Learning life lessons from Disney movies | Disneyland Vlog 2019-06-22 Pt. 6

fresh-baked we're in Fantasyland look at how pretty that castle is the opinion change at all recently I still think it's clear to me too shiny makes almost what kind of vinyl yeah I think it's so not the star sparkle stars oh well we can't really see those here hold on oh no baby that's your invention [Applause] generation Peter Pan is a little light shorter than it should be it would be in here it would be all the way there I dare don't dare to hope don't dare to hope don't ring a nice Ellington come next week it'll be a lovely let's uh let's go Pinocchio you guys I haven't been terrified yet today what look at the lights it could be some of the switchbacks back there but still that's it that's it funny it still goes quick though anyway reminds me that time when the Pinocchio was released on blu-ray they had that special edition about couple years ago I'm gonna buy that blu-ray watch that movie and then I asked myself while watching the dome when will I wake up from this nightmare or something with some that sounds like you read divisional drip runs into the stories yeah this is a nice version third their horrors or horror stories but especially especially Pinocchio though because yeah oh yeah the drug stuff misery doesn't eat know like like counselling riddle well I don't have fin secant with me you fancy camera we have to film this injury not not fancy camera yeah you can say that all like your days of all yeah these guys are about to go on Pinnochio scary adventure that kid does not know what's gonna happen and they call it Pleasure Island [Applause] know you're in Venice land a lot of blacks the whole story right there so happy to be a real boy finally that he wants to go enjoy himself and not go to school he's taking some bad advice from J Worthington South fellow and that other dude whose name I can't remember crickets like play Gideon that's right Gideon and J Worthington fowl fellow who is a fellow there trying to talk him into going into Western Ireland now it sounds like fun it's got the word pleasure ending recital seems like a great thing to know because being sold off and slinky again all other terrible things happen ochio it's a cautionary tale go to school I will see a puppet theater see easy [Applause] [Applause] we can learn a lot from from Disney films Pinocchio for example the cautionary tale stay in school listen to your conscience you know put yourself ahead of just simple pleasures you know try to apply yourself in life there's a lot of movies and the Disney Universe that teach valuable lessons so my question to you guys and to fresh-baked as well I think I think so we just threw a chocolate it's somebody what in your life which Disney movie which lesson being taught in your life is the most important just like I said like for me I was thinking about this while I was riding on Pinocchio I thought you know what Pinocchio does have an important lesson but the lesson that I always fall back on the listen that I always remember in terms of Disney films is the lesson from wall-e I feel like wall-e is a great cautionary tale this is because I believe that we should all take better care of our planet and stay here right take care of yourselves don't become couch potatoes do stuff and recycle what about you I'm happy more time to think through think you have an 85 seconds to figure this out Oh No Oh Liz got one hold on hold on have you ever seen ah Oh [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we can learn from Barry puppets that good lesson but it's more like the father enjoy yourself right great Leslie great it's not all about the dollars it's not all about the Benjamins look how hip I am i said bench minutes with it okay Liz you said you had a movie in mind like I have like a lot okay now that was like what is the most important lesson from a Disney film that she's worked really long times as a Disney movie made me cry since frozen really the big frozen was the first time where we actually saw that it wasn't true love's first kiss yes just true life real life real love between sisters is stronger than the love between a stranger you just met three days ago right who's actually trying to plot to kill your sister so he could take over the kingdom do the ridiculously close I almost marry her sister of by default it seems like sometimes she actually basic spirit teens yeah like she she thinks that I am also her husband that's good so then like after that like it was like up you know like baby cry good classes I don't want to know the movies that made you cry what life lessons life yeah what life lesson – I'll teach you say no to everything don't let me cut to e that you come up with anything okay this is value in all of them very true except for some of those mid 2000 months that were not good there's now I can't leave anything valuable for my mother so maybe the lessons you've learned is investing good stories out invest in good storytelling yes story first right that's a good lesson story first it's just like the lesson we're learning you give a Star Wars lesson sure that's good that's a Disney film yeah my daughter's just the first difference between selfish and selfless everyone has an opportunity for redemption that doesn't mean forgiveness doesn't mean everyone has to forgive you for everything that's right consequences it sound like it's undone but you can always make the choice to turn away from that it's right and you can and you can go forward from there it's never too late hashtag that demson so don't hold grudges that's the most important lesson you can learn from a Disney film is to not hold grudges that's well you are the least likely person to hold a grudge don't say that but he and your team your team been damn huh again doesn't mean that there shouldn't be kind of again no I'm not saying I'm just saying you think it's gonna happen you don't think that Bend it's gonna wind up being the belly wants to show avatar last airbender no not really what is the film Prince Zuko season 3 that fast that book that's sure that's your pen are all right all right well there's just a like oh yeah that makes sense so it's him he has to fix himself it's not someone comes in and makes him good he he has to make that psst I this isn't working for me I'm empty I need to make a change okay because he certainly went super dark at the end of Jedi he also still s gonna look very happy about it and that is true doesn't saying he doesn't exactly look satisfied right right position yeah you're right there's no room for that there's room for that all right well I'm that note fresh-baked you tell us what movie best represents the the most important life lesson that you can learn from a Disney film is it don't hold grudges is it protect the environment and take care of yourself or is it that Ben solo is actually a nice guy but you say no you said light and dark right yeah selfless versus selfish and there's always the chance to turn away yep never too late never too late all right fresh baked thanks for hanging how this we're walking out right now we're done with our show this week I hope you enjoyed like this video subscribe to our Channel both here and on fresh-baked presents where we do news and opinion and I've got some of both hey hi you can go to our website at fresh big juicy calm we give away tickets to Disneyland on that website we got one coming up pretty soon a giveaway coming up pretty soon and we've also got shirts for sale if you look in the description of this video you will see our shirts for sale we have pins for sale on our website and also by now hopefully you can buy a fresh-baked pair of many ears that are being made for us by Black Label mess so there's that and then there's this thing and that is that I love you guys we love you guys you're the best thanks for watching our show and next week we all die in the parking structure parts at the hell of the parking structure maybe I'll maybe repeat by next weekend it could be all right we just walked up thanks for hanging out of this guy's first break we'll see you next time bye guys love you fresh pig we've got lots more videos for you to see so grab a churro and check out some of our other videos and have your mind blown by how much fun we're having we truly are the best of Disney baked fresh daily don't forget to subscribe to our channel we'll see you next time fresh baked

23 thoughts on “Learning life lessons from Disney movies | Disneyland Vlog 2019-06-22 Pt. 6”

  1. I was so excited to finally see you guys in the park (I was the one who says Hi at the end of the video)!! I really appreciate your content and you all seem like such wonderful people πŸ™‚ Thank you for bringing the park into our homes and sharing your love of all things Disney!!

  2. Stay creative and never lose your childlike wonder. I’ve learned that from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan πŸ’™βœ¨

  3. Its perhaps sad, but I think maybe its the ones where life loves and family were truly lost and not magically restored that ended up teaching me the most useful and valuable lessons: Up, Bambi, Tarzan, Moana, Finding Nemo, Frozen, The Lion King, even the oysters from Alice in Wonderland, Tod's mom in Fox and the Hound, Lilo and Stitch.

  4. I agree-Walle has a huge lesson we all need to learn. We only have 1 earth.
    Also that was a great little show with Mary. I haven't seen that before.

  5. The Disney film that has a good life lesson to me is Cinderella because it shows us that you have to press through the rough times and try to stay positive and be nice to everyone just like how Cinderella was nice to mice and birds, also that when you work very hard good things will come to you.

  6. I can't even lie, Liz's eyes when David is talking about the DVD, 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. I have to question the Coachmans business plan for Pleasure Island. I don’t know what the going rate for little boy donkey slaves is but, the ROI has to be way out there give the initial capital outlay for the facilities construction and operating overhead. Now THAT’S scary!

  8. No show's finale made me feel so satisfied as much as Airbender did! Love love love that show!
    Good life lesson: Sometimes the things you're afraid of are actually afraid of you (courtesy of Monsters Inc.) Also, Wall-E is awesome, lots of great warnings in that movie.

  9. Pocahontas had THE best life lesson- tolerance and understanding. The world would be such a nicer place if everyone would learn that lesson.

  10. Princess and The Frog will always resonate with me the most: Work hard for what you want, don't let the obstacles or bigots stop you from chasing your dream. You're almost there β™₯️

  11. Honestly, when I am at Disneyland solo Pinocchio and Snow White are a bit frightening by myself. 😜

  12. Beauty and the Beast taught me that I don't have to settle for what's in front of me or what people expect of me. It's okay to want adventure!

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