a heavy airbag session is going to go down today here at my compound a lot of people have been asking for videos and sessions where I actually kind of progress and learn new things which is ideal because that's what I need more than anything in the world right now is to learn new tricks progress get better and that's kind of why I got the air bag in the first place so that is today's agenda we've got Alex Cahill here with me who I haven't ridden with for a while Alex used to ride with me a lot and now he's training to be a stunt man so he's not really around and Josh King is here on a BMX we got the 20 inch – 26 inch crossover session the only thing I need to do to my bike to do proper tricks is add a crank stopper which I used to use a little piece of tire and put it behind my chain ring so you get loads of friction so your pedals don't spin ironically that's how I died at crank works going over the bars because my crank span on a flip whip I don't have any tyres that I can cut holes in to cut out but because it's summer there's massive great saving deals on hot-water bottles right now because demand is low supply is high so I'm just going to cut a section out of this slide it behind the chain ring I'm ready for summer and winter sessions and a toasty night in bed so I'm gonna do that right now and intercessions gonna begin do you know do something like a wave or something surprised at how well you did that hmm that's quite good isn't it tink it's gonna work I might double up there you go the only problem is that's not gonna hold water anymore yeah but I think if we fill it up with like maple syrup in the winter it might not get through the whole ghost true so there's still I'll hang on to this I'm gonna keep that anyway you have to cut a little hole in the middle know how to this isn't it yeah so I've never tried hot water bottles before never weirdly and I'd say it was six power 99 was in like in your bed or just so no I mean I've never tried it on the on the dirt jump bikes you have to cut a little hole in it like that slide it over your axle I'm really sweating you can tell it's a hot water bottle like that ish yeah like that and then I'll do another one ready it was six pound 99 thing that's expensive do you but it's less than a tire yes so it depends depends what what value you put on being warm in the winter and safe in the summer on your bike because I like that the color match is identically the frame that's the thing there were choices of cut of Cara and I kind of went for the marine blue we almost there yeah yeah that's all you need first him I think this is gonna last all of 10 minutes but you never know you ready for a big session so the reason I'm doing this is so I can do more tail whip tricks more tricks with my feet off I've got a few plans today I'd like to do some tricks I've never ever ever done before in my life which is again the reason I've got an air bag and you guys deserve to see that so alex is never ridden this josh has never ridden look Alex ready to drop some hammers nice no it works nice actually it's really effective be causing a lot of friction so much friction I'm gonna do a 360 fire spin to tuck no-hander I've never done one I also want to do a tailwhip to no-hander which I have done but like five years ago and it was sucked let's get up the rolling let's flick the journey on let's get the hot water bottle tested let's drop some hammers right boys there's less room up there since the extension sorry what's your first first impressions I'm impressed that you built it so well certain Yap haven't the speed is just put your front wheel in and roll this around if you're going to straight here you going straight there you know I got my heart I feel quite safe anyway I'm gonna do a 360 toboggan enjoy boys don't crash I made a bet with Josh that I was going to do a three whip bar first run in that's me Yeah right stop in get that straight bar are you thinking Josh I'll actually really scared I I stay close to the glow thing it's been a long time since I had a progression session you get into the hobby of going to contests doing the tricks you've been out of doing for a long time to be consistent I want to get better now I'm gonna do a truck driver because that's leading towards the 360 bar to tuck get the was known as a truck tuck he's dabbling to do the bar spin you don't tuck it in straight away almost like that loosely just chill right okay was Alec what's that what was that I don't remember had a bike again there oh they did not just say try yeah did three I've never ever done a triple truck happy he could have done even that way yeah and I didn't see those friends come off me no I didn't either people watching you you know that come on in 150,000 lovely subscribers they're all as good as each other lately and they all judging you right now Wacka shame that asked her to shake on we love to junk with dolls Josh these are make you some particulate work up seen in eight seven six five two one get it Josh good you go let's go oh well that Harper yeah it nice he messed up than me I'll teach him oh yes boy he'll know about that okay fill me fill me lambda trick yeah a new trick let's go yeah you should fill me done yes yeah yeah well feel mate I'm just proud of ya else good was an AOC but my arm extension was poor yeah but you need to progress now yeah well that's the thing we've tricks like no handers there's one thing taking your hands off yeah if you don't stretch them out you may as well have not bothered yeah good it's been quite a hot crashes please what's this now what's this okay Wow it's better than a coffee in it yes boy that's too quite bad right I do you want to get a good one sorry guys you're gonna have to watch one more I just want to do a one I can show to the grandkids you know get it what may yes that was sick finally full extension me I was in know sick one I think it was Alex is delivering so much hilarity and amazing just he just plummets doesn't it it's like take off reach the peak and just plumb it in all glory just as crazy funny to what you can tell you stuff man yeah more interested in the crash yeah it's so funny what was that good yeah no crashing today you should see Josh's helmet on his first round where he crashed he reckons he went light there with his helmet on his Forks and he's dent in his helmet and not riding his head hurts which is quite savage me and down a both cord out looking into a backflip tuck tuck no-hander yeah right race to do it all so you have to come up with interesting heads yes use loser has to eat a mouthful of grass or so dry Oh session update I've done the 360 bar spin to know Honda which is a first for me a lot of right that's not a special it's not a particularly amazing trick but it's something that I've always found challenging and I'm stoked slowly tick those boxes now on the airbag so that's done now at the start of the video I said I also wanted to do a tail whip – no hander which is another quite awkward combo when you do a tail whip you often pull the brake however to do a no hander you need to be off the brake because your feet need to move when you pull the bike in that's the next challenge where I'm sweaty whip to tuck coming up next these sessions are what I need these are incredible so we will continue that's gonna be a challenge dance to jump in on that trick with me and climb there as well it's a similar setup to the other trick where the Tuck is late should be easier to be some point in straight that was like a poem Oh daylight daylight between my hands at the grips news doesn't count but nobody cares alex is gonna be into it I'm worried I mean you know you know yeah every way the lame is no handle yeah but it wasn't a random I my feet off really well if Alex does a good one now I'll give it to him daddy's getting worked go Alex prove me wrong this session I hope some of you like actually thrilled to see this many crashes and the airbag being used to his maximum potential sit husband actually husband so I try and do a better whipped up yep Oh messy more and more you learn new tricks and you get better at riding your bike the harder it becomes to learn more tricks and break new ground today I've been stoked I feel like I've actually broken new ground which is rare these days funny as it sounds I'm pretty stoked today's been a good session the court the air bag the compound and the air bag has been fully worked today massive shout out to Alex he sent himself into hardcore oblivion with many crashes and Damned had a fair effort at the same topic he had some big stunts and big crashes well done Dan and poor old Josh hit the jump once and died so he'll be back for more on the twenty inch it's been good thank you for watching I'm very keen to kind of create a bit of a trick list for this airbag and my jumps and build the quarter pipe there's a lot that's gonna happen here and I'm pretty like motivated right now so I think we're gonna be making some sick videos Cheers Ben cheers you guys you're all legends who's


  1. I was doing motercross with Alex yesterday he was with Chris and dan I was there if u see this please tel him I commented

  2. Fuckin awesome vid lad keep up the grt content πŸ‘ŒπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

  3. Hey I just started my channel a few weeks ago and I would love to get some feedback! Thanks πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  4. Awesome video Matt I love the riding on your channel man but you need another camera that we can see the shit talk and drop ins from one camera and the crashes /landings on another

  5. Nice work Matt. You almost want to mute the audio and make a voice over afterwards. That generator is noisey huh. Ever considered a 360 no-footer? Keep at it!

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