37 thoughts on “Learning to Love Yourself | Amanda Jetté Knox | [email protected]

  1. Idk how old this video is, but last year, I started to try and love myself and it's been hard, but at least I'm trying. This video helps, so thank you for uploading it. -I

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed your presentation. But the amount of time spent on telling your story was way more than the part you learnt to love yourself. Thanks again

  3. What a beautiful person to share such a difficult story! U r such an inspiration! Hugs to u And give your daughter the biggest hug! ❤️ Good luck to u both! I know u found the key is loving yourself because u just glow!!!!! U look fantastic!!!!! Hope I can learn from u! Thank u!!!

  4. I think my self esteem was always messed up since a child my mother would always chose her boyfriend and as I got older men always chose other women… I’m glad I’m realizing this .. I’m sorry if I’m over sharing but we can definitely all face our shadows in life it’s all about confronting them

  5. I started to think of myself as my own son and what I would push my son to do or learn if I were my own kid.

  6. Oh you sad thing, i like that your fight is going for better, and check vipassana meditation if you really looking to get deeper involved in learning to love yourself, thats next level babe 😘

  7. This was so great! Really touching. This is such a great example of how loving others uncoditionally and seeing their lack of self-love and self-acceptance can break us out of our preconceptions of our own unworthiness.

  8. I want a friend I can hold hands with down the street and still have a platonic relationship with her.

  9. Well good luck with that :/
    Honestly! Some people don't have any redeemable qualities. Namingly all the people who did this to you….and yet they probably love themselves……sad

  10. Thank you to everyone who is willing to love them selves no matter what, because if you love yourself love follows you everywhere you go

  11. What a fantastic Tedx Talk! Amanda, I think that you have hit the nail on the head with so many issues we all tend to have with ourselves and some stage in our lives. I hope you beautiful daughter is doing well and loving her life. Thank you.

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