45 thoughts on “Learning Swedish (Lesson 1) "Basic Phrases"”

  1. Why I’m looking at this when I already can speak Swedish btw I’m not Swedish!:) Good luck to u who is learning the Swedish language!!!♥️

  2. This will be my 4th language. I picked this because I do have some Swedish in my family, and I’ve been told it’s easier. My 2nd and 3rd language are quite tough, that’s why I’m looking for an easy 4th.

  3. I speak several languages and I can realize how really very extremely similar are all these languages spanish english german french italian portuguese dutch and swedish why it would be I suppose because all these 8 european languages comes from the latin and ancient greek
    as well as happens with the asian languages between them are absolutely and definitely very similar too like chinese and japanese

  4. Damn, im Chinese, I spent 10 years to speak English as fluent as i can. now im learning Swedish in pain……

  5. Hej!
    I'm going to learn SWEDISH! You can take that to the bank. However right now, I have to cut the grass and do taxes. But "I will be back". Learning to speak the Swedish language sounds interesting and a lot of fun
    Besides it good to know another language besides English.
    Americans are probably the only humans on the planet who only speak one language. But I'm changing that for myself.

  6. Does anyone know how to pronounce the word hug in Swedish (kram)? I've been struggling badly with how to pronounce it

  7. Hej, jag heter Kåta Batikkärring. Det kliar såpass i min sura gamla torva när jag träffar främlingar, att jag helst av allt knullar bort både mitt folk, mitt land och allt mina förfäder byggt under årtusenden. Vill du bli nya mitt nya 'flykting'-knull!?

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