– I just got this letter, okay. Let me read it to you. (reading in Spanish) Okay? (paper flapping) Guess how many takes
it took me to get that? Dos! Mi espanol es muy bien! But wait there’s more. (reading in Spanish) 2019. (reading in Spanish) (whistling) Guess me how many takes it took me to do that? Like 12. You all know what that means? (paper flapping) ‘Cause I don’t. That means that there’s
a quince on the 23rd of Marzo this year, at 11 de manana. Okay, I don’t know how to dance. (voice honking) When is that, when is this, what is today? When is the card? What happened? Today is the 13th. The quince is the 23th, okay, that means I only have 10 days to learn how to dance? (groaning) It should be mandatory if
you’re inviting a white guy to your quince you should
give his card to him three months in advance. (card flapping) Okay. I will not be made a fool. Okay, not this time. I am probably the only white
guy invited to the quince. So that’s a little added pressure. How to Mexican dance, is that rude? How to Mexican dance. Basic Bachata steps. I thought a Bachata was a drink. – [JP] Basic steppings I will show you two or three basic steps,
that’s more of a basic. – Hold on JP. Is this a basic tutorial? This is a basic dance move, I’m a teach you some basic steps. It’s just a basic way to
basic do your basic stuff. You’re a white guy watching this. He knows I’m white. – [JP] Step left, then your
gonna do this down, just. – I don’t know why every time I try to dance Mexican style dance
I put my hand right here. Now you know who you’re dealing with JP. – [JP] Three, four, and to
better, the more you go at it. – These are my dancing pants. Oh you’re dancing with a partner. Hold on. (Latin music playing) – [JP] You’re gonna go
slow on this, not too fast. (wind hissing) Put your right foot. – JP, I can’t hear you, it’s too windy. I can’t hear you JP. Hold your partner’s hands like so. Don’t worry about. Don’t go limp on me. Hold on JP, my partner
needs to take a breath. Get it? (air hissing) Partner’s hands like this, don’t worry about rhythm or time, the wind’s blowing. Side step. What are you doing? Hey, get outta here. (Latin music playing) (Brandon hooting) – [JP] So next step we’ll. – I wonder what my neighbors think of me. What do y’all think of me? (sirens blaring) Did y’all call the police? I’m not dying, it’s a Mexican thing. (video continues in Spanish) Got it so, instead of side to side, go front to back. I’m with you so far. What do I do with my partner? Cast him to the side. – [JP] Left, right. (Latin music playing) – [Woman] So for ladies, we’re gonna start with our right leg, so we’re gonna go back. (Brandon laughing) Tap, forward, together, forward. – [JP] Right, together,
right, high to your left. – I do more of an uber. – [JP] Left together. Three, up we just tap, one. – So knee her in the groin. – [JP] Two, three, four. (Latin music playing) (blow up doll clatters against wall) – Shut up, you made a mess. – [Woman] So you’re gonna
step with your left. – Sears photo. (Latin music playing) – Maybe horchata’s not for me. What other dance moves you got, JP? Cumbia de vueltas steps. (Latin music playing) What are these? (video singing in Spanish) You’re embarrassing me. – [JP] Back with the left, then crossover. We’re not professional
dancers so don’t expect to be, for us. – Neither are we. (Latin music playing) Did you see that? I did it, I did it for like two times. (Latin music playing) – [JP] So we’re going to the basic step. Our next basic step is. (Brandon stomping) – Hey I think we’re ready. (Brandon reading in Spanish) Make it 10. (mariachi music playing)

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  1. omg im rolling and dying…. holy crap you sure know how to cheer someone up when they are having a rough day like i was having lol never stop making videos please.

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    Donโ€™t have a life come and join me

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