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I'm J come here e I'm mark mark is joining us as a professional racecar driver mark is gonna coach us all day see how we can make us faster and we're gonna see what our fastest lap is after some coaching I'm a factory driver for the Bryan Herta Auto Sport Hyundai Veloster and TCR in the M sub Michelin Pilot Challenge Series mark is gonna drive tell us what we're doing wrong where we can gain the most time and why we lost so much time but first I'm gonna walk you through my before and after lab so you can see how much improvement we've made watch my after lap on the left that's the best way to see what I did right and then you can look back later and see where I did wrong so I was passing cars on both of these straightaways before I started my fast laps coincidentally but if you look at the after one I hit the brakes earlier I come through the turn a little slower but I exit a lot faster and here if you look on the after lap I hit the brakes earlier and I used the whole turn to get through I run right over the red part which I don't do on my for lap and then I stay very left come in slow and right after the eggs of this one I stayed more to the right then I brake and turn at the same time so it rotates me on its own and then I extrude myself out through this whole complex to try to get through as quickly as I can without turning the wheel and this turn was a little bit of a nightmare in the before I had no idea where to turn in and opponents were all off but after seeing mark slap I know exactly how to approach this corner and I came out with a lot more speed you can see I'm like 2 seconds faster to the chicane which then I stay very right turn a lot earlier and hit the red curb which i didn't do in the before lap then I made sure I was nice and slow and careful there so I had a lot of eggs at speed and just touched that left curb right at the very end and I don't think I used any brakes here in my after lap I blew right through and made sure I had a really good approach for the straightaway I even hit that call and it didn't matter everything was about lap times came three seconds faster than when I started the day now we're gonna cut the mark in the car showing us how we should be driving the track then we'll show Jacobs before and after laps that's right so as we run around the track here we just have to remember that there's a few big factors one is the tracks a little bit green we've had a lot of rain this spring in fact all the infield this is more like a lake but it's also a little bit of a bumpy circuit so we need to set the car up in a way that's going to help with that and compliance is really important I mean compliance that's damper settings that's where do we set it so that we can get the ideal grip and in my opinion we go to sport for this track yeah it works really well and so that's where I had it and you're and I was wrong on end he was on end so I think you know n works very well but I think just dialing that back just to touch for this track with the bumps is really important but as we go through here we're gonna talk you know about lying and about visual and and and where you want to place the car this track there's a lot of threading the needle in a lot of places for example the section we're coming up on right now you really need to use all that road as much as you can but position the car correctly here so that you can get the right line and get the car in the right spot for that next corner and every corner is different so in this case we want to point the car a little late so that we can have a lot of room at the exit to get on that throttle and make sure we can get back to the right and use all the road this is a pretty quick left-hander here so placement is really important and being just a little bit off can have a really big effect on your lap time so as we start another lap here we'll we'll just continue to talk through it but a couple of cool things you know visuals and references things to look for to sort of braking and to know where to go so we start to pick there's a red line there and I think that's a pretty good indication of where we want to talk about braking so we roll through one we know that there's a bump in the middle so we need to make sure we get the car pointed and on throttle over that bump without scrubbing the tire really working beyond the friction circle so I didn't really notice that bump but I did I feel like the whole thing is a little bumpy and that was just kind of one of them yeah I've been even you taking these slower laps I'm already seeing completely different line differences from my own lab yes so there's there's for example like what we just went through that complex there there's a lot of throw away there and it's all for this section here and you're really threading the needle but this is tight here and if you induce a little too much understeer it's a two-fold problem you're either gonna have to lift or you're gonna have to abuse the the tire and we don't want to abuse the tire we want to keep the tire underneath this we want to keep pressures and temp under control that'll give us consistency and consistency is really important as we as we run around here laptop collapse so rather than going for like one super hot lab you're trying to get the most of the hottest laps out of it by correct yeah I mean for me it's always in racing it's all about consistency it's all about hitting the same lap time for an entire duration of a race and if you can be you know within the same tent every lap that's that's what you're going for you know for example even in in the racecar if we hustle it too hard and we abuse the front tire it will get too hot it'll fall off and it'll be very hard to to retain the fastest possible lap time over the duration of a race you might get one really one or two really great ones but then you're going to be slower on the balance throughout the whole run of the race so it's it's it's tire management and it's knowing when you're at that limit and driving to that limit and so are you using these cones as a reference like your turn in your exit your apex yep so the cones are there for you know to help it's just it's just visuals it's just a you know and having driven for a long time I don't really use them much anymore I I know what I need and what I want the car to feel like but if you haven't been to the track much and you're new to it they're just there's a fantastic way to learn and you're just connecting the dots so you've got your entry cone your your apex and your exit and in fact data entry cone is not even close to the right spot and that's probably screwing both of us up right so so that's where you know that from experience what you can look for and what you can ignore so in particular let's start with Jacob what did you notice he did wrong the most on his laps Jake it was pretty hard on the brakes and I can see why I mean we're on a race track why wouldn't you be you want to use everything up but I've always been under the impression and in my racing I always like to work up to it so I'll be a little bit easier on the brakes and I'll like I'll kind of add the braking component in towards the end to really bring my lap time down but I always focus on getting the car position correctly first and these laps we're doing right now that are at a slow speed they're allowing me to kind of hit my marks consistently and that's a good way to come up to speed and get comfortable and know where you're at and then you can start to push it and naturally let the time come so what Jacob I know we did two hot laps not many laps in the car before that we have some changes to the car so you know it's a lot to ask but generally speaking deep on the brakes missing a few corners on that and getting it being a little off the apex and if you're off the apex two or three feet that's a lot I mean I I think if you're off the apex by a few inches or you know maybe a six inches you know you're missing something so it's there's there's a lot of little things there gears making sure you're in the right gear I did screw up here once right so that should be second also getting the power too early so if you get too power too early with a front-wheel drive car you're gonna induce understeer yeah the car isn't pulling it up track enough so car position again it comes back to that that patients getting the car rotated and knowing that when you get back to throttle you can commit fully to it and not induce a bunch of of understeer sort of coming off the corner and what about Yuri Yuri I was deep on the brakes again I learned I learned from this guy that's why he's using them up and you know it makes for a long track day if you run out of brakes and you know the Veloster hen and has great brakes but if you like in any car it doesn't matter what it is if you overcook them you know it's it's it's gonna cost you some lap time in terms of you know being able to get back to throttle and being on line correctly so otherwise a little bit of early throttle some missed apex is a little bit of being a bit overzealous in a few corners trying to really hustle it when when it needed a bit more finesse so you know definitely some stuff to work on between the two of you guys but a great start and you know we have lots to focus on so far we're not terrible though nope not terrible I've done a lot of coaching and there's there's some times where yeah you really close your eyes and you just hope you you're gonna go back in the pit lane that next lap and we don't have that here so we're having fun so we're slightly above above average you guys are good and I think you know the car the car says a lot too right it's a very friendly user-friendly car to drive and it's a great tool I mean front-wheel drive is a great place to to have fun and these new-age front-wheel drive cars they handle so well and they're so flickable possible light they're just fun and so for it to come out here and kind of learn on a car like this it's really great so should we do a fast lap with you next lap sure so we can watch what you're doing and then you can actually say you're fast fast lap with only two people in the car so it's not unfair yeah yeah there's a little extra ballast in here that I'd like to get rid of but let's give it a go here you break barriers very to the right compared to us all the way to the apex okay I definitely screw that one up it's it's crazy cuz it's like it feels rough but also still smooth at the same time like I feel like you're throwing it in harder but it's feels smoother smooth is fast yeah that's crazy all right take notes take notes I am I am here we go freakin on that marker that's second yeah okay well yeah shifting on turns I'm taking notes sometimes you're in between gears that's just the reality I'm gonna watch this video back and then I'm gonna watch where your eyes are looking there's that patience or of rotation that's at you could feel it just before the white line there and turns into super early compared to us at least myself it's good we got the cones wrong yeah whoever laid out these cones okay Briggs before the chicane yeah Oh rotate before that makes sense I didn't catch that part but so he threw he turned it in before so that you can carry the speed a little bit longer at least that's what I noticed and tight here flatten with the time with the time let's see you're still waiting still waiting one twenty six six with two of us sit three of us in here okay gonna be hard to get to ya is there any reason you chose to stay in third that a little more interest feet that time filling out the tire just always learning myself you know you're always always trying to just find out what the available grip is and cool felt like the right choice so you turn in early to get the whole thing to kind of rotate first I think I got to watch the gears the most were you in second through there Jigga yeah those I stayed through third with pretty much everything I didn't oh I'm in that early Wow that makes a big difference yeah okay there's like half a second right there both of us see Yuri watch he turns in early and just sends it right here yeah patience here patience it's slow corner yeah okay because you he always likes it very late on the curb yeah and we always hit it like super early you know because we're idiots this is why you don't go to the very left here that kind of goes from the middle ish patients both France and okay all right let's see we're at still waiting waiting waiting come on 125 five there's a second oh there we go so it's just playing with it we're getting comfortable at the tire there's a lot of extra weight but yeah it's it's just hitting those marked it's being consistent you know keep those eyes up and just not hustling I think I don't know if you noticed did it feel like the braking was that crazy all right and the pedal feels like it's getting better because we're letting the brakes cool a little bit so so it wasn't it wasn't the Veloster slugger we cooked the brakes in the first hand it was powerful right we have poor brake management skills apparently yes it's it's just reading what the car is telling you and that's one thing that's so great about this car is you get that excellent feedback and you need to just use that and it's if it tells you I need to eat pecks a little bit later to get that full throttle at that apex all the way out give it to it it'll respond it's it's when you try to ask for too much you know roll too much speed and go beyond that grip grip limit of the tire that you just create heat and then you end up making the job so much harder because the tire just loses loses grip as it gets hot oh I think I need to take a break from this back seat to be on it back there I'm really good at being in the backseat of cars on track yeah but I'm just a little out of it right watch my before lap on the right but I'm gonna show you the improvements on the left I really tried to focus on what Mark told me I made adjustments to my braking zones my braking pressure and my racing line I turned in much earlier into corner one which resulted in a much faster exit speed because I was on the throttle much earlier so I have about half a second faster on my previous lap already on corner two I turned in earlier nailed that apex and I was still on the throttle right there I backed off just to set up for the next section because there's more time to be made right through here I use weight transfer to my advantage turned in much earlier short shifted into third to rebalance the chassis and I'm basically flat out through this whole section right here this sets me up for the next section which again I turned in much earlier and completely changed my racing line I got a much better exit and on this straight I made up a ton of time after the chicane I stayed to the right so that I would turn in much earlier and nailed this apex while still being on the throttle through this section I had to use a lot of patience if you don't use patience you're going to understeer and you're going to wash out and you lose a lot of time I didn't even touch the brakes until right here this section I still had some trouble with but I'm already two and a half seconds up from my previous lap I was on the throttle right there and I'll let the lap time speak for themselves now patience is great that's being here nice and patient and then here yeah you're gonna just get it slowed up just a little bit and you can use a touch more track at the at the node in the middle of the corner there just open that up a little bit more okay so we'll find the limit of the brakes that would overcook in them yeah I'm going a little early there but ease out turn and won't be able to rotate a little earlier look at that look good so yeah I felt like I turned in early but yeah that's correct that was correct okay yes you had it spot-on and I'm not breaking down here use that curb roll it in there's nothing to gain on the backside of this section right so you just need to get it load up patience here get to throttle now he's out roll it in good tight to that curve perfect to little over too much steering they're back to the left so just when I tune that but very nice okay roll it and patient patient patient patient full throttle on line the wheel that's good oh my bad crowd right roll it through here and the limiter good stuff good stuff now back to throttle unwind that wheel a little bit just to free it up as best you can yeah I should have been a little this year no it looks pretty good always can be a little smoother so you're driving hard into that apex and hurting this got to fix this this is the area we'll focus on next lap and I'll probably have a pretty big improvement because absolutely it's all about that straight on straightaway speed and maximizing a lot of time there no 29:11 great he's ever rolling in good back to throttle download smoothies out transfer that weight nice aggressively use that curb and then there's nothing to gain here nothing really to gain so a little more in here and just lean on the tire a little harder it has a little more grip to give there good turn it early yeah that's good third gear good now full throttle yeah the car down right up a gear right and there's a torque all these little things that affect full throttle unwind and stop okay you could give you a little lighter on the break there and just a touch more in here and to make this a little do this a little more an egg or there's a little more speed to be had there patience patience smooth and then on it you can smoothly go to throttle too and not overwhelm the tire okay so now I'm gonna take this wider yep so get just ease that break see roll it now just off and roll it roll it and that feel a little bit better already it does an angle yeah throttle yeah that felt a lot of it game there yeah good game there 20 I'm flat and get that braking done easy ed full throttle so they just missed it just touch but I knew that we had enough grip there we could commit so I gave the go get on it and so for here get it get it load up get the shift done easy roll the speed remember not much to gain on the flip side here so carry it in get the shift done off and roll it roll it roll it a little bit of throttle now get on the throttle get on throttle hard off roll it short shift to third oh yeah there you go full throttle full thrust and as you go to 30 you go to full okay all of a sudden you've you've calmed the car down a little bit by making that shift off patience full throttle a little delay there there's a little more mid corner speed there we can be a decade own had yeah we'll just keep working up to that smooth in here that's good and then off and roll it roll it roll it already there oh yeah okay see and you just can get that flow and you can really feel the car as it as it loads on each side back to full throttle okay that makes sense and here's the coast yeah remember yeah that's nice smooth here smooth smooth good good off that brake roll it roll it lean on the tire see you so I'm a touch early to throw to miss that apex just a bit you know you're able to drive out of it so it's okay but we just want to keep that nice and tidy 220 86 on that break get in a touch deep fulcrum so even you can you know you can see if the trajectories right yeah I can commit to it so your turning point was very good there good it smoothes here yeah right at that limit good stuff and get it load up here roll it roll it roll it a little bit of throttle a little bit more more more more MORE oh yeah see how you yeah if we'll pull it so you can use that tool it does okay third gear full throttle yeah okay okay so we're working up to that and your shirt shifting may be a touch early but that's okay I want to get you in that rhythm all right a goal okay carry the speed a little more speed here right roll it roll it roll it yeah okay take care roll smooth on throttle full throttle very nice remember a little bit of break ease out roll the speed carry and carry carry so roll you just mean just just feather okay throttle just basically don't over slow and just trying to get you to right just keep the momentum up basically that's it 27 for okay so let's slow down and just tell me it kind of where to look because I feel like I'm looking at the wrong spot okay here I'm still looking here and oh how I've already started yeah you always want to be you want to keep those eyes up and we're all caught in the daily Drive of looking at the back of everyone's bumper yeah and that's exactly what we don't want to do so eyes low means a lot more reactionary type feedback I mean you're kind of looking down and then oh hold the corners they're open and so to try to to try to smooth it out and make everything slow everything down if you will keep the eyes up and be looking around the corner so you know for example looking for your apex so here I'm already looking for it yep and now look for where you where your entry point is here thinking about where your apex is looking for that right there you got it and then go wide out I should already be in third but I'm not going from a hot lab right you're trying to go straight just keep the eyes up on that on the rise in there so that everything that's coming at you is gonna come at you a little bit slower so it makes sense just cuz you're you're a step ahead of it yeah and then here I should already be looking there right exactly yeah and then here yep so eyes up you're thinking you know okay how do I make this as straight as possible yeah so you got the eyes up through there you don't want to drink dip in that little divot there through here anymore looking already looking down to your entry point you're f ing x and now you're exit and now well down the track alright cool so I'm gonna let your you have a little go in here good stuff and I think I understand what's going on now it looks really good and getting me out of the car and will give you a little bit of a little bit more time as well just it's eliminating some unnecessary weight yeah but it looks good and I think if you the next evolution of that is to retain that the changes to the line and the new visuals and all of that and then apply that aggressiveness bring that aggressiveness up a little bit more again to grow that back up you know but retaining that line that you that we've been working hard to achieve and the consistency yeah and that consistent it's a break feel and all that stuff like kept my breaking was better not as aggressive yeah probably a little too SEBI yet maybe backed up to much but that's good that's what I wanted so it's great because it to back it up a little bit too much you can always bring it back and and you just you just want to make sure that you're not you're not overcooking it and trying to bring it back work up to it as opposed to working down right it's always always better that way I find it ok cool and then smooth on that shift and roll off so right in here where you go to throttle let's roll a little more speed and just lean on the tire event are okay I don't fully understand that what that means but I will try okay we'll talk about it to get there you know we always have to move on quickly back section and patience moves on throttle I love these shift lights aren't they nice they're the best now get get good smooth shifts often : so we want to be a little more to the right before we make that left their work on that a little bit this is much better line on entry perfect now commit to throttle it probably felt much better to you there oh yeah you know when do i downshift yeah I'm kind of right in here so that snappiness feel it move the weight to the rear then it's creating induces a bit of that understeer so by making the engine pinkier by being in second we have to really respect the throttle position and be nice and smooth with it right at that limit for one for sure I felt really good that felt really fast yeah get that braking done okay ease off and roll it roll it roll and get back to throttle a bit all the way to the outside brake brake off roll it good better ha ha right the fella way to get it make sure you slow it up to get there good patient just third third gear see by going to third you calm the front down a little bit so what I mean is the power down is easier blew it I think I was trying to listen to you and so that's yeah I don't understand the third power calming the power down so call me the power down means when the engine is really peaky and sharp you can create and do some wheel spin or more understeer because you're overwhelming the tire of debt but by going to third and dropping the ribs down lower the application is actually a little smoother if that makes sense so it's not as it's not as susceptible to wanting to understeer which means you can commit to throttle and and know that you can stay on it as opposed to having a lift or do that which will just cost you time okay I'm still kind of confused by that that maybe next lesson problem it's a lot it's a lot of Stata info and and and you're driving that was actually I don't really yeah yeah and so you see you have to just really wait for the tire to recover and and that hurts that that exit was that an okay job of like not blowing it completely yep yep for sure oh yeah woman I don't know if I can give you maybe it yeah it's a good use the diff there to get help with the throttle that's perfect roll it great right to the cone and then smooth so see how its pinky right now like you can't really commit to full throttle down late when you go to third you can just matter that's all I mean you can just right when you go to third full throttle okay I ever happen you just drive it out it actually will make the car feel alone a lot more sort of plan today okay bring about I think I get that yeah that's all it is so good on the entry there we will work on smoothing out nine a little bit okay okay right – that apex and then here I just want to see how you kind of drive into this and he pecks I want to open that up let's miss that apex and focus just on this apex a little wider an entry to point the car and allow for earlier power down to the more triangular than like right big are there kind of hope you what you end up doing is over slowing in the first part and then you never really are able to recover it after that it's just the car it's all about momentum keep the speed up roll the speed get some traffic I'll try to take this turn nicely and then adjust for traffic yeah so right in there the diff if the tire is underneath you that you can just mat it and the diff will really work nice tuck the outside so looks where the car rolls their back as you pull it back to the right will just try to smooth that out a little bit so if we maybe not pull the car all the way back over because we're transferring a lot of around a left and right stuff you got it okay so this is wider right so this no that's tighter this is wider yeah so you not fighting much but watch what happens here your trajectory changes you can you got to fill in a point the car more at the apex just slightly change the angle yeah way too wide on that last exit it's a bit of a change so it'll take a few laps to to kind of sink in and and feel right at that AIPAC skit the speed in a little throttle here and then remember get the shift done and then off the brake and roll in in a little C that's a little too much – all nice and smooth on your application that's all just I do have a hard time being smooth I know that that just moves weight which makes it the car if the car is not quite sure how to respond so through this chicane so see that early turn in what happened it's way too much steering there okay so we need to open an entry up so that the angle is better if I steer too early right correct and you're too early and then have to steer too much as a result of that early turning there's time losing too much speed going left it right there right so feel because the car is doing this it's there it never settles enough to be confident to hustle it yeah so we just need to straighten that up a little bit and then get off the brake and roll it okay so this is good so just a touch wider off roll it now lean on the tire and now point it and fullthe wrong oh yeah that felt way better there you go that's exactly that's exactly what we want to work towards there okay other another lap or so that's pretty better whatever you want don't go all day okay okay okay that Breaking Dawn shift okay patients get to the apex full throttle soon as it goes earn sense commit to that throttle okay so I was like it maybe like just a hunch just to touch late and there's this one am I doing this one right or no I'm not on the throne while not on the power early enough not early enough so it's so carry it roll it over the red curve sorry just to touch wide and then shift and come off and roll it and just pastes with the throttle now feed into the throttle so I shouldn't freshen up she went to third to suit third has to be right here I that's right I I just zoned out go from its here I got to go away wider so just a bit wider on the turn in and now get it into that apex is that command I would go even wider and open that up even a little bladder for the beginner rack from the beginning from here the hustle thing is just keep it straight yeah get the braking done so so that what happened there yeah is there's a bit of a balance and we need to we need to roll the speed at nine which is step over the curve the red curve there yeah we can break it just a touch earlier through the early part of those s's okay and then set the car up to hustle nine all right am taking too much information now and this is perfect my goal is to overwhelm you know yeah I think that felt better on that exit there yep my house that was much better that was good so that was our first track day with Marek learning how to become faster drivers my goal was to be 2 seconds faster than when I started today your ball also 2 seconds which I also did do by almost 3 seconds and I was just about 3 seconds as well yeah you were much more improved than I was overall yeah what did you notice was our biggest improvement like what what factor of your instruction do you think helped us the most you know we covered a lot of topics today but I think focusing on getting off the corner getting that power down sooner focusing on corners that lead to long straightaways and just tidying up the line a little bit to be honest you guys did a great job picked it up really quick and you know helps to have a fun car car car to do it car with some really good tires Shotokan swing the series what's what's your sponsor give him a shout-out yeah well I just got a I guess I'll say hi to all my guys on the race team Bryan Herta Autosport Mason Harry and of course Michael Lewis my co-driver you know hope you guys enjoyed this video and I know they're all jealous that I get to take this awesome Veloster and on track here and have fun with you guys I thought you were gonna say that they're jealous that we can't hang over those yeah that's true they live in the wrong part of the country what can I say alright well looking forward to the next one we're doing more of these so expect more track videos if you want to come to this track and try it out if you're near Toronto is Toronto Motorsports Park and you're Cayuga yeah it's really close to Toronto super cheap to go here I would recommend bringing your own car just having some fun a great place to have a blast don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell and trigo patreon.com slash the straight pipes youtube membership and teespring what's your Instagram at mark Jeremy Wilkins and cheer for mark what were you doing uh-huh now he's a straight Piper's all right thanks guys that's awesome I love it I'm URI I'm Jacob we're going for a drive subscribe right now subscribe we didn't even we didn't do that

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