well what's up guys isn't ready what you're gonna say it with me or no yeah what's up guys we're back and just kind of awkward yeah it's a little bit goofy as a gap is like an awkward gap in the middle was that no say that gap is to be filled with a man's a man's from Mexico who's just a little bit of something today Silvia with the sea el contacto salzach Ezra mucho picante we have no idea what the teacher said because we always speak English but today that is gonna change what we'll hear speaks English and Spanish thank you so it used to tell demands I was anything no we were not but it's never too late it's never too late to learn no we've always learn more alleged back a little bit to then it's no one knows for sure maybe you can learn when you're dead but that's not what we're gonna be doing today hopefully we're gonna be learning while we're alive and learning what you may ask the language spanish español swahili but we're not just learning spanish you know the old textbook boring spanish class way we're learning it the hard way how to say hard in spanish do it oh we're learning this do relate how would we learn spanish the hard way UMass well you're just gonna have to find out today we're gonna learn how to read spell and eat in Spanish Grayson that isn't how to read in English listen I dunno I think I'm good at eating in Spanish or anything we should learn to do the intro in Spanish yeah yeah for an enchilada we just say what's up guys we're back Kaelyn de muchachas Y muchacho who's that who's that who's that la posada no I just say we like potatoes no I just said I like yes I do oh my god I don't know I thought we can do so um we get it we just enter the first lesson we should just into the first lesson all right then what's it really yeah okay guys so the first lesson will be out of my own restaurant you guys will be ordering your own personalized Mexican taco out of my menu I just all the tacos that's pretty easy yes it's over in Spanish oh that's kind of hard no because as usual of course is not gonna be all delicious and magical we got extremely nice ingredients like beef chicken or some like nice sauce but we also have cat food or or or other stuff like sardines or others so that I won't say that if you pick incorrectly and you don't know how to speak Spanish you might end up with them horrible that call or diet in case you're allergic to them alright let's get into our first lesson alright it's a taco no muchacho this is flour good but it's okay cuz we're in the USA and I put my rage out because I'm Dean eww what's the difference to deflower in a corn tortilla corn flour have like different type of like stains okay you actually see this one here you these yet yeah you see yes was that just a snack me no all right thank you this is my model so these are the meats and we're gonna get the meat menu okay let's bring it out we're ready to order I'm hungry without my knee okay okay so catalyst what is me yes that's what these are right here very smart getting there cool guy cool guy yo whose cat food here I don't know a guy Yogi's but soon as my option does back vodka see thanks Anna Neagle back pin cat but didn't know cause you can't aren't friends so they each other Afghan also know I really don't need to know Chico lassie didn't eat that that sounds a good female sardine please choose now with the pen I'm gonna go for the vodka back and may I please have mmm the guy who guy amazing okay shall we proceed yeah Grayson mmm-hmm you picked up butter but she's English Charlie took out which means big yes yeah okay yes it did oh now we have cheese's cheese's which is vanishes kiss kisses we of the day no no quality toes way to reduce mellows caramel but Vida limit of this nice orange but all cheese is orange numero Quatro sopa sopa let's soon so soon numero Cinco penny toes can I see the menu no okay yes no I don't know and the teacher so I decide yes okay thank you you're good teacher I think I'm gonna go with quadri toes I think I'm gonna go with Maya Ethan the chosen cheese that you chose is Kadena's which one do you think is quad means four four has nothing to do with any of these at all yes four sides this is your chief oh poor side of cheese yes oh that's not bad I like I like Jesus Earl – like that I think we got cheese cause I picked orange girl you said nice nut which one do you think is I think it's this yeah I think cheese possibly better than cheese it's on the taco for the 30 vegetables in Spanish bit rebellious Thank You Dennis I don't know Greece's you got watermelon yeah and seeds it's a veterinary that's that's not factual okay yes okay the Bellino's 13 years but the news I want different and Sandhya Sandhya let's choose okay I need to pick first this round no I decided to pick first and you both pick first it's even if she's the smartest of the group now go ahead oh okay I'm gonna say I'll go cupcake cuz it's like avocado that's why you go first well I wanted that I'm gonna go with Sandhya because out let's split serious so what do you think I look at these Oh God that is correct thank you yes why do you think Sandhya is lettuce that is incorrect it's not that bad I just ruined my beef in watermelon and cheese puffs fourth ingredient of the day our sausage which in Spanish is salsa salsa yes and it's also a damn good no no yes can you see who knows chili is your first no matter this hypnotic Onizuka oh that was the sexiest one yet thank you you know let's say that hey a big Spanish warning III yeah I can tell Quadro most better moustache a moustache got a moustache Chico you know because first that's a very good question great now I am going to go with jillybear there because I know very mean that was my favorite color that's a great I know quizás blue cheese yeah pulling them over here alright you're not with me maybe someone good night yeah I thought this could be a trick one Mustafa I feel like it sounds like mustard but it isn't mustard what do you think chitinase green right okay which one do you think is you know actually you know coming to you but it probably is mustard that's horrible anyways the last but not least is spices voice in Spanish is it's been species especially species anyway no chili I am I do yeah mercy say what yet okay number four Chipotle which is haha you know Chipotle yes oh it's close okay that ingredient and then canola there you go please choose who I don't know first I'm gonna go for the Savoia fantastical I'm gonna go through the conveyor Camila Camila Camila great crate PES just cream with this final position your taco is now complete why do you think it's a boy I think it's a cayenne pepper no it's onion I hate onions and what do you think it's kind of that I think it is beautiful in powder I love to pull a stupid lame spend no actually cinnamon challenge she should've in the watermelon might be good together no all right let's eat to eat Spanish vamos a comment bubbles at the minute that's like rows are officially get me now knows does that mean yes done yes actually it looks pretty happy you made it look good definitely first thing putting watermelon and you know cinnamon mustard in just most of the things you have to aim for at least out thirty to forty percent first bite hey I'll go first alright what was this like what was that face for I was scared that's what's that oh this that was not bad you know that wasn't that horrible lesson well they get something your grade school systems you're bad you need to go 50% for the the test current no the bottom part the product price is already well I guess it's time to learn my lesson oh go go go how was it it was already but there's right it is the 50% oh we go this is really bad I'm not gonna live here's your little bitch and kick up and begin you better this fight was much better thank you you're welcome you know hopefully you're supposed to be teaching us the hard way I feel you if you don't want to hard what you don't learn at all because you come here theme that it's gonna be difficult to your commitment to learn you stronger but at the end there is no need for you to spend at the kid it's not spending the kid see but my next lesson will spank you but my next lesson will slap you straight up in the ass we're looking for a new next okay so for my second lesson to teach you boys to speak Spanish snubby spelling bees so it's just gonna be very basic Spanish words but if you mess up one letter of his you're not to bite half a jalapeno you mess up you're gonna have to buy the jalapeno do you just keep jalapenos on you yes in your back pocket how do they fit in there it's like have you seen Harry Potter oh no I just carry them around so basically if you mess up this goes in your mouth then if you mess up again then if you mess up again there's more there's plenty you keep messing up until you collapse or learn collapse or learn my first word or Grayson is página de Bella humidity or a je je h er aah incorrect just bite it open it it was J it was J you you should never doubt yourself all right let me listen so what's what do you think it was after JB uh-huh then huh yah all right okay the next word is Oh was it go through a student okay sorry yeah go yellow just saturated D huh E yes s Hey aha T huh oh yes or yes and yes E yes No oh it does said not you messed up you always like what is it was in this hat tummy yellow desultory here's our VDS itor and AC oh yes does it know what is it okay go away it's over your mouth and SEM Hey you really won't see I was a little egg [Applause] okay do you remember these bad friend yeah now you've really learned there you go Yong Yong crunchy wants to chilling yeah I'm chilling – why is baby cold cuz you're a little bitch even fella you are Papa baked penne vodka pika Pina there are Pina pika poke up and be a pickup acapella see you next word is Pharaoh Karim f e RR o CA RR I that is correct this is going back to you now your next word Popocatepetl is the name of a volcano pedo pedo CA ta TI t tal just give it to me whopper sign its Pio Pio CA t okay okay time to finish your brother's unfinished business [Laughter] yours is Tenochtitlan pain or steveland that sounds like Swedish te n or CH TI tle and that is correct but you put an R that wasn't there so I think come on bite it bite it let go let it go okay guys so I see you have learned I'm sorry that I've been a little harsh with you guys but it's part of the process but the end is getting closer now and as it does it gets sweeter now when I introduce you to some Mexican candy oh it's it's spicy too but not not that not in that way yeah oh great yeah all right judges it's time to eat camera so we were covering mr. brooms yes now we're gonna go for the candy what you do is it but we just can't just get the candy cuz that's not how it works so we got a amigo okay team in a candy man a candy turtle then attendees turtleman you're doing man well I got you oh wow a brother that was rather it's not third Dolan he's a pinata it is a pinata why is he so cute you're telling me that we're gonna break in yes do you think that's cute or what I think that's that's psychopath I mean it's adorable just like that hi wake up bitch what will you do my few years we noticed that yes are meant to be destroyed you cannot just alter the way culture is if they're not destroyed they seek vengeance of the creator really yes it's actually true yes oh we have to destroy him yes he's Aurelian of that file but you can call him whatever you want really rough I also do these so now we're gonna start taking these guts out and that's that's again creeper form of surgery on this do we make this humane yeah okay cool let's weigh them down okay nurse nurse Oh cooter please cooter cooter a cutter a cooter is you don't want to say cooter the nurse has a cooter though yes that's another thing this video kids Oh Oh what is that this is Lucas and it look like a powder so now you open it is we were little T yeah yeah and then you suck okay yeah it's okay okay now I know that's fake I'm sorry you just break it oh I really can't believe you just suck that of that and now you usually put it here you put on the back your head all right you can just for his regular kind of a cat want to do this though this is so good yeah Candy's in Mexico great everything in Mexico thing except for the teachers not to teach the teachers all right and now also this specific candy makes your tongue shoot mix it would shoot what does that mean yeah just put it up oh well there's no oh for you next candy can get more candy so this one is do a lean woof I don't have one of these yes but I was when I was younger you would say do I need another camp or do I need Nicky's metal porno that's the ways it so boom oh you have a little spoon and then BOOM oh that smells firm in this okay I see oh Mexico really knows what they're doing with candy I told you we're gonna do choo well after the operation thank you you really did you know you're the best teacher ever you're the best thing well it's a good title you're the best thing ever done no thank you yeah so it's a very special moment you guys are ready to pull out your first can thank you soon yeah which I doubt that which means red goo no jalapeno oh it really doesn't jalapeno no I'm a help you didn't spell it correctly no Coachella that means big spoon why on a spool you may question right you just I mean that's what I was thinking either that or you put up your ass but I was thinking more that these are so good I really like mixing candy I think I like it better than American game I'll definitely miss that's a fact that's a fact you search facts in the world that's one yeah facts in the world number six Mexican candies better than reading it well there you go it's coming up to five I think miss you let's see what else is in Rafael so are you ready to take your first can be up ah it's like kind of a sharp candy you know there's nothing I think I think I just got staples in my hand oh then you I think you you did not pass try to smacking okay you need to completely lose all about mind-reading already all right let's do it okay Herman Easter time no I have one of these right hand blue all right this boo-boo-boo wait a window I Raphael get your ass back here we have the legs oh I don't think we need reptile orbit I mean we just put garbage in there Oh what there was a burrito in the leg and it is not a parade on my friend you just hit me I know but you can't look alike judge roll out the deuce a dulce de coco Rio royal de coco so this is made of coconut why is it burnt they do this they really yeah yeah it seems to be a big one it seems to be a big one bill on baby go Rico okay so you take it off Pelin means no hair okay I can't look at that with the circles like that it's okay if you push it gets it gets some sama out of the circles why is it so hard that's what she's mmm holy this oh wow that's a lot of hair a little mohawk reaction I know everyone do is you want to poke it take one out what do you want to do anything go into your mouth it's just such as poking take one out whatever that is poke so we're gonna focus poke it there's only one is really delicious was this he's like usually goes with spicy sauce and lime what do you think this comes from or put tomato no I are I'm scoring no corn no flour no we know out of the skin of the pig yes it's so weird you know I can taste it's a meat ship I think we're done we're done we're done we're done oh I say we do the outro and they spend you wait Rafael Rafael empty years nothing to offer us anymore everybody say goodbye to Rafael now you need to take his head off efficiently know what I would use a mouse and the cursors do it do it the end the curves and the card [Applause] [Applause] what's up guys everybody go to last week's video Popat ugh pop and click on those head cards you see right there on this subscribe button check out last week's video or subscribe and we have some merch linked in the bar we have some of the merch leg that's in the bio it's so good merch super elf

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  1. Juapa: nurse, can I get a cooter

    Ethan: no don’t say cooter it’s cutter

    Grayson: but the nurse definitely has a cooter

    I’m dying 😂

  2. Is this how Mexican kids are raised?
    Jalapeno as kids and sandals when they grow up. Abuela es muy peligrosa. Cuidado por los viejos. Ellos Son muy lentas pero muy fuerte también.

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  4. 2:51….Juanpa:WTF IS THAT?!?!
    Ethan:it's a tortilla
    Juanpa:lemme that smacks ethan with tortilla no it's a flour tortilla
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    Ethan:it's a taco
    Juanpa:it's flour😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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