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alright are you ready to learn magic I sure as heck hope so because we're about to teach you with a cat of course the best way to learn is to play so let's jump into a game and we'll explain everything as we go hopefully even if you already have some familiarity with magic this video can fill you in on some of the details that are so key to making magic a truly compelling game we're going to assume though that you know the basics magic is a card game it's collectible like baseball cards but way cooler than baseball cards because instead of duty' Olding sticks the cards are full of wizards dragons and the occasional spa some yep you're right and cats lots and lots of cats actually the game itself is basically a wizard duel we're in no abstract terms your goal is to reduce your opponent from 20 life to 0 of course there are a few other possible ways to win like running your opponent out of cards but for most of your magic existence you'll primarily be punching each other in the face with creatures and spells until one of you falls over figuratively so let's get to it James versus Zowie round 1 fight alright it's the first round and Zowie draw seven cards let's take a look at her hand in magic there are three types of cards instance sorceries and permanence instants are things you can play at any time sorceries are spells you can play only on your main face and permanence are literally everything else anything that sticks around like creatures artifact enchantments lands or other allied planeswalkers are permanent so what's a main phase I hear you asking well I for one am very glad you are so eager to learn the technical side of the game none of this slamming beasties into one another for you you want to know about the phases and the rules the meticulous stuff and why wouldn't you I mean this is the internet after all and it's just brimming with tons of patient people will go over phases in a bit once we've talked enough to make them interesting but instead right now let's just jump into Zoe's first main phase this is where permanence can be played so let's talk about them specifically though first talk about one type of permanent the single most common type of card you'll see in magic land the idea in magic is that mages draw their power from locations and each location is tuned to a different elemental force so mountains will provide your fuel for fire spells and swamps will fuel things like death magic this fuel is called mana and you're gonna use it to do everything in the game each of your turns you can play Al and then you can tap your land ie exhausted for the turn it's illustrated by turning the card sideways and this provides you with mana to play your other cards if you look here at the top right corner of any card you'll find its mana cost so for instance our faithful store crowned stag here takes one white mana and three of any other color mana to cast and what generates white mana Plains the symbols nice and big on the card now if we look at Zoey's hand there's nothing that costs just one white mana so she'll ender turn and the play goes to James James draws a card drops a mountain on the table and then taps it to cast a goblin motivator because nothing motivates quite like goblins but unfortunately creatures get a little sick from being a rip from the ether and tossed into a strange battlefield in the middle of a wizard duel we've all been there so it can't tap or attack the turn they enter play this is usually called summoning sickness and since James has no more mana to use and his Gobbo still a little queasy he passes the turn back to Zoe Zoe starts her turn by drawing an inspiring commander then puts down another land and then taps both her mana to summon and a Johnny's pride mate which means it's time to talk about creatures here's the breakdown of a creature card this is the creatures name yeah I know that's pretty self-explanatory and this is the mana cost which we've already covered this right here is the creature type which we don't really have to worry about right now this symbol here tells you how rare the card is and what said it's from also not exactly relevant for this tutorial but this text in the middle is called the rules text and it tells you what special things the card does and the italicized text right underneath it that is called the flavor text and it tells you about the world these cards exist in finally there's these two numbers here this one is the creatures power and this one is its toughness so how do power and toughness work power is how much damage a creature does and toughness is how much damage it can take in a turn before it dies how would it take damage you ask oh we'll be getting to that in a moment but first it's time to enumerate phases told you we'd get to it a magic turn consists of seven phases one untap to upkeep three draw four main phase five attack phase six second main phase and seven end step and while we were blaring those air horns James put down another mountain and passed so since it's Zoey's turn again let's walk through all those phases first she begins with the untap step this is when the things you used in the previous turn become usable again so Zoe untappd the two land that she used the last turn to cast a shiny sprite mate remember that land once tapped can't be tapped again until your following turn and this is important because a big part of the strategy of magic is thinking about what resources you want to leave available to you on your opponent's turn so let's move on to upkeep your upkeep phase is a time when you pay ongoing costs but it'll be a long ways into your time with magic before you have to deal with this not to mention Zoe hears in the same boat and has nothing to do so she moves on to the next phase the draw phase where you yeah draw a card and now we're back to Zoe's main phase this is where you can basically anything if you've got the manner main phases are the only time you can play permanence or sorceries but you can also play instance during them too so Zoe lays down her third land now you can see that she could play the Pegasus courser but she's not going to yet why we'll remember how we said there's a second main phase that comes right after combat well she's gonna play it bare because if she played it now her opponent would know she's out of mana when she attacks but with 3 mana still open she could have any number of tricks up her sleeve if she wore sleeves that she could play during combat so she declares attackers by tapping the creatures she wants to attack with in this case via Shaunie's pride me now James must declare his blockers he could block with the Goblin motivator but he doesn't want to do that because it only has one power and only one toughness in this case he'd rather let the bridemaid through and take the damage himself so he can use the motivator later but for the sake of argument let's say he did block what would happen well then we'd move to the damage-dealing part of combat where each creature would assign its damage attackers to the creatures they were blocked by and blockers to the creatures they blocked so in this case the Goblin motivator would deal one point of damage to the pride mate not enough to kill it but the pride mate would assign two to the motivator sending it straight to the Graveyard that's the place where things go after they've been used up essentially if James had two motivators he could block with both of them and kill the pride mate but the pride mate would still kill both of the motivators since Zoe can assign damage to the blockers any way she chooses but enough hypotheticals let's get back to our real games timeline James decides to let the Ajani pride mate punch him in his wizard face doing two damage directly to him and reducing him to 18 life the key thing about damage though is to remember that damage on creatures only lasts until the end of the turn so if James did block with his goblin the pride mate would be back to having two health as soon as Zoe ended her turn but Zoe's not ready to end her turn yet now that combats done she's on to her second main phase and it's here that she plays her pegasus courser then having no more mana left she ends her turn and moves to her end step where if she had more than seven cards in her hand she would have to discard back down to seven it's back to James's turn who untapped draws a card and then enters his main face his goblet motivators a little stuck it'll just die if it attacks due to Zoey's pegasus but luckily for him he's got the sorcery card rage fire which he plays it does three damage to the Pegasus which only has a three toughness so now it's the Pegasus is turned for a trip to Zoe's graveyard and because the pride maid is tapped due to attacking last turn it can't block which means now James is free to swing in for that sweet point of damage with his motivator one thing to note here though is that if rage fire had been an instant card James could have cast it during Zoe's last turn but because it's a sorcery he had to wait until his main face now at this point I'm sure you're seeing there's a ton of cool tricky things you can do with instance in order to mess with your opponent's plants but that's going to be its whole own episode in the meantime James ends his turn passes to Zoe and she draws up oh oh my gosh it's the all-powerful James you have an extra credits episode due in an hour card setting his health and time instantly to zero and exiling him to his computer with a nice cup of tea well I guess they're gonna have to pick this up another time another time like next week when we talk about cool stuff like figuring out what type of Elemental mage you are or unless internet personality quiz terms what color deck you might want to play spoiler alert I'm a red black Samantha what do you think though what were they good are these background yes we're gonna play an island [Applause]

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    Would be a shame if someone messed that up for you."
    -Teferi, 2019

  2. 20+ years playing Magic and EC finally makes Summoning Sickness make sense to me, with a giant magic hand tossing the creature around

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    I'll Be Lurking, Friend.

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  7. I wish you talked about this 3 years ago! Once you get the super basics down you should make a video about determining the Beat Down. It's a super relevant concept in nearly every competitive game.

  8. there are things that are technically wrong here but would confuse people if they said. You can't play an instance anytime you want. You can only play them when you have priority in response to something else being played.

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