Learning Segment

good morning I'm here to talk to you about my learning segment and what I chose to do my learning segment on was oral language skills I decided to do a 5-day study on Pete the cat and it will be centered around a pre-k lesson so I was very excited about this because not only is Pete the cat exciting and fun it also the stories behind him they get the children involved and said that alone allows the children to open up and to have fun and to talk to one another and things like that and said throughout this study the first day that I the first day that I wanted to talk about was peak happiness for groovy buttons and of course we talked about Pete the cat because some children might not know might not know him and just how there's sequence in this story and how they can comprehend and then once they understand the sequence and everything how they can follow along and sing those songs with us and help read the book and then we of course did an activity on paper cat and his four groovy buttons you know just a hands-on story um the second story that I wanted to include was Peeta Katniss magic sunglasses we did a kW I mean I'm sorry a Venn diagram and discussed oh now that we kind of know Pete the cat what what what did we know from Pete the Katniss four groovy buttons to what do we think is gonna happen with his magic sunglasses and so and then you know after we read the book and of course learn the sequence and help to develop as oral language skills how those two work together and how we could learn the sequence of that story and continue to read the book with a teacher the third story that I wanted to talk about was Pete the cat he's rockin in his school shoes and it's always one of everyone's favorites um of course we did a KWL chart with this one with what we already know with Pete the cat and then we wanted to know and then what we learned and that also helped the children in talking out with those oral language skills and did they think that they knew any type of sequence that would happen within this story we continued on throughout the lessons and we did Pete the cat I love my white shoes and then we we finished up with Pete the cat and the new guy and throughout all of these lessons we had different activities but the children were focusing on sequencing in their oral language skills which at this pre-k age is developmentally appropriate because we are trying to get them to understand you know communication and retelling of stories and just wanting to have fun through music and song and it's it's just a very good lesson because like I said the beginning not only is is it developmentally appropriate for preschoolers to learn these skills but it is laying the foundation of what you know of all of those foundation reading skills you know oral language but I decided to incorporate Pete the cat which was very fun and I felt like it was exciting to be able to do a little study on him because it's a good in a fun way to get the children involved

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