Learning Rainbow Six Siege

little wait this coffee might be from this morning or two days ago this guy's following oh it was two days ago fucking no another me scared over a video game shut up alright like an on it let's do this wait what about like the sensitivity and everything I feel about the solo dude I can't move one swapping bags god help me come on now I need to you need to fucking sense about where is my mouse sensitivity is what the fuck why they're like 50 gazillion Suns horizontal hello this should be one that's just both I'm pretty sure how do I manage oh yeah I have mine both of mine at 16 yeah Oh what do I do with it you know immerse murky moon I got a stick to my roots [Laughter] fucking fuck Oh nitro cell no no I want to play with you yeah you want my Drusilla for sure okay we won't I just divide up for has visual on the hostage oh shit can I can I can I bring this guy up I don't how do I bring that guy up there in the piss hole yeah fucking calculated what's the farthest thing you could get from calculator who the fuck am I gonna play a bow I got him to help me the fucking did you get fucking Bob for us fucking hell yes okay just tried to put like they got it they got a I got a female that that female 1 I forgot she's poor but yeah yeah that female the female version of buck Frost not part of black beard oh yeah you cannot spray from Q&A I've been I've been detected and I really love this big ass go oh shit they have a shit ton of mine yeah yeah you're poppin off okay what if I were you I would press my middle mouse button what's my middle mouse button just do it okay look stand up stand up what is it aim to the right walk right back oh look I'm carrying the team what is this boys talk to me when you have bouquets locate is a biohazard container time for me to rush around the mirror amantani typical girl shut up talk to me when you get a kill oh look at us fuck you it what the fuck is reverse friendly fire oh it means that once you kill if you've hit someone on your team the other person that you had has to kill you without being I know dude are you even like this game this was the thing when I played it wasn't done the thing when I played in the rescue attempt is it go underground hello oh yeah yeah yeah give me how what this is spraying I don't want to see my teammates no pressure but everyone's watching you oh I'm a late you can make little decodes that's what I'm doing oh no what did I do with a ton of ice there's a fucking dinosaur with housing not that are you fucking joking me oh there's two guys inside [Applause] like fucking news the guy with the shield I shot his feetsies and his side face but I couldn't kind of talk I mean like I can a room I can remember someone told me like a story before I got IQ I went camping I don't know what I'm for the long let me know if you want to join me for overwatch uh yeah if you can't write to my phone because I kind of want to lane but yes oh yeah

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