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  1. Great presentation, I would of like a corrective action or resources of some sort to combat this issue.

  2. She talks about learning, and when she impart the knowledge so others could learn from her…honestly i lost what she was saying from the start…i guess i need pictorial or illustration learning or add some humour in her talks..

  3. Lady are you a teacher? Have you observe learners in a class using the different learning styles? Clearly not!!! Please don't state things as educational facts when you don't understand what it is about. First of all it does exist. How do I know? I observed it in my class. Second ,no one taught us ,the EDUCATORS to label a child e.g as a visual learner and then teach that child or group visually, then teach the other group auditory,etc. NO NO NO NO , The curriculum speaks about differentiation . That means that there are different learners with different needs who learns differently and each one on his /her own pace. That means that my lessons should be differentiated . It does not mean that I have to do extra work. It simply means if I teach a learner tables in Maths.From Monday to Friday we will learn it in different ways. Everyone at the same time. If we work with cards ,everyone works with it. The tactile learner,visual learner and auditory learner might understand immediately,whereas the kinesthetic learners will struggle. The next day I will teach the same tables,but we will dance as we do it ,The kinastetic learner will then grasp it. Let me tell you, I did it with my class and what did I discover? The kinesthetic learners were my 3rd group ,but when we danced or used our bodies they did better then my first group because it was their learning style,their way of learning . The others could not keep the rhythm and think at the same time . They knew the tables ,if I asked them they knew , Its only that when it came to moving their bodies and think at the same time they could not do it as fast as the kinesthetic learners. Usually it is the kinesthetic learner who cant sit still and we think that they cant learn,when in fact they can,but in their way. I still teach all the learning styles to all the learners,but they just understand it better when its their learning style. THE CURRICULUM IS BASED ON THE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND POLICY. THAT IS WHY WE DIFFERENTIATED IN LESSONS SO THAT WE REACH EACH CHILD. PLEASE DON'T FEEL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO STATE THINGS WHICH IS FARFETCHED AS EDUCATIONAL FACTS . PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE TALKING TO PEOPLE WITH EDUCATION.!!!!!!!!!

  4. visual people listen and create a visual in their minds … therefore understand… so concepts are learned this way… arent you embarrassed to post a 1973 finding?

  5. …It's not the number of emergency room visits during a full moon that matter, rather the "chief complaints" of those emergency room visitors during a full moon πŸ™‚

  6. A child coming from a domestic and social setting with a myriad exposure to situations of behavior change attends a class programmed to just a typical mode of learning and finds himself or herself baffled by the way content just because only a bit of learning habit is featured and we call it teaching to the learning styles! The world doesn't give us information in just one method, rather we gather it through a variety of means. Unless the lesson makes any sense,we shut out our brain. What a beautiful presentation and convincing too.

  7. I agree to some extent, but I still believe that everyone has a learning style that best suites them. may be more than one.

  8. The number of people in the comments saying that PhD professor doesn't understand the research (or lack thereof) behind "learning styles" is astounding.

  9. Well, why is she using this presentation in the background to give her speech…. She could easily stand just do talking to her audience. With visuals are definitely the way I learn better. Some people learn better not only by visuals but also listening. Anyway, that is the way I am. If she did not have visual presentations in the background, I would be bored after a few minutes and loose interest listening some one like a motor mouth.

  10. I'm a homeschool mom of 4 and I discovered at an early age for my two oldest boys, that a way of learning, I call it a "processing style", made memorization almost magically easier for them. I developed a test when they were ages 4 and 6, presenting a question that was beyond their current grade level, to each boy separately. I found that with very little repetition, as in one time, they could tell me the answer to the quiz or question and it was one particular style of learning. For one of my boys or was auditory and one it was tactile. I have a theory though, being that probably all the test subjects have been adults who have been saturated in a strictly visual/auditory education system, that their brains have learned to learn in the way they've had to, but that they're actually wiref fairly strongly for a primary learning style. I continue to see rapid growth with my kids, having been able to tailor their learning to what works best for them.
    I say it's absolutely true that people have a learning style and that they would learn much better and faster if taught from a young age to work with it.

  11. Your presentation reminds me of the Chinese proverb : Tell me and I forget , show me and I remember, involve me ,make me do, and I undestand.involvement leads to understancing is the key to learning

  12. Interesting presentation.
    It is clear that whilst we may identify with one particular learning style, all the theories agree that we have within us the ability to access any combination, and all the styles within that particular theory. Also that our "preference" can change in different situations..So in fact everything that you are saying is in part true as their are no learning styles that we cannot utilise to our benefit, as it is commonly agreed we just find that some work better than others in some circumstances.
    But to rebuff all the theorists as being wrong, may just be a way of being contraversial and standing out.. which has been achieved.
    Well Done..very thought provoking … which adds the element of self reflection.

  13. Who paid for it to spread that BS saying telepathy does not work end learning styles are not there. I give you thousans of exapmles for it. We process much more information visually than from hearing. That is a proven fact. She says it has been proven in many ways. How and who she does not say. Also the moon is influencing earthy environment proven in millions of instances.

  14. It's not that learning styles don't exist, but that tailoring teaching methods to specific learning styles is no more beneficial to learning than teaching information and ideas in a variety of ways. This explains experimental studies resulting in students learning the same amount of tested information, even though it was (or was not) presented to them in their preferred learning style.

  15. How are you going to use a blanket research system to disprove a belief that everyone has a specific learning style. What if someone uses a little of all 3 learning styles, you are now going to say none of that truly matters? This is just another effort by the powers that be to control the masses with one way of thinking, its toxic. Accommodate people who are comfortable learning the way they want. Smh numbers, stats, evidence. Most evidence based research is just as fragile as beliefs when pertaining to how people think and learn

  16. If misogyny comes into this forum and ruins the potential of the conversation we could have about this controversial topic, so help me God I will lose it. Some things are just too important to miss.

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