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>>Russell Peters: My daughter is pretty smart. I uh– I’m impressed by her. She’s only two, and she’s already speaking Spanish and English. Which is impressive, to me. I wanted her to learn Spanish, first, because, first of all, she’s half Latina, and we live in California, so, you know, I want her to, at least know the language of California. [Laughter] Spanish is a very helpful language, in California, I mean, you go to a restaurant– you want your car back, from valet– you want to know, like, what to say, you know mean, so– [Laughter] So, you know what I did? I told my ex-wife’s family, there from Ecuador, I said, “Do me a favor. Please only speak to the baby, in Spanish.” They were like, [Spanish accent] “No problem!” “Hey! Do ju want us, to teach her English, too?” [Laughter] [Normal voice] “Naaah! I got this!” The last thing I want, is my daughter being born, in America, and sounding like, an immigrant, you know? [Spanish accent] “Dad, are ju coming over?” [Laughter] [Normal voice] “No, sweetheart, no Jews are coming over.” [Laughter] “Not, unless, my agent calls.” [Laughter] And when you do have kids, trust me on this one, buy your children– buy your babies– buy them educational toys. Best thing, you could do. ‘Cause they start learning, really young. I bought my daughter this toy, and you push the color, and it says the color. You push it, and it’ll be like– You push yellow, and it’ll be like, ♪ Yelloooow ♪ Greeeen ♪ Bluuuue ♪ ♪ But the cool thing, in America, is all the educational toys, have a switch, from English, to Spanish. I flipped all her toys, to Spanish. Now I’m learning Spanish, too. [Laughter] Hmmmm? [Laughter continues] Who’s thinking? I am. Now, when she pushes it, it goes, ♪ Amarilloooo ♪ Verdeeee ♪ Azuuuul ♪ ♪ Now, I know how to say, yellow, green, and blue, in Spanish. But only, like an opera singer. [Laughter] Let me tell you, where this backfired, on me. A few weeks ago, I was in LA. I needed some yellow paint. I went to Home Depot, and uh– I walked in, and there was a Mexican guy working, INSIDE! [Laughter] INSIDE Home Depot! [Laughter continues] So, that’s progress. [Laughter] Thank you, Mr. Obama. [Laughter continues] And uh– I knew he was Mexican. First of all, it’s LA. Secondly, his back was facing me, he was 5’4″, had a giant head– [Laughter] There’s no neck! It looked like, a Rock’em Sock’em Robot, that hadn’t been punched in the stomach yet. [Laughter] He turned around, his name was Juan, you know what I mean? Juan, and he had the little Mexico flag, right there. And, when I see people, and I can tell what their comfort language is, I always like to try, and greet them, in that language– For two reasons: So, that way, first, they think I speak their bullshit, and that way, they won’t try to rip me off. Secondly, you know, I just– it– it makes them feel comfortable, right away. And when I do say something, in your language, I try to say the best way I can, so you really believe, I speak your language. But the minute you reply, I get all fucked up, because I’ve run out of words. [Laughter] So, I see him, and I go, [In spanish] “¡Hola, Juan! ¿Cómo estamos, hoy?” He’s like, [In spanish] “¡Hola!” [Mimicking Very Fast Spanish] [Tune of “The Mexican Hat Dance”] [Laughter] and I’m like, “Alrighty then, listen, uhm–” [Laughter] I make it look like, we need to go back to English, you know, because you’re at work, and we need to keep it professional! [Laughter] So, I go, “I need some paint.” He goes, [In Spanish] “Sí– ¿Que color?” I go, “Yellow.” [In Spanish] “Sí, mira.” And he holds up, gray, and white, and shades of gray, and shades of white, and I’m like, “No, no, no– Yellow.” [In Spanish] “Sí, mira. Hielo.” [Normal voice] “No, Juan, that’s gray, and white, and shades of gray, and shades of white.” [Spanish accent] “No, ju say, ‘hielo.’ Mira, hielo, hielo.” [Normal voice] “No, that’s not, “yellow yellow.” That’s fucking gray, and white, Juan.” [In Spanish] “¡Hielo! ¡Mira, hielo!” [Spanish accent] “Ice – Ice” [Normal voice] “I don’t care what your favorite song is, right now. I just–” [Laughter] “I just want yellow paint.” [In Spanish] “¡Sí, mira! ¡Hielo! Ice! Ice!” I didn’t know, that “yellow,” meant, “ice,” in Spanish! I didn’t know that. That’s not on the toy! [Laughter] So, I get in this big argument, with the guy. I’m like, “No, not fucking ice, Juan, yellow!” [In Spanish] “¡Sí, mira! ¡Hielo!” [Normal voice] “Stop saying, ‘mira, yellow,’ this is not yellow! [In Spanish] “¡Mira, hielo! Ice!” [Normal voice] “Stop saying, ‘yellow ice!’ I don’t want yellow ice! That’s disgusting, first of all–” [Laughter] “I just want yellow!” [In Spanish] “¡Mira, hielo!” [Normal voice] “Stop saying, ‘mira, yellow!’ YELLOW! YELLOW! [In spanish] “¡NO SE! ¡NO SE!” [Normal voice] “STOP FUCKIN– WHAT DO YOU SAY, THEN?!” [Laughter] [In spanish] “¡NO SE!” [Laughter continues] I’m like, “Ugh!” [Low laughter] [No audio] ♪ Amarilloooooo ♪ ♪ [Laughter] Turns out, he had the same toy, at home! [Laughter] He goes, [Spanish accent] “OH! Ju mean,” ♪ Yelloooooow ♪ ♪ [Laughter and Applause] ♪ ♪

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  1. I really believe this guy is not natural American, but love to make fun of Mexican , is so sad I don't make fun of his roots in Dunkin donuts

  2. Does this fuckn idiot think just cuz he can speak like a white dush he’s one 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂💀

  3. Jajaja cagado, ahora, que lo regresen a su reservación o lo deporten…. me da igual ya que parece entre nativo americano y latino …. jajaja

  4. I do not find the funny thing. It is more, it seems that only gives his view of the stereotype. of the Mexicans. when Mexicans are not the ones who are out of home depot. they are people from guatemala, savior and honduras

  5. 2:25 actually chances are that job came from the Trump administration he made latino and black unemployment come to an all time low so… Thank you Mr. Trump



    Ojalá: This
    would be the equivalent to “if only” or “I wish”. It comes from Arabic and it
    is a very genuine Spanish expression since few languages have a word to express
    this feeling.


    en paz!: We could translate this as “leave
    me alone”. It is always useful if someone is annoying you. Be careful though
    and use it just when necessary! It’s quite a strong statement.


    Vale: “Okay”, “fine”, “understood”… Probably the most common word in Spain.

    ¡Que va!: This is a way to say “no”. It’s normally when something is already
    obvious, so we could translate it as “absolutely no” or “of course not”. For
    example, “Are you going to the game tomorrow?” “¡Que va! I have class”.


    ¡Es la
    leche!: This expression is used to say
    something or someone is great or amazing. This is a very Spanish expression and
    people will like it if you use it. It’s the milk!


    del otro mundo: This is used to say something is
    “nothing special”. We could translate it as “nothing out of this world”. You
    can use it if you are unimpressed by a place or an event you have attended.,
    usually as an excuse to not to go out!


    muy liado: People use this to say they are
    very busy/ they have loads of things to do . The English equivalent would be
    “to have one’s hands full”.

  7. Hope Mexico re-conquers California, Texas…..deporting so many Asians, hindues, koreans, pakistanis, armenians, polish, ukranians….will not be easy..

  8. Funny thing about California. I used to work in a rental car company back in Puerto Rico and one time one customer came to me and say, "I couldn't understand the road signs here. They were all in spanish! I thought this was part of 'America'". I told him, "True enough we are part of USA, but don't you worry. Just make believe you are in California!!☝️😁".

    [in my mind, @$$hole

  9. I'm south indian born in Kenya. Started out with swahili then move d to France and learned French. Now speak Spanish enough to understand basic conversation. But wish my parents taught me my native tongue of Tamil!!

  10. What do u mean by sound like an immigrant? The whole US are consist of immigrants who killed almost each and every local people

  11. Still cracks me up and giggle! Thanks and Chapeau! It reminds me on my time living in Spain. 🤣😂🥳

  12. HIELOOOOOOOO 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  13. Just a fun fact Russell's wife used to be Miss Honduras and was also a model. She's 5"5 which is pretty unusual for a model.

  14. I personally don’t like Russel’s videos because everything he says doesn’t seem to be true.
    Why everything strange happy with him and not to anybody else?
    Everybody in Home Depot can speak English and he faced a Mexican who can’t speak English , how is that possible?
    I don’t laugh to such stupid jokes

  15. All my Mexican friends say they don't want any "shees" on their Burrrger. But then they'll turn around and say…hey vato, those are nice chuze you're wearing…!!! WTF…???

  16. Latino Man:Jew Need2Be Kidding Me Right Now!!😡Me (A White Boy That’s Christian) Being Confused:Racist?🤔

  17. How can Russel think he's not good-looking!? Here's an old joke about a guy from India who was having his US citizenship interview. The interviewer told him to make a sentence with each of three words – green, pink and yellow. The Indian guy says "The phone rings, GREEN, GREEN! I pink it up. I say, "Yellow?"

  18. As a filipino, our language is a mix of filipino and some words are from spanish.
    So this video cracked me up big time.

    From the Philippines.

  19. "Turn out he had the same toy at home" is such a cute ending. Just imagine two big ass dudes from two cultures can understand each other thank to their daughter's toys 🙂

  20. You are an idiot,,,your family are all emigrats and you are a racista gandhu.i cant believe you talked bad shit things about latinos,i have a lot of east indian friends and they are super nice but you? you suck ass disgrace to east indian people. i stop watching your videos from now on

  21. I really like Russel Peters because he is a pure comedian… no many dirty jokes, making fun of politics but never really touch it. Telling jokes about people other than Indian people with a very sympathic and understanding way, and their roles in these jokes are more of being funny than being awkward … this guy does do research before he talks!

    I remember a lot of jokes of his, but the most impressive quote is "there is no such a language called Chinese"…Damn he really knows!

  22. He is right when he says Spanish is the official language in Los Angeles. I live here and am bilingual (spanish/english). But no one actually speaks to me in Spanish. Because I am a white Hispanic. My dad is from Spain and my mother a white Mexican. Everyone assumes I am either Russian or Armenian. Whatever 😁

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