way damn warehouse let's do a two-pronged serpent attack uh yes see that was Spanish right yeah all right good I brushed up a little bit a police car ish area pop the hell tango Down yeah at me from northeast northeast oh I see him on the hill got one I did I only have one sniper and only shotgun after we're gonna shoot us from coming close then yeah yeah oh man he hit me I'm gonna be a dick about it I'm gonna grab this footage over here nice dude oh dude I'm gonna get ammo from this guy then I have no for long-range yeah sorry I always wait for his teammate to go for him and then I meant bangbang game game goes I got I got a long range they say right cost-shared I type them long oh my god dude running takes forever talk to him again he's on the stairs yeah only got 11 shots to my name you know no Russian yeah rip 5 okay I should graft is white hey I've really no I'm out is everybody's Oh tagged him one for 32 I five big fists I've liked na mo alright we just got a gala line is it doesn't there's a Sheldon in the back I'm just running out I gotta go yeah they show up in the back like by the top card the guy that is talking about before grab that killed it's right up this hill okay um I just have pistol bullets left we have no ammo I have five in the AR 36 in the pistol and 15 that shotgun there is that scope there if you want to grab it yeah with that shotgun on a shield potion and stuff we can make as well yeah we also we have no buildable now alright good take that scho if they are as well shotgun that whole thing behind us is gone yeah 20 bucks in this oh you'll be fine oh gotta got about thirty thirty that flanking 30 you running right at us okay he doesn't know you're there so tell is he coming up while they're fighting him let's act like it's like okay i they're kind you want to go for that i'm oh yeah go for this guy these guys our ones running left by the truck I got tax free back hit 40 hit 40 I'm gonna flick on the left got one guy dead on it's nice yeah always go oh I tagged one for sixty a lot of ammo again I'm gonna stock up I'm just gonna bandage here actually I really need to we got time oh my goodness I'm adding up I'm not with you right now dude they have full shield I'm coming they got me got me I'm that dude he's going for the kill he's a scrub I'm gonna matter thank you that was yes dude they all had full shield I wrecked all them like he's reviving to come on I hate remaining rice yeah he's reviving right now literally hey die my noobs no aah the right around the wall like right inside that cornered part there right there that's a weak guy easy down scrubs man I'll watch I'm so pissed because like they had full-blown shields and I was like I'm popping them in the head too I literally had full house if they're all about like God lion Gold Lion do all that should have built walls back didn't even know who needs walls when I said a bush as well oh then yeah then through that yeah can't wait for that that new powerup to come when they're in the bushes do we leave it I think I think we leave it laughs we got a couple of launches that we call that bases hanging then call the basic training I made it training episode 1 all right we'll make it we'll make it huge next time oh maybe we'll have a hard time while we go here yeah dude he's a Girl Scout piece dude alrighty that is there I mean overall super aggressive fun gameplay a lot of learning to be done with the rocket launcher launches we got actually loaded the bat ones at the start with stream so if you just tuned in skip back to check those out but yeah it was a ton of fun maybe rockets strats with a squad would be the next go to yeah be some because then if you lose one time you still rocket strapped so that's probably the next go to but I was a ton of fun hopefully enjoyed see you all on a future livestream thanks and have a good evening


  1. U can. Ride your own rocket launcher because you shoot or grapple or bounce pad and youlll get on it I think

  2. In the beggining when u picked up the burst I thought it was an Infantry and the revolver I thought was flint knock XD

  3. here is a trick, make a wall with a door get the person your rocket riding to go at the edge of the door so one of his feet is hanging off the edge then shoot under his feet.

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