Learning Korean from a KPOP IDOL ft. Holland!

very early day so sorry for no is Tamar but and eternally six-thirty I will get ready not really as we get out I never speak upon or my hands I've done but I think threes in a why is a shoot with J's I'm gonna be getting here because and cam has a photography driver I had didn't know where to drop off if I can't see well kind of hard if I had to just tell me jumping off the nearest station kind of late okay start apparently looking on mr. W octal air nice so this is what hair makeup is going to be I made it guys [Applause] my hair is done makeup you guys should definitely check out the salon w8 laughs it's a liar it's a lair who are in our next location Bing got cake for the photo shoot like the cakes okay gum off its each other the time you see a gun I like the green dragon king each other to see me POP crow for the past retro forget the kids we got ever let so many different the team is actually eating the doughnuts that they can add for props nothing [Applause] she put the rubber band inside you she like pulled it to make it tight it said in the phone okay great thank you for building me don't run don't run you guys we're done with the shoot now back to my no more self no longer model wow that was a day in a life of a bottle literally can i really but um we finish and i'm gonna go downstairs i think we're gonna go to lunch they're getting laid on Friday it's her to do is live on J style she's that's right hearing that means I'm currently with my music tape again and it's worth the time and kpop oh yeah I love to today we're hanging out with Miss you're eating now each other the time you see a gun we already have lunch I'm gonna eat it but he loves cold noodles he said how can you survive without it no I don't hate it I okay with that every day drinking [Laughter] [Laughter] hey lady creating with pallid we're technically done with the cafe and me Kai are always fighting so Holland always have you stay in the middle right Alan hello in angel hi what like the CDs you know Wow ready to be shipped guys they've been working hard why so anxious Oh fender at the pool a boy yo man my name is Katie auditing be al-qaeda I am mr. Clair you know go find u square but yes to my gun rap oh they're really new can't believe can't really big doggies like the dog though you know I don't like the dog where is it I'm gonna sell em for a million bucks I live for that it's like the best and I'm starting to cry now [Laughter] he made a – accident we'll see you on the stage everybody will support him watch his music videos thank you thank you a thank you thank you so much yeah yeah amongst this hotel room as I can across we find a lady who's very very excited for tomorrow with her part it shows her to type you see you gonna leave me know each other she's been busy I've been busy home we him you're busy me I want her to go on with me tonight no she won't you're watching a scary movie if it wasn't now would you go Donita is singing a song with me I don't know she knows so let's test her she's like are you thinking that one song way back male yeah [Laughter] and their way back oh we're out of two days lug my mama's giving me a talkie really I forgot what I said if a guy puts his hand on your thigh mm-hmm you take this hand you go give them the natural blush and then double you take care of cake let me know when you're on the way ela von Metz surprisingly phase on the last one I know right so surprising each other the free end they can be used for good or bad where she only knows how to use in the bad way the word is luck she means like as expected [Laughter]

30 thoughts on “Learning Korean from a KPOP IDOL ft. Holland!”

  1. Fai you are so beautiful and talented and i hope you will be happy forever you probably won’t read this but here you go~💕

  2. This was the cutest thing Holland will forever be a little baby and Fei ur so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Personally don’t like Holland’s much but I love their interactions!!! Fei is truly living her life to the fullest

    Edit 😍

  4. Omg I’m so happy Holland with fei this is a great year first so many ppl I know are with other ppl I know I wanna cry 🙂

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