Learning Our LGBTs! – LGBT: QUEER KID STUFF #8

[Rythmed music with guitar] ♪ It’s okay to be gay ♪
[song in background while Lindsay speaks] Welcome to Queer Kid Stuff I’m Lindsay and this is my best friend, Teddy. Today, we’re gonna talk about what LGBT stands for. ♪ … a girl or somewhere in between ♪ ♪ We all are part of one big family ♪ ♪ Gay means happy ♪ ♪ Queer Kid Stuff ♪ ♪ You are enough ♪ ♪ You’re at Queer Kid Stuff ♪ welcome to the first episode of our four-part series breaking down the letters L-G-B-T.
You’re ready, Teddy? – Ready!
– Awesome! Okay. Before we get started with the letters,
I have to explain what LGBT is. – LGBT is an acronym
– what’s an acronym? I’m just about to get to that. An acronym is a word that stands for other words. You probably know a lot of acronyms
and you didn’t even realize. LOL is an acronym for laugh out loud. And another one. FBI is an acronym for
the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Those are complicated
– Well, that’s exactly why we have acronyms – Teddy, do you know any acronyms?
– Yes. I know that laser L-A-S-E-R is an acronym. It stands for “light amplification
by stimulated emission of radiation”. – Whoa, that’s very impressive, Teddy
– Thanks Okay! Now that you know what an acronym is,
let’s talk about what LGBT stands for. so L G B T Okay, so L is for lesbian. G is for gay.
We already know what that word means. B is for bisexual
and T is for trans or transgender. I definitely don’t know what all those mean. That’s okay, we’re going to talk about each of them
over the next three episodes of Queer Kid Stuff. But there are also a few different versions
of this acronym you might see. You might see the letters in a different order like… GLBT you might also find more letters LGBTQ Q Here we go.
Where Q stands for queer or questioning. We already know what the word queer means. You might also see LGBTQ + Plus stands for letters that might be left out. This is the acronym you’ll see me use most often. But they’re also longer versions of the acronym. You might see LGBTQ …. I A where the I stands for intersex
and the A stands for asexual or ally. We won’t be able to explain these words
until season 2 of Queer Kid Stuff. But if you want to learn more about them,
you can always ask your grown-up. And we’ll have them on the activity sheet
you can download after the episode That’s so many letters and words.
I don’t know how you keep it straight. I know it’s a lot, but we’re going
to go through everything very slowly. But what’s more important than
the words and the meanings, is understanding why we use
the acronym in the first place. LGBT is an “umbrella term”, that represents a community of people. Everyone who is included in the letters
in these acronyms is a part of the same community So, when you talk about the things
that have to do with the lgbtq+ community, you are including all the people
those letters and words represent. Am I under the umbrella, Lindsay? – Of course, you are, Teddy
– Good! – Cool! So now, we want to know
what communities you’re a part of. Let us know down in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
for new videos every Wednesday. And if you want to learn more about LGBT,
you can always ask a grown-up And you can download the activity sheet
in the description below. And a huge shout out as always to our patrons
over at patreon.com for supporting these videos See you later at Queer Kid Stuff.

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