Learning New Decks – Gladiator beasts! vs Rokkets! (Yugioh TCG)

they one and only zallah phony here with Mario now we had two new gladiator beast monsters come out and they you know updated so they already set in they had to readjust the deck but I really want to learn these guys and as you've seen many of our videos we want to learn Rockets a little bit better so Mario was using some rockets I'm working on my gladiator beasts we're just gonna feel them out see if we can learn a thing or two so see how this goes your choice my friend yes and I won't be going second all right yeah in a recent tournament we saw someone using rockets to great effect mm-hmm like doing second but I do have danger cards now we know exactly what's gonna happen when I hit this activate button but I'll do it anyway yep I'll do it anyway social Naoko which was actually just recently hit on a banned list so you know go and a bunch of other dangers we're hit oh no you didn't hit that however I kind of wish you did cuz that did you really want me to hit so soon they'll go no I do you had thoughts yeah I guess I should have just done the other play mm-hmm don't think I can bring out my guy now cuz he takes one gladiator Beast monster yeah that was my only one house yeah just saw dangers than the opportunity and jumped at it wasn't the right move you get so excited when you see dangers not against you I don't you still do get excited for it though no I don't I really don't Mario alright yeah let's just not overextend and let's just calm it right there all right too hard well I didn't draw the best of hands for this so you are in the clear of that I'm gonna set this chord down mm-hmm let's see okay let's do you right then using you strike a dragon using him nothing hides let me just make sure yeah I don't want you getting that field card so I'm gonna impermanence you yeah already sounds action and not only that I was gonna let me get out multiple monsters dang it I know it was at least I assumed it was it was so what was gonna happen is food sector launch if I if you control more monsters than I do I can special summon two of them what I was going to do is strike a dragon himself to the grave to reset my mag no rocket back to my end never been to in his mmm-hmm or at least another one alright cool okay good we did get a bloody a bladdy ater beast gladiator geese that sounds disgusting alright we're just gonna do that just a regular ol summon yep and man I wish I had multiple gladiator beasts we're gonna go for a little bit of us don't think I have any original test tiger yep now I can get out test Panther and now let me search a card which he has gonna be worth it could have gotten the effect of course to switch one out with bestie re but that wouldn't feel to me any additional summon or anything so let's just let it go to the grave let's test Panther that off and you have something I don't know what it is but you guys sounded okay we don't have a single glider beast monster yet so you know we're gonna do we're just gonna add oh actually this is a sick play for spacious – hand I think obviously that this is good because you can add the you know spell cards and everything to your graveyard as well however this is good too all right so let's battle is this worth it yeah cuz I think I'll be able to cancel the attack I don't know let's find out because when I go into battle phase I get to pop the effect that spacious remember Tess Panther is not a gladiator I know it's not but oh yeah for spacious does have to have a gladiator Beast monster that's right yeah I think I was trying to remember that and then I saw it go downs like you've done this before an obvious video that I have yeah I'm trying to be clever with Tess Panther to get more out of it but it seems it's just so simple mm-hmm well let's just normal summon my silver rocket yep activating his affair yes there we go confirm 14 cards yep those are cards so I've been a monster ever a choice it's a random monster okay oh no it is the choice yeah I thought so um who should I get rid of um let's see well the card I don't want to see put being played for no reason ever that thing is that knowing to get rid of fair so I won't be I won't be getting anything crazy off right okay but the end phase are beginning some special summons yeah at least off on so not bad not bad and this will get me the rocket racer which isn't a really good card as we learned mm-hmm all right let's hit this sushi onaka shall we Danger Danger you oh you hit search otoko sweet dangers worked for me Mario they worked hey one out of 30 still one out of 30 that it is you know like it is just pure luck that we have been I know yeah we make it seem like it's all this craziness but it's just it could happen to anyone yeah generally when you see someone is having bad luck or really good luck it's just because of your perception of it anybody got now it's been waiting on you just trying to make you pop some tracer rocket racer it's asking me to do rocket raises affects like every time yeah actually it's like would you like to activate rocket Reiser now yep so I actually did manage to get a gladiator B so that's a good thing I could go into Tess Panther but that would mean I won't have a summon necessarily to go out and I could just get something off that yeah so I think I'm just gonna attack with this layers ago you sir and go into the rocket racer traces effect i'll send away my striker dragon so you can't deal any life damage and bring it out let's see so mo the dead card probably is that's what I'm gonna bring up this one alright continue the battle yes please get the tracer get it alright the space just gets to come out to play there and the power hit middle rocket Dragon will attack with four spacious we'll get that damage off Bigfoot uh yeah just so you don't get any major things I'm gonna cancel your Sagittarius effect okay yeah that would have been pretty helpful actually I don't know what I would have done off it yeah would actually yeah I would have gone for Darius and gotten another card from grave so worth mm-hmm like I could have done that test Panther but then I was thinking I don't know how much he can get off the test Panther yeah yeah alright it was yeah test Panthers definitely coming next obviously so and I do I switch over spacious I think I do but I don't have a lot in graveyard to mess around but I want to get pieces in graveyard for the other thing I have so I'm gonna do it swap them out and then we will get those special summon yeah I'm not gonna get the tamer editor out no matter what I do so I guess it's just gonna be Darius there you go buddy and Darius lets me summon another one from the graveyard there's like I feel like gladiator beasts have more turn to plays than most decks have or main phase anyways they do because the other stuff happens after the battle phase ends mm-hmm Sagittario let's just not use your effect and now we can go for that test Panther and if there was a if there was a glider you beast that was added in that saying if you control for three more gladder to beast monsters on the field you could activate this card to get a second battle phases turn that be fun after main phase – that'd be crazy I'd be such a weird mechanic to add though or what if it or what if it's a card it says you mean now you can treat your glider your beats as if your battle phase had just ended yeah be interesting as well let's see we got United gladiator beasts yeah that's the one we already got do it did we not add the continuous card back into the deck I must have not done it oh well don't static come back not that that's exactly what I need just now but let's try activating you now because I can actually I will hit Sagittarii oh and then I guess I get a different glory style now dahlias already popped so I can't get any major effects moving out here oh I could have done a combo where I got somewhat where I could have gotten a level five to my hand then I could have brought out Augustus off this and done that that would have been clever but hey you know we learning well we still visi are eight maybe I'll do it and but we have a big foot in that spot so it's not gonna yield a ton anyway so we're just gonna bring out a quest here yeah we do quest and with a quest we can bring back to our hand let's just do a little bit of a tricks now let's grab best yari sure alright now what we can do is you know what I need in here I need myself a nice juicy uh I just need a good a scold red is what I need yeah what I'm gonna do actually is this oh wait no I can I do that but I'm gonna keep an eye on my timer here okay yeah I can do this so we're gonna go for this this this will bring it up pilosa that one's in here and Emma Turner actually would have gone for the crusade eeeh after max if you didn't ditch it so surprisingly as few times as I get that out here it's gonna work alright let's see I guess what I want to do here do I want to negate that kind of sure let's do it there's my attack but it's all good yeah Apple Louis is good obviously because negation that's why yeah I'm not drawing I'm not drawing a blot of the new rocket stuff I need mmm but sadly no well what I will do is this yep you can just kill it let's see oh can I do something with this ignoring summoning conditions you can activate one per turn it cannot declare text Attorney activate this card except with that that's fine yeah I want to try this oh no I can only do casares but cuz ours will still save me so from the graveyard we got oh wait yeah we have to use the one in hand okay yeah it needed for spacious in the grave which I thought I had but it's cool it's fine and we can do kazars onto the field and that'll shuffle your dude yeah I think I just got a plan with the United beasts more guitarists rather than thinking big and I'll be able to use it well yeah and now even though he was destroyed all I do is try to activate it and you yup just since I haven't popped a pilosa again I'm going to to end phase yes I'm gonna now all right oh that's a fun special something I can do a test tiger right here so I think I will let's see did I use I swear I did I must have should Oh I shuffled him back into the deck is what I did earlier that's why I couldn't get the play I thought okay and yeah then we'll just do a little bit of this outcomes test tiger we actually have the gladiator beast come back as well so we can bring out actually should be sent arias to the grave here go there you go darkus okay he doesn't get his effect off that but we could switch guys out if we wanted to continue effects off and whatnot but we're just gonna go for the kill with Cazares there you go buddy alright so sloppy game for me but at least we got some place I'll see how many I didn't have any big place to do so yeah I think with that just original shut down that's why infinite impermanence is used so heavily right now cuz it just things down mm-hmm once that happened to put you in a precarious position with a thousand point monster you had to leave on the field he also made you expend a little bit of your resources alright let's see what we can do here we have a test tiger we have a murmillo we have gladiator beasts let's do it let's yes let's go for that basic play this is what I could have done last time if I didn't rush the dangers we could have just summoned a test tiger and gone in to test Panther so we'll do that here and now I could also hit test tiger and switch out glider beast murmillo but I really don't have anything on your field or the graveyard to work with so I don't know who I would bring out test Panther can at least get someone to my handed that's gonna be like it I can get four spacious because he'll be huge eventually I can get one of the trap or spell cards or no just the spell cards can be searched but yeah I'm an adverse basis cuz I think he'll come and hit it you know who definitely will come in hand where's my noxious noxious tell me noxious noxious didn't get updated and I forgot to put him in did he no he's right here and he seems like a good choice the spacious would have also been a good choice but when my opponents running you know rockets I'm gonna be ready for potential damage to come my way yeah and he has the boot sector this time around without having to search it so yeah if I had boot sector if you would allowed me to I might have been able to get yet something you funny in our event another thing that was stopped at the recent ban list was uh the terraforming that any other field spell searcher miniver's the trap version that before substituting alright alright man your your joke of a link monster beats my joke of a link monster they both do like the same thing they're weak little boys with the ability to search a guard yeah okay it seems they went down that line with a lot of flow level link monsters does that by low-tech powers yeah just a little you know just to search it out and get your place moving yeah the only difference is this one has arrows that one's done with one link so yeah strike attract a crazy yeah that striker dragon is good for getting that feels about that we yeah would you be desperately need so okay you're gonna pop him right now cuz why not mm-hmm he'll get it back later I think out of that side guy but let's do you that the monsters on the field right now I still had that of course very nice I never normal some India yeah very good I could just destroy your back row but I don't that's worth expending right now so little person all right very good goodbye Pantha you search the card well and yeah pull noxious here just to get this out as planned there we go nice and safe and we can use them to switch out someone else to which I think I will hey do i murmillo you right here right now I think so I could hit that boot sector lunch but I know you have another one so I'm not gonna rush into doing that or let's see oh wait no not just just send someone a graveyard oh wait no I get to also send someone to graveyard that's right you know we're gonna send one of those abyss spaciousness to the you know we're gonna send a bestie re to the graveyard with that thought process we had after last round there so now pretty much as long as I get one other gladiator beast in the grave I can do that play there we go and now this does little switcheroo which means I could bring out Darius with this could bring out the arias and Darius but of course let me do that or I could get more draw power which I don't think I desperately need right now or I could do for space there's a lot of good options you know what yeah well we'll use the fresh cards will use Sagittarii that's my draw right yeah discard my bestie Ari and draw up too sure I can live with this mm-hmm all right anything else I can do unfortunately not so cuz then I'd have to give up too much to do that all right yeah both these days definitely give you the option overextend whenever you want but question is are you I'm gonna bring out my auto my rocket racer which we learned is actually a really good card oh yeah no right when we saw that you're pretty sure it was gonna be one of the good ones all right so this will be fine this would let me bring out this I don't think I get the effect off of it when it's something like that yeah won't but what I can do is yeah really any of those will be good then I could bring out that then if I attack I get three attacks which will be cool or I could save this for a big play if I can get a Gustus out you know I need a little more than I Custis if I keep two of them which I won't if I do all this do I got Darius engrave Alpha Centauri is to the grave we'd be gold alright here's what we're gonna do we are going normal summon a quest and these two are just gonna go into an ice dragon seize now a test Panther doesn't get any other fun effects so I couldn't switch them out but if test panther adds that and someone else that's other thing i just need to be able to attack with one of these alright big dreams big dreams alright big dreams test Panther goes off mm-hmm we're trying to use test Panther to his full effect now as we've been failing at multiple times yo get it eventually just like eventually learn how do you do the Orcas combo in this yeah alright so that's already going through so let's just get one of these again I think I can do two of those an attorney if I do it the right way alright now we're gonna come back and now let's bring out someone from my grave that basically must reborn but just for class yeah but I can also use it from hand and you can't I can't be destroyed by battle so I could bring back you know any of my low-level ones and still be able to get the effect off for example that's why I tried doing it with the sekito before but it just wasn't you know it just wasn't house ecute or works unfortunately it wasn't anything on this new card it was second tours fault yeah so we'll bring out the toughest one we got just so it's plain damaged and we got a quest now unfortunately we are gonna have to go into the attack with this kind of field so I'm not gonna completely cripple you by any means but we'll well let's attack into rocket racer force that effect off or take it from your choice mm-hmm uh yeah let's get rid of yeah let's get rid us about so it's probably gonna be striker okay and you know what yeah do that and that allowed me to bring out silver rocket very good I will now strike into um yeah let's get that tracer out of here he's annoying he's also a tuner yep this is multi-purpose t good and then you can actually beat this so all right off goes request oh wait did I not get get to do for spacious off of a my other guy battles a monster special summon this card from hand I don't know why that didn't go off so this might fail again as well this did fail again but we can get Augustus out here Augustus can bring out for spacious but the thing is the space just should have been able to be summoned as well so I didn't do it we didn't pull it off yet again so we could do out bullosa here but that's not huge we could do draga seas but that's also not massive I think I might just leave this field I gotta use for spacious or he's just gone which i think is the best call here goodbye the spacious and yeah I don't know why you didn't get summoned let's see start of damage step maybe that chain order I've been messed it up a little bit gladiator base did declare battle especially when this card from hand if he is the effect once maybe I just missed the timing good I could have been the case hmm alright so that's gonna put you in a very good position all right very good oh thank you deck Oh quick launch yeah I don't help yep okay cuz I could a chef without my guess oh wait now I could've used test Panther on the augustus play which is actually another good use of test bantha that i completely missed okay that's another good idea as you can see guys clearly when I'm building the deck I don't look at what other people do first I want to figure stuff out for myself cuz I feel like that's what kind of makes you better at like actually playing you go rather than just looking up stuff mm-hmm obviously when you look up stuff you're gonna get better results though and it's a lot quicker you should just be cheap to switch that out very nice yep do you rock Israel let's do this as well they'll need to bring ya now what's the order you do stuffing because now you can do stuff mm-hmm first I'm gonna do this so you could do a guard dragons right now all right okay eeep and then let's see you then go into I could just go into Borel sort and deal some damage but yeah how or you could do graduations I don't have guard dragons in this Extra Deck okay no that was why the Rockets were good in the tournament just rocket guard dragon but okie so yeah and Boris or just so Jake gosh okay can I not do I not have any link two's I could use huh oh well yeah let's do you nice using this I'll send away my oh gosh card and get rid of this card great job okay yeah it's you which one did you recently get rid of it I think the shell rocket you popped in affected you but now you linked that I don't think you getting effects off any of these guys that's right so there you go mmm-hmm obviously called by the gravest grade against rocket dragons but no big place went done yet so I was holding onto it and that's certainly not a big good use of it either so yeah decent enough hit that means you can't go into your Borel sword though yeah no I was trying to do something else but apparently all my link twos cannot be done so what I was planning on doing was I was planning on going into a link to to get an extra and link material into the grave and then using my tuner I was going to do I was gonna bring out the bore Oh Savage Dragon okay yeah as I wanted it to have some materials attached like your extra deck needs work needs those guard dragons in it because that would have obviously set up that play mm-hmm and I think I need a skull Jett you probably need a skull dread too I oughta rock it was the only one like they could get its effect off by the way okay so auto rocket did get ya I wouldn't call it that mm-hmm just cuz everything you'd done at least that I'd recently had been just linked off so yeah I think that might have been done the very beginning of the turn so I missed it completely all right well I still got Augustus out here so we should be perfectly fine since I'm looking like I'm probably gonna have a dominant field right here I'm just gonna summon this bestie re and start smashing things I could go into draggy C's right here and then I could get to glad there be some ones off but I can attack with these two and still get to glad there'd be some ones off and two attacks so I'm just gonna do that so yeah we're gonna use you to stomp into the unicorn because you can will end up leaving Magna rocket on the field but that's a okay so destroy oh yeah I forgot yeah let's crash and do all this damage here and then all three of these guys can cycle through if I want I might actually be able to do some crazy place I may be not crazy but decent place and you have enough to hit that let's see I can pop your boot sector but I'm 90% sure you still have one in hand and if you can get a defense at matching mm at here you're alright or beating it fantastic yeah that's good stuff continue the battle yes I will so I can still search myself out I'll take the five hundred I don't have to win the battle I just have to participate that's a good thing about glare beasts you get participation Awards all right so yeah let's see we can still hit the boot sector I suppose there's no reason not to we can murmillo to get that out and we can I don't know what else Jana the card not that at least so yeah let's start with uh oh no more Miller's in grave so I can't okay well Darius you come out here with the next thought you're always the thought when I have stuff in graveyard there we go we'll bring out the murmillo and just to be here I don't have to bring out the murmillo but I will because I was missing you Morello unfortunately only run one in deck and I always draw it first hand he can try but he won't succeed says that these guys get their effects off we will indeed switch we're not gonna switch them out actually because I can make big plays just with this we can tamer editor so all we need to do is go into we can do dragostea so we can do test panther I think I'm just gonna do a test Panther cuz that gets me a search and I just need the arrows test ban that comes out give me that search thank you we will search off ooh this could be real fun United gladiator beasts sure so we got that for a for a piece we're gonna go into tamer editor for for one thing cuz I just need to high levels and they go back into there then I can activate tamer editor and we gonna bring out well we're obviously gonna bring out Dom but ├Žneas yeah so I got that negation alright and I could switch out tamer editor for something else let's see it would really just be another actually yeah we're gonna try it I'm just I'm just trying to make a lot of plays here so it switches that out and then we can special summon yeah there's nothing major here to go by and I can't use a Sagittarii because I don't have anything in hand so let's just get a quest out here so I can search I don't I would bring out bestie Aria but I don't need to hit food sector or anything and there's no more noble actions to be made so we'll do that and then I can add back to my hand I could add come back to my hand can I do anything decent with just two gladiator beasts I could yeah I could bring out Cazares I'd be decent yeah let's do that we'll add to my hand oh wait no then I'd have to use all of that as well so big nevermind oh now I don't actually have the spacious anymore cuz I sent that away so I can't make that play so yes absolutely no not absolutely sorry Mario we will add this to my head sure just so I actually get a play done and do I need to activate it right now I could I could bring out gazzarri's right now and I will so we will use come back do that and I'll come back King hey I don't know why I came in but so be it we will bring out you sir so if I remember correctly this card just in the gate stuff right that's a shame yeah I believe so let's see nice you can only do it once and I have like or effects at the end phase that you that maybe activate you can only do it once of course you bring that one out yeah and face two negates I'll take it and I'm gonna rock it Magna Rock he's just gonna come right back to the field right basically yeah I guess we'll shut him down cuz you're obviously gonna get someone who can beat my attack anyway so we'll do it cool I should use dommatina shouldn't I wait I had like three of them goldish down by the destruction effects why didn't the other two coop not only uh one went down cuz the only the one that cuz the other my hey hold that battle hmm goodbye battle don't count I just realized you use the whole three Vitesse Panthers – oh I did hey up and at least I did good use of them for once so that's good yeah because now I finally have a field I'm happy with no let's see I'll tell ya yeah he's a good one to get out but I do have two of them in there so yeah but I know if you have a third one you're gonna want to use them so I mean yeah I think I only run two really just having one in the grave is all I need for this particular example mm-hmm so you still get your boots act of course I'm imagine that's just gonna bring one out it does but it is that so rocket racer is a great call there and the Phantom Knights of ancient cloak hits the field okay mm-hmm okay doing that coming out line synchro monster oh gosh it's gonna be a bad time for you yeah Oh can I not activate that oh boy um well I think I can just hit this before you get your thing off so sure let's activate this and is there any downside to me activating this no let's do it of course yeah I also have been keeping it infinite and permanence on the field the entire time I have United gladiator beast which I thought you have three negates on the field possibly for if I use if I use you know a gladiator beast to bring something else out sure this is the age of negates it is and like honestly with the new cards that Bonetti gladiator beast can now play that way so oh boy there you go yeah that's all I can do because you have multiple negates that I can yeah I'm all over it no I'm upset why I can't use the United gladiator beast during the Oh cuz battle phase only so if you had gone into battle phase there I would have been able to bring out Gazzara sand just pop things away assumingly by that time if things did go horribly wrong you would have already reused you negate on the savage dragon but we're looking pretty okay here and we do have the continuous card oh the continuous isn't searchable I remember this now so now these guys are a little stronger but obviously we don't have any other attacks to make so we're just gonna do that oh I can usually not gladiator beast now I suppose I should do that just to take the game so I will oh wait no it can't attack on the turn activate this card so I'm just gonna wait yeah that sounds like the best course of action I'll do that and uh Peloso still has I believe one more negation so we will utilize it now obviously with that bullosa the more monsters you linked off the better because that means you get more uses via more attack all right now down to 800 so I need to spend my last day on me to get a final negation I did learn that some people have spammed like equip spells with this monster that would have mmm-hmm yeah cuz it just needs the attack power yep quick launch oh my goodness it's a rocket I can't attack with it oh no they're in the end face it destroyed oh no no yeah I knew if I brought anything and try to change anything off of it you're just gonna negate it with the multitude of negates you have right now yes this is what we were looking at earlier we got actually we could have done a sick play with this earlier we can do that and oh no no no it's making me use my dogma taneous what what doesn't need to bring out what dama taneous won't we're about to find out oh yeah so that oh I didn't have any high levels in the graveyard okay well either way you get a brought out another piece is what the whole idea was so we could've brought dama taneous right back out I guess but yeah Papa Llosa tamer editor damnit Aeneas some good little pieces test panther to get you there I like it and I think I am going to try using the card that sends stuff to graveyard a little more awesome because I can make a lot better use of the United gladiator beast if I just send more to grave so there's my ex to do with this the main deck of that seems to be good I just need to work on the extra deck okay yeah your extra deck is definitely loud some of the main things you do with that sort of thing yeah and not only that the the I said to make replacements for somebody cards I didn't get banned anyway so yeah true fortunately I was only running two of all those danger cards that I mentioned before in here so this just runs two copies of danger cards rather than three so it's gonna be just fine because they're only limited down to two just so they're not as consistent I suppose but yeah anyway guys hopefully you enjoyed this video if you're on the discord and want to submit your rocket and gladiator beast X please do so we could both use the assistance in making these decks as good as they could possibly be and you can help you're probably way better at them than us but yeah leave a comment telling us what we did wrong subscribe and we'll see you next time hey folks

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  1. pardon my french but i just looked at the new banlist and yugioh just completely said f off to feild spells and salamangreats

  2. Mario really should have used Rokket Tracer's effect on his Quick Revolve, it wouldn't negate the effect so it's a plus 1. There is a reason why Tracer is considered Rokkets best card.

  3. I would love to see Xylo run a Aromage deck, they are a little slow compared to other decks he's played before, but they are still really fun and I would like to see his take on what effects he can get off of them! Love the video!

  4. I don't recomend dangers in Glads, they can ruing Glad beasts combos. Do glad beasts need another an extender, yes, but dangers aren't the one. I recomend Hornet drones, Photon thrasher or something like that.

  5. 21:37 lol it's because you clicked no, its effect goes off in damage step but you didn't see you can activate it. (Just keep an eye on what your actually clicking)
    The new banlist is fun to try out new things is there decks you wanna try because of it?

  6. 4 min in ya should of link summined for the 2k beater, attack and sence upon attack he locks the opponent out if effects activate your quick play spell summon The guy who pops 2 cards and no effects will go off and end of battle phase 4+ spam and could of ended in like 3+ negates

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