Learning Numbers with Smart Snacks Number Pops – Toddlers Unboxing Educational Toys for Kids

Hi! What are we doing Nathan? What is that? Ice Cream Colors? Repeats back: Ice Cream Colors You learn your numbers? Learn Numbers…With Ice Cream Oh Whoa, Ice Cream! Learn Ice Cream? Yeah Learn Numbers with Ice Cream? Need help? There! Got it… Yeah There we go What does it come with? Showing: Unboxing Smart Snacks Number Pops Look like popcicles Oh Yes, Popcicles See? Let’s see what they look like Op-Pen Pretty Cool What is it called? Smart Snacks Number Pops Repeats: Number Pops Ages two plus Alright go sit down! We are going to go over the numbers one at a time, okay? Okay here! Let us start with number one Alright Guys, what number is that? Number one? One What color is it? Green! Green Number one That is number one? Yeah How many dots in there? One…One yeah you got it! Okay, next one It’s Blue! What number is that? Nathan, what number is that? Eight Eight? What comes before eight? Number Seven What comes before Seven? Number Six Here you go Counting: One…Two…Three Counting: Four…Five…Six! Couting: One…Two…Three Counting; Four…Five…Six Yay you got it! What comes before Six? Number Five Five What comes before Five? Number Four What comes before Four? Three! …Number Three! Here is number Three! What is the number before Three? Number Two! Counting: One..Two…Three! Two! Two Two Two dots Three Numbers One to Ten What number is that See, this one goes…See One, Two, Three Okay, what is the number we missed? There! What comes after Eight? Nine? Number Nine! Oh thank you! Oh! How many circles? There Nine? Nine Circles! What comes after Nine? There! What Number? Twenty? Number Ten? Yeah …Here is number Ten! Good Job!

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