45 thoughts on “Learning to Kickflip in 48 Hours”

  1. Good tip for anyone that's having trouble committing to landing. About a foot away from a grass, facing it. For some reason seeing the grass in front of you makes you think it's safer to land. It's some odd reptilian primal brain sort thing.

  2. 10:57 man i live in LA and never seen these spots if anyone knows the name of that spot and 8:03 please reply thanks

  3. make your fucking advertising a little more subtle. god damn. not even finishing this shit because of that.

  4. I’m 13 yrs old, I started skating less than 5 months ago. The first time I tried my brother’s board, I was able to almost Ollie. Just a month later, I could 50-50 and front shuv. Just a week ago I learned how to kick flip, now I have them on lock. I skate every day now and skating is my life. Whoever is reading this just know that practice can get you anywhere.

  5. I remember when I got my first kickflip and right after that I landed my first heelflip….It was summer 1999, shit how time flies.

  6. I remember that feeling of coming so close to landing the kickflip that I had to calm myself down to actually land it.

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