– Y'all, I bought a cross-stitch set. Oh, why is it slimy? No wonder it was on clearance. I've never done crotch,
(laughs) crotch-stitching. Definitely never done that. Never done a crotch-stitch,
never done a cross-stitch. Both of those things I have never done. Don't mind my wild and crazy cat. She slept for 17 and a half hours so, she's gonna have a little
bit of energy, okay. What is this? Why is there a hair already in it? Wait, is hair going in it? I honestly don't even know
how to put the paper in, the, what is it? Don't type in how to crotch-stitch. You're not gonna get the search
results you're looking for. (keyboard typing) How to cross-stitch. – (Vickie) Hi, I'm Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert Village. In this series– (keyboard tapping) – Hi Vickie, you're not
Pavone, I'm here (laughs). Teach me to crotch-stitch.
(keyboard click) – (Vickie) The first thing
after you've threaded your needle and prepared your fabric, you're gonna come from the
back of– (keyboard click) – So I'm going to do what now? Come from where? (keyboard click) – (Vickie) Fabric, in the
first hole. (keyboard click) – Come from the back into the first hole. We are crotch-stitching,
aren't we. (laughs) How to do basic crotch, cross-stitch, why do I keep saying
crotch? (laughs loudly) Get your mind out of the gutter Brandon, get your mind out of the crotch. You already got the fabric on your crotch. Threaded your needle and everything. I need to know how to do this. I can figure it out. That's it? I thought there was another fold. Typically is with a crotch. Okay here we go, we're gonna put this in. I'll come back to you Vickie, okay? For right now, you are going to be Pavone. But I will be back and you
won't be Pavone no more. – (Philip) I've done a
Gryffindor crest and a– – May I see? – (Philip) A few Doctor Who cross-stitches and some really cool stuff. Our fabric, or what we'll call Aida. – Adia what? Aida fabric? Aida fabric! – (Philip) And then the tip of it is usually dull because
you don't really need a sharp tip because you have– And a basic cross-stitch
is done with two strands. A lot of times you'll pull–
– What! (keyboard click) You're telling me to rip this in half? This isn't one piece? What! – (Philip) Til I get down to the other end where we'll have a loop. – With you so far. – (Philip) We're gonna feed that loop through our needle. – Mmm? – (Philip) Then take your
needle, put it through the loop. – Through what loop? – (Philip) And what that does, is it gives you a little knot right there. – Okay. – (Philip) So now you have
two strands of thread– – Where'd my knot go! Phil, it created a nothing. – (Philip) Gives you a
little knot right there. – It doesn't! What kind of wizardry is this? It's getting harder and harder to thread. Okay, Philip, talk to me like I'm five. Oh, this way, 'cause you're right-handed. Oops, got it. – (Philip) And pull and what that does– (keyboard click) – That ain't gonna work
and I can guarantee you. Oh it worked.
(frustrated grunt) – (Philip) There are a
couple of different ways you can start, with a waste knot– – What knot? – (Philip) Or without a waste knot. – Teach me the waste knot, want not. – (Philip) But the way I like to start is, not with a knot. – Not with a knot, got
it, not confusing at all. Why aren't you using a circle, Philip! I knew you weren't right for me. How to cross-stitch,
is there a difference? What is this then? (frustrated sigh) – (Katherine) Needles have larger eyes for threading multiple strands. And they're dulled to
minimize accidents in — – They're not dull. This, put this over. Mine's all loosey goosey. Ow, my cat attacked my foot, I'm sorry. Oh, hey! You wanna pop out at parties, do you? Mine's not straight, mine's
got these little creases in it. Mainly because Philip told me to do it. You know what, I don't want me hanging around that Philip no more. He's a bad influence
on my cross-stitching. Okay like this. Tighten it, okay. That wasn't so easy now, was it? All right, now I can go
back to Loner Boner Jackie. Into the first hole. There are millions of holes. How do I know which one's the first. – (Vickie) In the hole
diagonally across from it. (keyboard click) – There's so many holes,
so many diagonal options. What? (laughs) – (Vickie) This makes your basic X which is why it's called cross-stitch. Diagonally–
– I did it! (keyboard click)
Ow! I'm learning to cross-stich. Please, stop, biting me. (kitten purring) This is exactly what I'm talking about. Mine looks like a Jesus cross. Which I'm not complainin' – (Vickie) Now in cross-stitch, you have a full cross-stitch like this, a half cross-stitch, and a quarter. To make the half cross-stitch– – That's like $1.75. How do I undo this? Oh. (laughs loudly) That's like a magic trick. (laughs) That doesn't make sense to me. Can I help you. I don't need the camera. I'm makin' Xes over here. I'm makin' Xes like I'm unfaithful. Look at that, okay those
are two perfectly made Xes. Look at this.
Oh what have I done, oh no. It just came out last time. (laughs) No, what have I done? Ow, oh they're not dull, hmmm. Okay so there's either
two different stitches, or there's five. So that took 15 minutes. – (Katherine) The count is measured in holes per inch. – How many miles per hour is that. – (Katherine) When you start your stitch, I recommend that you start
in the center of the design. In a small design– For the purpose of the video, I've blown up this central area. – You blew out your central area. Don't strain so hard. (laughs) Lift with your knees Katherine. Been 23 minutes. I cheated a bit. – (Katherine) I simply
come through from the back. – Have you met Jackie? Y'all get along. Done. It'll look great but I'm not
going for look great up close. See. – (Katherine) So move down here. – This is taking forever. Somehow I got a little red dot in there. And you said this was blunt. I was trying to poke the
back end of it through. (fabric rip) Oh it does. What does that do. Reverses my work. Where's like the copy paste button? Can I just copy paste? Okay, um. So I spend about an hour and I got this. I went to spell laundry but I ended up making my letters way too big. My spacial reasoning is a little off. And then I had this little
incident up here, I couldn't fix. I did the outline of the basket, I was full on planning on
coming back and filling it in. And then I cut the needle
off this black thread here. And now I can't find
it, I lost the needle. I wish I was kidding. I have no idea where it's at. My carpet just so happens to
be the color of a haystack. Okay so I am literally
looking for a needle in the hay, in my carpet. I'm gonna point the
camera down at the carpet, okay if y'all see the needle, let me know in the comments
so I can pick it up and my cat doesn't eat it. This is where it fell. Help. That's my cat. Did you eat the needle? Hey, Zelda!
No you're good. If you see the needle, you let me know. I can't have you jumpin'
around on needles. I'll do it. I'm doing this for you. Shout out to my favorite sports team. The LA Laundry Baskets. That's about how LA plays sometimes.

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