Learning to Breathe – Behind the Songs (part 1)

I've been looking round and round and I can't seem to be unfound I want to see you carry and as I don't service in our journey it's very much influenced by my time spent living in community when I was traveling and really got into this study why are you guys just looking at yoga this story's yoga tradition one of those that really resonated with me is the Ramayana which tells the story of sita rama and hanuman walking through the forest and the way that i interpreted is that rom represents a state of joy that state of bliss that we are all longed for in our lives and the lion i'm trying to chase lord rama escaped all the drama it's kind of like a reference to just getting away from all the stuff that you don't want like sadness or frustration any of those you know feelings that we tend to try to push away and so in this story then Sita represents to me the the present moment so the moment where you are feeling sad or angry or anxious and we all just want to you know push Sita out of the way push the sadness away push the present moment away we just want to get to the next moment where I will be happy or so we think and just doesn't really work that way you might finally might have already found and so Hanuman then is me is you is but that's here doing doing the things that we do doing the work you might call it and we have to spend time with Sita in order to arrive that wrong so we need to spend time with the darkness in order to arrive with the clarity that comes with the light and then it would all make sense but we just want to keep skipping ahead but that's not it's not really how how it works and so that's what you carry is all about through our patience it's about persistence and it's about acceptance are you doing with your self you go in a funny little song that doesn't really fit medically with the rest of the album but I like it so much that I put it on there anyway and it's got like a tint of animosity you could say but it's really just a playful joyful song people come and go in our lives and there is always uses for that you know we don't always see later he comes clear why that have to happen the way it did yeah I guess there's no reference to sort of you know relationship to the digital age did you lose your fingers because that's the only explanation for no more communication with you so yeah it's just a phone number all good is a song about contrast I want the Sun to shine but it's cloud above you know it's like we want one things well we don't want the other thing put an order for the first thing to exist you also need the second thing to exist so it's about really just being being with everything that arises and knowing that regardless of you know turbulence it seems that the joy and the peace and love is it's never leaving and it's always there in the dark so me there so the light can shine you know we need cloud we need rain for the earth for things to grow to flourish and then you know the Sun comes out and it equally nourishes and does all that and then it brings more water off and the tides come again and so it's like a cyclone it's like super duper important it's always going on and you know we can't really be picking in June a pretty sight to the famous yeah it's just about accepting this point what is there being with it knowing that it's okay it's out

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