43 thoughts on ““Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders” | Ali Partovi | TEDxSausalito”

  1. 😂😂😂this developed nations teaching their children computer Greek but am being taught introduction to computer in this African nations universities that's suppose to make you a Steve job😒😒😒👌.
    This African leaders should stop joking😕😴.

  2. A book is a good example to explain kids computer science or take them to library to explain how fundamentals of computer science work

  3. My Autistic son is in 4th grade and he is just starting it. He loves it but never has enough time with it due to he runs out of time and that upsets him and the rest of his day is horrible. Wish we had a program at him for him.


  5. "It's their favorite subject, because it makes school real and relevant". God, I wish I knew back then. This is exactly how I feel about computer science courses I take on today.

  6. Now, I'm in grade 12 for my school we have a coding class, that really fun subject for all kid. fortunately, I have a plan to study at the university, branch of Software engineering. Wish me found a lot of fun there!!:P

  7. I am surprised how many people think "coding" covers everything. In actuality, it essentially just means the act of typing in "code" with a keyboard. It does NOT include a vast majority of other aspects of software development, such as design, engineering, testing, database communication. etc. And how many people think they are "teaching themselves" when actually they are learning from authors, videos, etc. It'[s not like they are sitting in an IDE and just figure every thing out.

  8. Absolutely necessary for every self-employed person and a need that is not taught in school in order to make your mind grow

  9. uhm… if you teach everyone how to code won't the salaries eventually drop. companies would be competing for the people willing to work for less and less as the years go. picture web development going from 60-100k a year down to 25-40k a year??

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