Learning Strategies: Support the Strategy

Teacher: So who’s my main character going to be on my family trip?
Student: Fast guy driving. Class: (Laughter)
Teacher: I’m going to put “guy driving.” So do you notice I don’t write complete sentences? These are just my thoughts, ’cause when I
write and say more, that’s going to be everything. So these are just so I can keep my thoughts down on paper. I kind of call this
sometimes, like, caveman talk. “Guy driving.” Okay? It’s not sentences. When we write notes, its not sentences. So I have my
“Who?” What am I going to put next? Kathleen? Kathleen: “When.”
Teacher: “When.” So when did my story happen? Kathleen: In the 1950s.
Teacher: 1950s, all right. Whoo. What am I going to write next? Where does the story take place? Where does it take place? Kara?
Kara: In America. Teacher: In America, all right. So how am I doing so far? What can I
say to myself? Am I doing a good job? Class: Yes.
Teacher: I’m doing a good job. I’m getting all my parts. My story’s gonna make sense. So what am I going to add now?
Student: First “What.” Teacher: First “What.” So what happens? Or what does the main
character do or want to do? Student: They want to go to Niagara Falls.
Teacher: “Go Niagara Falls.” Teacher: So I’m going to read our story. I want your listening ears
on. If you hear the first part or second part or third part, remember to raise your hand, okay? “One day in 1950…” Sarah?
Sarah: 1950. Teacher: 1950. What part is that?
Sarah: “When.” Teacher: “When.” All right, so you guys can color one box.
Student: Can we color the second… Teacher: No, you can color the first box. So: “One day in 1950, a
guy is driving with his family in a car…” Student: Uh, “Who.”
Teacher: Which is “Who?” Student: A guy.
Teacher: A guy. Is there another “Who?” Will? Will: His family.
Teacher: His family. But you just color one box for the “Who,” okay?

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