Learning Strategies: Discuss the Strategy

Teacher: We have POW, right? And we’re going to learn a trick for
“Organize our notes.” And this is for stories, and it’s called “WWW, What=2, How=2.” So first I’ll tell you the three Ws.
“Who is the main character?” What’s a character? Victor? Victor: Somebody in the story.
Teacher: Somebody in the story. Katie, what’s an example of a character?
Teacher: The first W is “Who is the main character?” Do you only need one main character?
Class: No. Teacher: No. You can have two, three. You can have lots of main
characters, and you can have other characters. Does it always have to be a person?
Class: No. Teacher: No. It can be an animal. It can be a character from Greek
mythology, you know, Zeus, who’s a God. It doesn’t have to be a real person. It could be a made-up person. The second W is “When does the
story happen?” What’s an example of “When?” Victor? Victor: Um, 1995.
Teacher: 1995. Will? Will: January 1, 1883.
Teacher: Very good. Kathleen? Kathleen: Maybe it’ll happen in modern times.
Teacher: In modern times.

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