12 thoughts on “Learning Lessons of the Street the Hard Way!”

  1. Guy sent me some pictures of some machinery, they all had locations on them so I then knew where everything was.
    That is bad shit, I try and turn all that stuff off in my phone.

  2. Thanks for sharing your great content. I was not aware that envelops in trash are so valuable. I don't have a shredder but to have a fire pit.

  3. I try to learn from as many style as I can, cause I don't believe practicing one style is enough. There's always someone or a style/ technique, I believe, will be better than you. This is my personal opinion. I agree on common sense. If someone pulls a knife or gun on me and they just want my wallet, I'll just give it to them. If I know for sure, I will get hurt no matter what, I have to ask, the injuries I will be getting from defending myself, will it be worth it or should I just turn and run away as my little legs can take me. Call me a coward but I want to go home to my family

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