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  1. A great and inspirational video. One of the stories she recounted is related to what happened to a friend. A long time ago he went through a lot of hardship, and sadly came to the point of deciding to give up on life. What stopped him was an expression of gratitude from a woman he sometimes chatted with on the Internet, who happened to tell him that day over chat that she always liked these special moments talking to him. That inspired him to find the courage to tell his parents about what he had been about to do. With their help he recovered and started a new life. He is now living happily. This always gives me the chills (like now) when I think of this. We really shouldn't underestimate the impact we can have on other people for good or bad with our words and actions, sometimes even the simplest ones…

  2. Thank you Tara. I really needed this video of yours because I have been doing these thoughts again so it took me back to reacting instead of responding & right now I really need help with not reacting anymore because it's about to cause me to lose my Husband & that's really not what I want so that's why I am back here to you because I am reaching out for much needed help quickly. So due to my needing to watch your videos & listening to you again I also am looking for A Very Good Therapist near me who will be able to help me with all this as well because I need & want my Husband to want & need to be around me because he's Madly & Deeply in Love with me because I am responding instead of reacting. So now I just hope that by my watching & listening to you & all my other self help videos that it will Truly Help My Husband & Myself get back into Who & What We Truly are & that We Know how to be.

  3. This woman once quoted Woody Allen, because she thought something he said was funny…how can anybody take someone seriously who quotes a child molester?!

  4. wow that story, thanks so much Tara for all your teachings, really helps me shift my perspective and understand others and myself more.

  5. having a really lovely, blessed, beautiful time listening to this video, so, a gratitude list:

    1) my mama

    2) dad

    3) sisters

    4) uncle

    5) that uncle's doing so well

    6) clearmind

    7) texting with mei

    8) music

    9) poetry

    10) Joshua radin

    11) dan mangan

    12) writing

    13) Walmart

    14) groceries

    15) a full fridge

    16) amazing beautiful wonderful movie watched tonight (a 35 out of 10)

    17) happiness

    18) boldness

    19) honesty

    20) being real

    21) p2

    22) fingers

    23) holding hands

    24) support

    25) typing

    26) bed

    27) safeway

    28) coconuts

    29) moments of forgiveness

    30) miracles

    31) ACiM

    32) sushi

    33) leftovers

    34) dancing

    35) expression

    36) movement

    37) wisdom

    38) reading

    39) books

    40) children

    41) my students

    42) my colleagues

    43) my clients

    44) skytrain

    45) smiles from strangers

    46) light

    47) darkness

    48) smoking a big fat yummy joint

    49) my place

    50) my diary

  6. But the anxiety does not come as a thought most of all, it comes as a feeling and intuition. It has nothing to do with thoughts. You have to bring your subtle intuition to a thought form to be able to deal with it. There is exactly a problem that we are thoughtlessly listening to our emotions.

  7. With CFS, sometimes it is a breathless challenge to make the sounds of mantras and prayers, and so I THINK through the mantras (I imagine imprinting my mindstream with the words). Is this less effective or not effective at all, unless spoken?

  8. question…. what can a parent do to a situation where you ask one of your family for help in a quite simple thing and they react in anger ???. it makes me feel unloved and a pest. I understand theyre in pain too .

  9. Ive played your videos nearly all day today. I am doing my best to take in what you are teaching us. Thank you for sharing your teachings. I am so grateful and becoming more aware to grow myself. Thank you again. Peace to you and all who learn from you.

  10. This message really speaks to me. Thank you for your eloquence and grace in sharing this knowledge, as well as reminders for awakening. I deeply appreciate this and will refer to it often. The timing of coming across this talk was serendipitous and much needed for me. Aloha nui loa💜

  11. So many of the talks that yo have made available are so valuable–especially as a reinforcement with mindfulness and
    meditation practices–power of pausing. Joanne Kini

  12. Presence, the gift we give ourselves.
    I am soothing myself with the following manta..
    "Love is transforming this" ❤️

  13. Thank you very much for being so careing and compassionate.i have borderline personality disorder.and. anxiety. your talks help me get through the day .when im having realy bad anxity attacks .listening to your talks are so powerfull helping me get through. Thank you 👍

  14. Tara, thank you.. for your beauty, your tenderness, your compassion and your brilliant explanations. I am going through adrenal fatigue and can really relate to the complaining thoughts. Thank you for sharing your experience and your great little anecdotes that keep me laughing at myself. I love you. With blessings and best wishes from New Zealand xxx

  15. Regarding the story of the suicidal boy who someone helped; I was so baffled about how I'd heard this story before even though I'd never listened to Tara Brach. I was really irritated when I found out that the story she was presenting in the first person was an old Internet meme circa 2000. http://www.snopes.com/glurge/kyle.asp

    I circled back and realized she wasn't presenting this as her own story, but it sure would have been nice had she properly introduced it as a fable. Otherwise, I very much appreciate the work Tara Brach is doing and sharing with the community. Thank you!

  16. Thank you Tara, I found you through Psychology Today. I want to share this with the world! This talk was truly a life saver for me. I had a nightmare of a childhood and it's continued my whole life. Your talks and meditations were instrumental in helping me put the pieces together. I was misdiagnosed with depression all my life, in and out of psychosis, prescribed anti depressants, cocktails of prescriptions. obsessive behaviors that made me literally brush the enamel off my teeth. Drugs and Alcohol trying to self medicate. At 57 I was diagnosed with bipolar. I started DBT Therapy, even though I knew it was helping some I was still in a fog. I came to realize l couldn't pay attention and realized I had a learning disorder. I changed Dr.s again and it was determined that I've also been living with attention deficit, another new medication! Finally it all started to make sense.. I've come to accept that this was my path. I'm feeling like I'm awakening for the 1st time in my life at 58. I'm not hating myself anymore and I have found the love and light that was always there. I'm on the path with so much gratitude. I can't thank you enough . <3

  17. Interesting how she mentions we're living mostly in a Virtual Reality, lost in thought.

    And yet, the fastest growing industry is Virtual Reality….

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